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What advantages explainer video offers, how they work and why are they so important for your business? Here are the answers to all your questions. Have a look at the Explainer Video Guide which contains everything about animated explainer videos.

We have explained everything that you need to know about explainer videos with the help of the industry experts, digital marketers and our MotionGility-Team mates.


Why you need an explainer video for your business?

Explainer Videos have turned out to be a proactive way of reaching out to the consumers. Hence, it is of vital importance that as a business, you understand its elasticity. Website content, no wonder, is effective; but this traditional method of putting up content doesn’t take you too far.

Products and services can be difficult to describe in a 300-word-content. And to be honest, the human brain assigns greater importance to anything that’s visual.

We have explained everything that you need to know about best explainer videos with the help of the industry experts, digital marketers and our MotionGility-Team mates.

Is researching your business/service/product difficult? If yes, then you’re in luck; you have a video explaining all of it. Best explainer videos highlight your business, product, service or idea in such an efficient way, that it often compels conversion.

Explainer Videos can provide your customers with:

1. An explanation of the details of your product/business

2. An explanation of the services you offer

3. An idea you’d like to implement

4. An idea of your brand value

Why Explainer Videos?

1. Texts can be tricky to relate, however, best explainer videos turn out to be concise. They give out the maximum amount of information in such a short span of time. And this precise span of time is the reason why customers won’t bail out on you. Because it barely consumed their time.

2. They address a problem and provide a solution. An explainer video illustrates the need of a client and caters to it. This progresses linearly with time. Text won’t have the same impact as that of video.

3. You can get creative and crisp, all at once. Best explainer videos are not afraid of creativity. Not just the visuals, but you can also play with the scripts. Top that up with some soothing, interesting music and there you are, with an amazing explainer video. Your video will either educate, surprise or delight your audience. All of them will turn out to be beneficial for you and your brand.

4. One video, multiple uses. Yes, you read that right! Once you have the video, you can upload it on YouTube, embed it on your homepage, or simply add it in your presentations. Explainer videos are short, sweet and informative.

5. Explainer videos are easy to consume. They are not rocket science, hence the audience can consume them easily and learn from them. One won’t have to spend hours to watch and study them in order to make sense out of them. This is one of the reasons why 65 percent of businesses are planning to enhance their video marketing budgets.

6. Business explainer videos, no matter what, shall always remain evergreen. Be it the new clients, existing client or potential leads, a business explainer video never gets old for anyone. And with time, all the audience becomes comfortable with learning about products and businesses visually.

7. Business explainer videos turn out to be one of the most feasible and adaptable. Bit of edits, and a change in the script can help marketers promote and advertise their products and businesses effectively.

8. When business explainer videos are considered, marketers get to show-off the creativity and flaunt the uniqueness of the product. The visually represented statistics and creativity help you prove your brand’s worth.

Proving to be one of the perfect tools for marketing and attracting visitors, animated explainer videos give out a reason for the viewers to come back to the brand.
Types of Explainer Videos
-Business Explainer Videos
-Whiteboard Explainer Videos
-Educational Explainer Videos
-Product Videos
-Mobile App Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are one of the best marketing tools that can attract audience towards your business and explain the key features along with the benefits of your product/business. If you have an explainer video embedded on your homepage, then you are giving out one strong and compelling reason to stay longer.

While we talk about marketing, ever wondered why it is so important for any product or business?

Well, we know that the brain of any business is the finance depart, the product offered is the body, whereas marketing is the heart of the whole process. It stands out to be the most important part of the business. Today, marketing is no more just communicating, or spreading word of mouth. In fact, it is now an activity that fuels the sales, enhances equities and establishes a brand image.

Be it a small scale, large scale, global and local, public or private sector, each of them are competing for an established place in the market. Today, almost every company or business has realised the influence and power of holistic approach to marketing. This helps in creating and maintaining a desirable demand, reputation and a healthy competition.

With that being said, the market is now moving and some of it has already moved towards Internet marketing. It is one different and new way to market your business or product. Digital marketing holds crystal clear importance in today’s era. Not forget, video marketing has captured a good part of this online marketing. Marketing and video go hand in hand. Going by the facts, internet video traffic is now accounting for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.

