6 Actionable Explainer Video Marketing Tips

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explainer video marketing tips
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    Websites having landing pages or product pages are the main places to use the explainer videos. Explainer videos describe the products and services of the business.


    The explainer videos are great for the company to give their introduction and tell people how their products or services help them.


    The traditional routes of pitching your products to new customers are highly time-consuming. Given the shrinking attention span, it is easier to make your customers aware of something new through videos as they are easily consumable. 


    Explainer videos range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes and can communicate plenty about your offerings in less time. As a result, they are time-efficient to boost brand awareness and skyrocket conversion rates.


    But here’s the catch: how do you ensure that your explainer videos market suitably?


    How do they grab the audience’s attention?


    Unless you market these videos to the right audience, gaining traction or expecting conversion can be an uphill battle.


    That’s why you need a solid marketing strategy, and we are here to share six explainer video marketing tips that you can start using the right way.

    1. Focus on keeping it short

    The marketing videos are under two minutes, and 58% of viewers watch business-related videos, such as explainer videos that do not exceed 60 seconds.


    So the bottom line is simple — deliver more in a limited time and entertain them. 


    The core focus of the explainer video should be to highlight the pain points, offer the solution, show how your product or service helps, and nudge the audience to take the next step.


    Start with a powerful hook that excites the audience and ensures that the audience understands the essential takeaway within the first 30 seconds


    Bear in mind that explainer videos don’t need to get into the details of every feature of your product. The Shortness of the explainer videos makes them more effective and result-oriented.

    2. Don’t underestimate the power of CTA

    The best explainer videos may fail to hit the right spot if you don’t add a solid call to action. 


    A call to action is vital to encourage customers to take the next step and convert. In other words, the call to action increases your chances of conversions as it takes the prospect right through the end of your sales funnel.


    But it is equally important to add the CTA. In the age of hyper-personalization, you can’t get away with a generic CTA in your explainer videos.


    Research shows that personalized CTAs convert 202 percent better


    For instance, if you have explainer videos about home appliances, instead of simply adding ‘visit website’ at the end of the video, adding ‘Find out more about our products can help generate more interest.

    3. Send explainer videos to your email subscribers

    One of the easiest ways to market the videos is by sharing them with your email marketing list. 


    Compared to text-heavy email marketing, videos are better for hooking your audience right off the bat.


    They also save the time of the recipient who, keens to know about your product but doesn’t want to spend an incredible amount of time browsing through brochures. 


    Adding explainer videos to your emails can be suitable when you break down complex topics.


    Given that 78% of marketers have found videos in emails indicate an increase in sales. There is no reason you shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon.

    “Around 95% of prospects prefer to watch an explainer video to learn about a new product or service.”

    4. Make use of your social media accounts

    social media video image

    Social media platforms offer tremendous potential to connect with a wide range of audiences. The research said there will be 3.43 billion monthly social media accounts by 2023. 


    Promoting explainer videos through social media marketing is one of the most effective explainer video marketing tips you can action.


    Ensure that you add relevant captions to the explainer video because the prevalence of the audience prefers to watch them without turning on the sound. 


    Remember that every social media channel may not work for your business — find out where your target audience is likely to be found and direct your marketing efforts accordingly.

    5.Create mobile-friendly explainer videos

    mobile app video production

    Mobile video consumption rises 75% of all video content viewed on mobile devices. So ensure that your explainer videos are suitable for mobile responsiveness. 


    Ensure that the size of the videos works irrespective of the type of mobile device. You can also add a visually compelling mobile splash screen to make these videos more attractive.

    6. Never hesitate to have fun

    Communicating through explainer videos doesn’t have to be boring. You can amp up the entertainment quotient to help it resonate with your audience. 


    For instance, this quirky video by Dollar Shave Club uses the right kind of language to make it more relatable to its target audience. It is also a great way to increase brand awareness and the product’s value for your customers.


    Final Words

    Explainer videos are an effective content marketing tool, and we hope that these explainer video marketing tips help you to boost their performance.


    However, creating explainer videos consumes time, especially when organizations are unsure where to start. 


    From how the videos should look to what kind of background music works well, many creative decisions can leave you completely overwhelmed.


    And that’s where partnering with an explainer video producer makes sense. 


    We have a team of experts to create engaging and professional explainer videos that help you achieve your goals.


    Regardless of your industry or niche, you can count on us for flawless explainer videos that grab the eyeballs.

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