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What is Whiteboard Animation Video?

Whiteboard Animation Video is an explainer video style that features the viewer with static images being drawn on the screen with a voice-over walkthrough of the story being told, with or without background music.


This video style helps break down the complex message by simplifying each of its elements and is an effective tool to introduce your product to the world on the internet with a video.

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The goal of these videos is to grab the attention of your audience and maintain retention, they haven’t only proven themselves effective in Marketing but also proved themselves to be a great retention tool to grab audience’s attention on-page.

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Using Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Animated Whiteboard Video Examples

wow motorcycle | whiteboard video by motiongility
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lifeup whiteboard video
Play Video about Lifeup Whiteboard video
sbsp whiteboard video by motiongility
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iris animated explainer video
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vector remote| animated explainer video by motiongility
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explainer video for deep roots farms created by motiongility
Play Video about Explainer Video For Deep Roots Farms Created By MotionGility

Benefits Of Using Animated Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Explainer Videos haven’t only proven themselves to be great marketing prospects but also a great tool to add value proposition to your owned pages. They help users to understand complex topics and explore new ones . We have compiled a list of exciting benefits of using Whiteboard Videos as a part of your upcoming Video marketing strategy.

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Easy to Reach

Can easily reach the target market as they can be repurposed easily

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Personalized Experience

Offer value and a personalized experience based on Target Market

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Drive More Traffic

Helps to get relevant traffic to your website and generate potential leads

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Stand out from crowd

Using videos in marketing can help you stand out from your competitors

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Convert more with the help of customised video targeting right Audience

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Easily Shareable

Videos can be easily shared on any channels to reach target audience

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Why Do All Companies Must Own A Whiteboard Explainer Video?

In the era of the internet with the world being a global community of interactive internet users, grabbing attention and engaging users is one of the most complicated yet rewarding skills to follow with your next big game-changing plan.


The videos have proven themselves very effective but with drastic changes in consumers’ attention span, you need something more to stand out from the competition.

Whiteboard Animations are your way to go. Whiteboard animation videos sound like a really effective way to reach an audience but here are 5 crucial reasons why you must include Whiteboard Marketing Videos in your Distribution Plan:

  • A Visual Message Sticks To The Audience
  • The Entire Business Can Be Explained In A Limited Duration
  • It Builds Trust With Audience In Limited Time
  • Whiteboard Explainer Videos Are Budget Friendly
  • It Helps Visitors Visualize Their Growth With The Use Of Your Product  

We Are Committed To Offering The Best Custom Whiteboard Animations

We are proud to be a part of 141 startups and 537 world-leading enterprises in their video production journey. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes. 


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Types of Animated Whiteboard Videos

With the rise in the use of social media platforms, there are a lot of distribution channels available for video content online. With this, the challenge of choosing the right content type for the right platform has also increased.


Targeting the right audience to achieve target goals and build a value proposition for the brand has made whiteboard video maker software and agencies popular as they can be repurposed and used at all stages of the marketing funnel.

Here Are 6 Major Whiteboard Animation Video Types To Level Up Your Marketing Game:  

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Overall Explainer

animated whiteboard specific product vector

Specific Product​

whiteboard video presentations images

Presentations And
Fund Raising​

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whiteboard corporate training video vector

Corporate Training

whiteboard campaign update animations vector

Campaign Update

How To Create A Whiteboard Animation Video With MotionGility?

Creating an explainer video with experts in animated explainer video production is a simple process

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How To Make Interactive Whiteboard Animation Videos Yourself?

how to make explainer videos

Animated Whiteboard videos are fun to experiment with, but when it comes to animations, there are a lot of steps to start from scripting and audio to design and animation. A slight mistake at any level can mess up all the efforts.

To save you from starting over and over, here’s a simple 6-step animated video production process for creating whiteboard videos using DIY whiteboard animation software:

Step 1: Research and choose the b2b video style best fits your video needs.


Step 2: Always start with a script to tell a story. An animated video never begins with a storyboard.


Step 3: Create a storyboard while you brainstorm the visual treatment.


