Kinetic Typography: Everything You Must Know About

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Kinetic Typography
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    Today’s cut-throat and decreasing attention span market calls for visual content that persuades users to abandon their scrolling for a few seconds.


    And kinetic typography is one such creative element that global brands like Apple, Google, McDonald’s, etc., have been using to promote their products and vision.


    So if you look back at the past decade, design and typography animation have evolved like crazy!


    What generally were stationary visual elements in videos have been brought to life using various typography concepts.


    Below, I’ve talked about what kinetic typography exactly is, a few of the most stunning typography examples you will ever watch, how you can make kinetic typography, etc.

    What is Kinetic Typography?

    what is kinetic typography?

    Kinetic typography is a technique where text animates dynamically, synchronized with audio, enhancing visual storytelling in videos. It adds flair, engages viewers and effectively communicates messages by integrating motion with text.


    Check out a few examples for your better understanding…

    12 Excellent Kinetic Typography Video Examples

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      1. Bard becomes Gemini: Google

      From Bard to Gemini – the story of how Google rebranded its Generative-AI tool. 


      This video is a cool example of kinetic typography motion graphics ads regarding how Google has leveraged the power of both typography and animation to break the rebranding news.


      Moreover, a couple of seamless screen transitions have helped add a pinch of excitement to the animated video. 

      2. STOMP Kinetic Typography

      If you carefully look at the video, you will notice how finely the words have been placed and showcased perfectly synced with the beats in the background.


      Such an amalgamation of words and music in a synchronized manner is known as Stomp Kinetic Typography. 


      Use case: This style is highly preferred while executing product or event launch announcements and similar reasons.

      3. Every Product Carbon Neutral by 2030 - Apple

      Like how the tech giant is known to produce subtle, short, yet impactful ads, Apple is back again, now with a challenging commitment – To become carbon-neutral by 2030.


      But apart from making the most out of the magic of motion typography, the video also features bits of footage and catchy icons, thus boosting the visual appeal of the video at large.


      As a cherry on the cake, the background narration adds to the fun and keeps viewers hooked till the video’s completion.

      4. Rebranding Introduction - Burger King

      In the global creative arena, Burger King has always stood out when it comes to cheeky promotional campaigns including crazy billboards, digital creatives, etc. 


      And so when the fast food giant revealed its rebranding video to the world, a fine example of typography animation took center stage with the energy and excitement that the brand is known for.


      On top of that, the video also features stock footage, narrating the brand legacy and user experience that its outlets offer to its customers.

      5. Sucker by Jonas Brothers

      This is one of the best kinetic typography videos you will ever watch. 


      Basically, this video demonstrates a creative breakdown of the song’s lyrics into icons, objects, catchy backgrounds, etc.


      It’s a perfect symphony of creative visualization, some excellent color choices, and of course – typefaces. To summarize, it’s as cool as it could ever get with motion typography.

      6. WeWork’s New Brand Identity

      Not a core typography animation example but a lovely fusion of illustrations, stock images, and lively music in the background.


      WeWork’s revamped brand identity video captures the essence of its brand values and what fundamentally drives them.


      So if you look at the script, you would notice how they have emphasized co-working in their workspaces and how they’re providing professionals with a conducive environment.

      7. JVKE - Falling in Love

      Falling in love is like a calm breeze by the sea, isn’t it? But imagine a love song being showcased in a manner that helps you visualize and ride the sweet way down the hill…


      So for a second if you visualize the song’s lyrics without watching the video, you would be close to imagining objects and screen flows, given how beautiful the lyrics are.


      And it would almost be identical to what is being shown in the video above.

      8. MBMBaM - A Whole Lemon Story

      Ever heard about a Citrus Agent Sleeper? What the heck is that? 


      Well, this is one of the most funniest typography videos you will ever come across. A lemon peel-off story has been creatively demonstrated through a background narrator.


      The story is humorously described in the video alongside lemons for added context.

      9. Introducing Extensions - Bard

      Google has always been known for its creative digital communication irrespective of the medium through which it announces product launches, updates, etc.


      Here’s another kinetic typography example showcasing how users can now leverage extensions while using its Gen-AI tool Bard and improve their search experience.