Video Marketing

Given that a photo is worth a thousand words, wonder how much more valuable a video can turn out to be. Effectively communicating with the audience about your product, service or business, with the help of videos is what video marketing is all about. Every now and then you come across how-to videos, about us videos, webinars, corporate training videos, business explainer videos, and even customer testimonials. All of these are different videos, serving various purposes of content marketing.

Videos have not been on the must-haves of the marketing toolkit. However, lately, they have generated effective results claiming to one of the important tools in advertising and creating brand awareness. Video marketing is now becoming a part of every social media platform, and is proving to be one of the best ways to grow your customer and network base. Since videos are evolving with time, it’s high time that you make a smart move and switch to videos.

Why choose video marketing?

1. Video Marketing Boosts Conversion:

Video marketing leaves a lasting impression on the audience, hence triggering the leads to purchase the product.

2. Videos Are Easily Accessible:

With videos, you can reach your audience anywhere, anytime,
in a very cost-effective manner.

3. Videos Impact Your Brand:

A good explainer video impacts your brand directly. With that being said,
explainer videos make the audience see the human side of the business.
It adds on to the reputation of your brand.

4. Videos Trigger The Search Engine Rankings:

Explainer videos do wonders for your SEO efforts.

Some amazing stats on videos:

-Of all the businesses that have used videos for content marketing, 93% of businesses experienced enhanced user understanding of their business.

– 36% of the businesses have claimed that they have witnessed fewer support queries because of the explainer videos.

-Of all the businesses that have used explainer videos, 72% have improved
lead conversion rates.

-64% of businesses claimed that videos have directly triggered the number

-83% of the businesses who have uploaded explainer videos on their
homepage say that it has been an effective lead conversion tool.

-At present, 61% of businesses use explainer videos as a marketing tool.

-Spork Marketing and several others, websites with videos rank higher
in Google universal searches. This means that a customer is more
attracted towards a video explaining features since it helps in making
a quick buying decision.

-72% of marketers have said that explainer videos livens up the pitch of their particular product. Isn’t it too necessary? Once you have a lively pitch, your product becomes easy to remember and vouch for. Powerpoint presentations, pamphlets and ads might not do the justice your product deserves while making an impression. And if your product is a complicated one, the words surely make it more complex. Simply it with an explainer video.

-Of all the people who used animated explainer videos, 78% of them believe that videos have proved to be a sales enhancer for their business, product or company.

Explainer Videos Types Explained :

Business Explainer Video

A business explainer video is a perfect tool for explaining or elaborating the concept of your business. They offer a substantial boost to your company’s presence online. And also adds up a significant share of popularity to your brand value.

Product Video

By choosing a product video, you get to promote the quality, purpose, and need of the product effectively. This allows consumers to make an informed choice. It is one of the most simple & interesting ways of explaining your product.

Educational Video:

With the help of educational It can be around a topic that interests your audience or is around a topic that helps your audience solve a problem.
Educational videos are an appealing and charming way to get your brand recognized. Not only they turn out to be charming, but they leave the potential customers wondering what else could educational animated explainer videos team them. Your educational video marketing picks your audience's interest and curiosity.
Educational explainer videos are also used in areas like sales training, internal staff training, as a part of the presentation, in educational institutions.

Whiteboard Videos:

Whiteboard animation videos are very impressive to watch. They are reported to have a greater part of the viewers’ attention. When you opt for whiteboard videos you need to realise that they have a great potential to condense information in an effective manner. They also simplify the complex description with stunning visuals and an explanatory narration.
For a business, whiteboard videos turn out to be a boon since they extract and display the core message perfectly to the audience. It looks scientific and compelling. The artwork turns out to be very lively and hence creates a powerful aspect for your brand and business. Going by the facts, Google has updated its algorithm and includes the monitoring of video activity as well. This gives better visibility of informative and educational videos.

