8 Best Animation Apps/Software in 2023 for Animated Videos

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Komal Chaturvedi

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Animation Apps
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    Let us guess – You’re probably bored with your lifeless presentations and want to add a pinch of magic to them in the face of animation.


    And your frustration of finding out recommendations for the best animation apps available in the market landed you here.


    Well, worry no more because the list below comprises the top animation software and applications available on free, freemium, and paid models.


    Whether you are a beginner, an experienced freelance animator, or someone wanting to create explainer videos for your business, or just want to do animation for fun, there are many tools out there to suit your needs.


    Without further discussions, let’s jump straight on the list:

    Table of Content
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      1) Adobe Animate:

      The first one to make our list is Adobe Animate – A prominent packaged animation software by the computer software giant Adobe INC. 


      With Animate, you can create interactive design animations for vector-based graphics, objects, and content pieces like infographics.


      These still graphics can further be animated to produce explainer videos, GIFs, short films, animated commercial videos, banners, games, and cartoons.


      Initially released in 1996, it allows users to export supreme-quality vector graphics, banners, and illustrative backgrounds from Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for animation purposes.

      Key features: Virtual camera functionality, audio syncing facilities, a dedicated format for exports, vector brushes, etc.

      Pricing: Starts at $20.99 a month [paid annually].

      Operating Systems: Windows & MacOS, not available on Mobile.


      • Great facilitation of 2D & 3D animation.
      • Better community support for educational purposes across Adobe products.
      • Preferred tool by industry professionals.


      • The user interface may seem extremely complex for beginners.
      • Requires high-end computer systems to function smoothly.
      • Super expensive for small businesses.

      2) Moho:

      Moho is considered one of the topmost 2D animation rigging software in the entire industry.


      The software boasts an intuitive interface, a solid visual content library, and powerful features such as a bone rigging system, lip-syncing conversion, motion tracking, and the list continues.


      For professionals, Moho is an excellent tool to transform your average animations into pro ones and provides advanced tools to fasten and enhance the workflow.


      Key features: Bezier handles, Smart Warp, Timeline Enhancements, etc. 


      Pricing: Debut 13.5 at $59.99 lifetime and Pro 13.5 at $399.99 lifetime. 


      Operating Systems: Windows & MacOS.


      • Allows quick and smooth import of files from PhotoShop.
      • Powerful 2D rigging system for characters.
      • Robust framework makes it easy for beginners to learn.


      • Requires high-end computer systems for smooth functionality.
      • Might crash sometimes.
      • Expensive for small & medium-scale businesses.

      3) Blender:

      Unlike Adobe Animate, this is a free animation software that allows industry-standard features such as modeling, rigging, animation, rendering, and much more.


      Its open-source and free model allows professionals to create videos and films for business and training purposes. With Blender, 3D objects can be beautifully created and animated for use on websites and landing pages.  


      Also, brands can use Blender to create product launch videos, YouTube shorts, short commercials, etc., for integration into their marketing campaigns.


      Key features: Path guidance, auto-masking in sculpting mode, geometry nodes, storypencil for storyboard artists, etc.


      Pricing: Free version available. Paid plan – Blender Cloud Membership at $11.50 per month.


      Operating Systems: Linux, Windows & MacOS, not available on Mobile.


      • Provides realistic rendering, sculpting, textures, and lighting.
      • Better integration of external plugins for importing web assets or objects.
      • Massive online community available for addressing problems faced if any.


      • UI & training manuals can be complex to understand for starters.
      • Intense focus on hardware and may require a high-end GPU.
      • Requires considerable time for rendering processes.

      4) RenderForest:

      RenderForest is an all-in-one complete package for different design and media requirements such as branding, video editing, animation, mockups, graphics, and professional websites.


      Right from creating interactive presentations, quality intros, and outros to stunning brand guidelines and realistic mockups, this software has a ton to offer for catering to a brand’s marketing requirements.


      Key features: Video animation, website designs, logos, social media assets, etc. 


      Pricing: Free Forever with limitations. Paid plans start at $6.99/month billed annually. 


      Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android.


      • Tons of pre-ready templates for quick designing.
      • A considerable amount of customization is available from a design perspective.
      • A great option for producing product demo videos & explainer videos.


      • Lacks branded & industry-appealing templates in some areas.
      • The existence of watermarks in free versions may stop users from trying out the product.
      • Relatively Expensive for the features it provides in exchange.

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      5) Pencil2D:

      pencil 2d

      Just like Blender, Pencil2D is another free & open-source 2D animation software that allows users and businesses to produce 2D vector-based sketches and hand-drawn animations.