      More on the interesting side, the video animation style used is motion graphics – the most preferred style by B2B marketers for demonstrating their products’ functionality.

      10. Visa’s Brand New Identity

      Although a visually dominant video and quite low on motion typography, Visa’s brand identity video still makes it to our list due to its excellent presentation.


      Apart from minimal typography, the video features visuals of Visa’s branding at places globally with a concentrated focus on how the FinTech giant has revamped its identity and added a touch of freshness and accessibility.

      11. BTS - Butter

      This video features an interesting type of kinetic typography, known as Fluid typography. 


      Specifically, it’s a music animation video in which the typography animation style has been blended thus producing a captivating entertainment piece.


      Such videos are gaining immense popularity as they offer music lovers a dynamic user experience while they groove to their favorite artists’ tracks.

      12. Apple - Don’t Blink

      If you’re tired of searching for the best kinetic typography video, this Apple ad is everything you are looking out for.


      This video is a fusion of typefaces, physical products, brand storytelling, etc., and is an excellent piece of creative advertising.


      Right from the beginning, the video effectively captures your attention through its upbeat music and synchronized word placement. Moving forward, visuals of Apple’s products float in seamless transitions thus offering an energetic visual experience.


      Now that you know what exactly this is all about, the next heading shows how you can make typography animation easily. Check it out below…

      How to Create Stunning Kinetic Typography Animation

      Before you sit down to create eye-pleasing typography animation, it’s important to grab a quick overview of certain factors that will bring out the best.


      I’m sharing 4 key factors covering design, typography, and animation at large to help you get started:

      1. Right Font Selection

      First things first – The right font will automatically elevate the overall appeal of your text. 


      It should be perfect because kinetic typography is all about movement, so it should be legible enough for your audience to comprehend quickly when the text moves around the screen.

      2. Software Selection and Animation

      Moving on, you should now choose an animation software and technique that enhances the final output.


      The choice of any software mainly depends on its technical capabilities and your skills. While animating, pay attention to motion enhancement and overall rhythm to offer your viewers a dynamic experience.


      Also, controlling the timing and pace of your text movements is crucial for effectiveness.

      3. Sound Design

      For every right reason, sounds evoke emotions and can fairly boost engagement chances by your viewers on the video.


      So while animating, select the right sound effects and background music that match the tone of your kinetic text.


      You can even use your branded audio such as jingles or audio cues to help reinforce brand identity and increase awareness.

      Struggling to find the best background music and sound effects?

      Check out: Best Royalty-free Music Sites for Animated Videos

      4. Color and Contrast

      The colors you plan to use in your moving text can leave a lasting impact on your viewers. 


      A strategic use of colors can be made to capture attention and establish visual interest. 


      More importantly, you should also strike a fine contrasting balance between the animated text and background for readability.  


      Typoraphy animation if done strategically, can strongly help you grab users’ attention within a few seconds and boost conversion chances.


      There are multiple kinetic typography generator tools available such as VEED, Adobe After Effects, Animaker, MakeWebVideo, etc. 


      As an award-winning animated video production company, we’re well-versed in producing kinetic typography animation and various other styles of animated videos for global brands.


      Planning to get a similar video created? Fill out your details in the form attached below and our video marketing expert will contact you within 24 hours.


      Q1: What software is commonly used to create kinetic typography?

      You can use industry-recognized tools loved by professionals such as Adobe AE, Blender, etc., for practicing and producing kinetic typography for enhancing your video’s quality.

      Q2: Is kinetic typography suitable for all types of videos?

      Kinetic typography’s usage is dynamic when it comes to implementation in videos. The best video types where you can use it are explainer videos, commercials, educational videos, product launch videos, brand videos, customer success videos, etc.

      Q3: Can kinetic typography be combined with other visual elements?

      Yes, why not. You can blend typography with your characters, background visuals, footage, images, etc., to increase the engagement on your videos.

      Q4: How does kinetic typography enhance storytelling?

      Visual storytelling plays an integral part in any video’s success. Making use of typography can help hook your audience right from the video’s start to its completion, thus boosting engagement chances.

      Q5: Is kinetic typography suitable for social media content?

      Absolutely, it is. Using it can be a great decision to cater to social media users, especially in today’s low attention span era. You can use exciting typography for multiple platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

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