Mobile App Explainer Videos:

No matter what your business is, a mobile app can help you get and retain customers. Whether your audience uses mobile phones, tablets or other smart mobile devices - apps have all the information they need. That's why they are so much important in today's business environment.
But how do you make the right people aware of the offering of your app and how it can help them? Well, here calls the need for a Mobile App Video. This variant of explainer videos gives a personalised experience of the app before actually using it. They help you convey your app story to the world.
Mobile app explainer videos help in creating more interest in downloading and using your app. It shows your potential users the principles of your app, the interface, its advantages, and benefits. These videos give a dynamic and influential overview of the app usability and need to the potential and existing customers.
It turns out that mobile app explainer videos are an amazing mode to show off your app.

Process of making Explainer Videos

So what are the steps that are involved while crafting website explainer videos for video marketing? Well, it’s a thoroughly-thought process that we follow while providing explainer video services.
Being a video animation company, we believe that the process of crafting a business explainer video should be outlined in a manner that delivers effective results. Hence, we go through the following steps:

-Requirement Gathering

-Script Writing



-Voice Over


-Sound Effects


Requirement Gathering:

To craft a corporate explainer video, we first gather all the documents and requirements as provided by the client. We take into consideration every document or piece of information that is required for a crisp explanatory video. You as a client will directly be communicating with the project manager, who step by step shall guide you throughout the process of animated explainer video production.
From the art styles of the explainer animation to the narrative of the video, we’d cater to all your requirements.

Script Writing:

While making a great explainer video, we seek the services of professional script writers for your explanatory videos. As an explainer video production company, we understand that you’d have concerns regarding the length of the script, and hence, before beginning, we seek for your advice regarding the length of the video. If the length of your explanatory video is 60 seconds, our writer would write a script containing 150 words approximately. Longer product explainer videos and their scripts are scaled accordingly. Next, while creating an animated video for you, we look for your target points that you’d want to showcase. Including those, the scriptwriter drafts the final script.


The storyboarding artist lists down all the key points that would tell your brand story in the aptest manner and sequence. To achieve the best-animated explainer videos, the storyboard is tailored to perfection, according to you and your business. The explainer animation will be clear to you once our artist presents a clear picture in the form of a storyboard to you.


Blending the storyboard and your inputs, our artist will draw out a perfect look for your explainer video. This way you get an actual feel of how your final video will turn out to be.

Voice Over:

Once the script is finalised, a professional voice-over artist will use his/her talent to sound the best effective during the video. If unsure, we will also suggest you what kind of voice will suit your video. We also offer voice-overs in many different languages and accents for overseas projects.


As an explainer video production company, we understand the importance of small details that can help in conveying the right message. Once you approve of the illustrations, our expert animators animate for you in the best possible way. Our animators use the best software to craft an outstanding corporate explainer video. We guarantee you flawless transitions, smooth video, and enhanced effects.

Sound Effects:

Once our animators have done wonders to the video, we will add that pinch of magic by topping the video with some effective sound effects. We thoroughly go throw the video and then pick sounds that suit the best. We can collaborate our ideas with your thoughts so that you get what you need out of the video. Certainly, the best fitting sound effect is added to your animated corporate video.


By the time we reach to this stage, your video is done well, packed and ready to be delivered to you. Our project manager will get in touch with you for the quality check of the video, as per your expectations that were provided by you during the initial planning stage.

Internet is ever changing and evolving. And the amount of content found is also in abundance. So are your competitors. It is for you to decide how you plan to set yourself apart. By choosing explainer videos, you are livening up your product, business and company.

A two minute explainer video that will grab the eyeballs of potential customers and help them in making a decision towards your product. We promise that as an explainer video company, your video will turn out to be fun, informative, engaging and worth a watch.

Advertising through explainer videos is becoming more widespread and affordable. They are not only advanced in technology but they are quite easy to share globally. When we consider animated videos for business, we make sure that they are a blend of the creative heads at our studio, your thoughts and your goal. The cocktail of these components make it possible to create an outstanding explanatory video.

Explainer videos are emotionally charged, flawless to look at and fun to learn from. And that definitely makes a creative survive. Concluding, there has been a fact a floating the industry that states that landing pages that have an animated explainer video embedded on them have 144% conversion rates. Wouldn’t you want to be one of them?

We Believe In Delivering The Best Explainer Videos

We are a team of creative and expert artists delivering the best animated explainer videos to promote the business stories.

Want to create an impactful explainer video? Let’s work together on your project.

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