Step 4: Take your storyboards into the design and prepare characters and background elements.


Step 5: Animate the final design prepared.


Step 6: Add voice over and music.

Your Video Is Now Ready To Publish!


Curious To Know How We Craft Videos At MotionGility?

How much does it cost to make a Whiteboard Animation Video with a video production company?

The cost of a whiteboard animation video differs With varying factors such as style complexity, delivery time, voice-over, and length – all these factors help decide the final cost of your video.

Having an internet presence for your business or brand without animations and videos is similar to driving a car without steering.

Thus to stand out from your competitors, you need to think and make your decision wisely. Investing your time in a video marketing strategy with our compelling animated videos can boost your CTR by up to 200%. 

Are You Looking Forward To Creating A Whiteboard Video For Your Business?

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How long does a professional whiteboard video company take to create a Whiteboard Video?

Making a custom whiteboard explainer video needs several professionals at different stages of production.


Therefore it takes us approx Four to Six weeks to deliver a highly tailored video. However, This duration can vary depending on the complexity and feedback during the entire project cycle.


In case you are looking to get it sooner – Get in touch with our strategist for a custom solution for your video needs.

After that, we will help to make a timeframe that fits your marketing goals and is achievable with high-end results.

Why MotionGility is the best choice while searching for a
Whiteboard Animation Video Company?

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With a hardworking and dedicated team of Animators, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Video Marketing Experts, and Story Board Artists. MotionGility one of the best explainer video production companies in the world since 2019.

As experts in animated video production, we are expanding our outreach to almost all parts of the globe. MotionGility is now offering services in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, UAE, India, and Europe with Headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA, and Indore, India.

With a hardworking and dedicated team of Animators, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Video Marketing Experts, and Story Board Artists. MotionGility one of the best explainer video production companies in the world since 2019.


As experts in animated video production, we are expanding our outreach to almost all parts of the globe. MotionGility is now offering services in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, UAE, India, and Europe with Headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA, and Indore, India.

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On-Time Delivery

With our streamlined process we guarantee a smooth and on-time delivery of your video

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Effective Communication

We communicate fast and we always bring value with our communication for your video strategy

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At each stage we provide 2 free revisions helping you to get the expected outcome

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High Quality Videos

Guaranteed Quality with high-end animation. Our focus is to deliver the best explainer videos

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We work with great flexibility and available 24X7 to respond to your queries during entire project cycle

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Customised Videos

With highly skilled team our focus is to develop custom videos to provide unique experience

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We are experts in animated explainer video production helping brands to simplify their message and reach the target audience.

We are proud to be a marketing video production partner of the best brands and unicorn startups across the world. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes.

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Whiteboard Animation Videos are easily repurposed and can be used by all industries including Creatives, Technical and HealthCare. 

Top 3 Industries That Use Whiteboard Videos Are: 
– SaaS Industries
– Production Agencies
– Beverage Industries 

Whiteboard Videos are a great tool to engage audience and can be repurposed to be distributed on almost all paid and organic media channel. Thus They can be a Great Tool to Generate Potential Leads

Choosing the right Animation Style For Your Video is a complicated yet most easy task if you know this simple 3 step recipe:

    1. Always be clear about the goal of your video

    2. Make sure you research your target audience thoroughly based on their age

    3. Always be clear on what channels are you targeting

The choice of the best channel for distributing your WhiteBoard Animation video is the one that caters to the needs of your target goals. These videos can easily be repurposed and used to target audiences on both owned and external channels.

Some of the most common platforms where videos can be broadcasted are:

  1. Landing Pages

  2. YouTube

  3. Meta Suites

  4. Reddit, Pinterest, Upwork etc.

  5. Email Signatures

The cost of a Professional WhiteBoard Animation Video differs with factors such as Style, complexity, delivery time, voice-over, and length. All the mentioned factors play a crucial role in deciding the final cost of your video. With a professional company an Animated WhiteBoard video costs somewhere between 3500 to 7000 USD per minute based on the requirements.

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