      This tool is highly preferred by beginners wanting to learn basic animation. Smooth configuration and switch between vector and raster graphics allow users to create digital sketches with ease.


      Pencil2D also allows easy and quick import/export of data, facilities for managing different tasks, and also the management of internal data.


      Key features: Text overlay, image editing, data extraction, video editing, etc.


      Pricing: Free version. 


      Operating Systems: Cross-platform availability.


      • Highly recommended for beginners.
      • Supports both vector & raster graphics.
      • A simplistic UI allows easy animation at moderate levels.


      • Lacks support for 3D animations.
      • The frame-by-frame process may seem lengthy and tedious.
      • Not much used by studios and large businesses.

      6) Cinema 4D:

      Apart from being known as one of the top-grossing animation apps, Cinema 4D is also one of the best animation apps known for Mac & iPad. 


      With this tool, you can create seamless renders, animated graphics, and 3D illustrations for your projects. It also allows quick and easy powerful export options and easy integration with AfterEffects. 


      One of the key advantages of using Cinema 4D is how well-compatible it is with external plugins and render engines.


      Key features: Polygonal & procedural modeling, scene visualization, strong manipulation tools, etc. 


      Pricing: $59.91 per month – billed annually.  


      Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android.


      • Allows dynamic and character animation.
      • Easy creation of 3D characters and rigging.
      • Runs efficiently across operating systems.


      • Slow rendering time may frustrate many users.
      • Beginners may experience a steep learning curve.
      • Professionals may find difficulties with weight mapping.
      • Way too expensive for freelancers and small-scale studios.

      7) FlipaClip:

      Ranked 23rd on the Apple App Store in the Graphics & Design category, FlipaClip is a well-known animation application that allows users to produce 2D animation.


      It is best known for creating animated videos, cartoons, and small-scale animation clips for entertainment. 


      Its powerful and light framework allows users to create immersive animation and detailed pieces of art and illustrations.


      FlipaClip is also acknowledged as one of the best animation apps for iPad.

      Key features: Easy movement of illustrations and timeline adjustment, layer addition, etc.


      Pricing: Free version. 


      Operating Systems: Android & iOS. Also available on PC.


      • Great mobile app for beginners and animation freshers.
      • Smooth user interface especially for mobiles & tablets.
      • Allows easy duplication of keyframes and addition of music and other sounds.


      • Limited features available.
      • May not work efficiently on older devices.
      • Contains Ads

      8) StopMotion Studio:

      If you’re looking for a tool with an easy interface for performing simple animations, StopMotion Studio is your tool.


      It houses a storyboard-like interface allowing users to sequence their frames effectively, thus producing interactive animation videos. Also, the built-in image editor provides features such as facial expressions, title bubbles, merging of frames, etc.


      As its name suggests, users can create stunning stop-motion videos and animate them further to give them a quirky effect.


      Key features: Rotoscoping effect, time overlay mode, familiar mode, etc. 


      Pricing: Freemium plan.


      Operating Systems: Windows, iOS & Android.


      • Provides HD Quality output.
      • A huge stack of fundamental video editing tools available.
      • Perfect software for kids as well as beginners.


      • Absence of StopMotion Tv in the software.
      • Adding green screens/backgrounds might cost users money.
      • Some users might face problems with adjusting ISO and fps.

      A list is pretty much packed with so much information! 


      With the knowledge of the best animation software for Android, Windows, and iOS, choosing the right one according to your requirements might seem like a complex task.


      Before we leave with your decision of selecting the best one, here are our insights that will help you make the best choice:

      Which animation app will help me create the best-animated video?

      Trying out different apps won’t cost you any money. It will only cost you your precious time because you’ll likely be exploring different options keeping in mind your business requirements.


      The details shared above are everything you might need to consider. The best thing would be to go through the key features and animation facilities offered by each software or app and then try aligning the same with your product or brand’s vision.


      For instance, if you’re planning to create a stop-motion video, it would be wise to pick an app that excels in producing such videos.


      Whereas, if you want an easy-going video without any advanced fluff, choosing a beginner-friendly app would be great.


      If you’re a business organization wanting to create an animated video yourself, you and your team would probably be on the lookout for an advanced animation app such as Adobe Animate or Blender. 


      However, if you want to escape the pain of going through the video production process and save time, an experienced animated explainer video production company might be the best choice in terms of growth and investment you would ever want to take.


      Our expert team of creative visualizers, motion graphic artists, and animators can help fuel your marketing and branding efforts with an engaging explainer video customized as per your needs.


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