12 Excellent Royalty-Free Music Sites for Explainer Videos

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Royalty-free music sites

Certainly, you must have gone through the pain of finding an appropriate background music track for your video.


This is because while searching, it’s essential to find a track that complements the video and the key message to be communicated.


Since there are thousands of royalty-free music sites available on the internet, it might become difficult to select the best one. 


A perfect background music track can largely help you elevate your explainer videos‘ quality and the viewing experience by 2x.


Well, here’s a list of the best free music sites that you can explore while researching the perfect background music track:

15 Top Royalty-free Music Sites in 2023

1. Bensound

bensound stock music site

Serving top brands in the likes of NASA, Microsoft, Toyota, etc., Bensound makes it to the top of our list in terms of the availability of music tracks.


This website boasts thousands of options which are further bifurcated into 20+ moods and 10+ genres and are presented through a seamless website navigational experience.


That’s not it. The platform also allows visitors to apply more filters by selecting their preferred choice of theme and instrument, thus helping them find the right track within a few clicks.


So if you’re tight on budget and on the hunt for free tracks, Bensound has got you sorted. However, it also offers plans starting from €9 that come with unlimited downloads.

2. Free Music Archive

freemusicarchive music site

Quite well as its name suggests, the platform offers tons of free music tracks that are open-licensed and uploaded by independent music artists from around the world.


FMA’s music tracks can be used for creating commercials, short films, games, documentaries, etc., for free and support thousands of FMA artists for their exceptional work.


Free Music Archive’s website houses a smooth user experience, offering a clean & quick search bar to visitors for quick music track discovery.

3. Pond5

pond5 stock music site

Pond5 is the third website to make it to our list of the best royalty-free music sites. 


The best thing about Pond5 is the deep-search filters that it offers for better research on music tracks. 


It currently has over 500,000 tracks listed in its library alongside which it also offers stock video footage, sound effects, After Effects, etc. 


Simply put, Pond5 is your destination if you’re searching for anything stock!

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4. Soundstripe

soundstripe (1)

Soundstripe’s business foundation is on the motto: For Creators – By Creators.


This pretty much sums up a vast collection of music tracks that website visitors can filter according to vocals, genre, pace, etc., and choose the best one for their project.


The best part – They offer a curated list of pre-set moods that house a quality hand-picked collection from known artists.


Started by 3 musicians, Soundstripe now provides employment support to over 150 musicians and with their rich music, offers video producers a goldmine of free music tracks.

5. Premium Beat


Backed by the stock images & footage giant Shutterstock, Premium Beat offers an impressive array of exclusive high-quality tracks and sound effects.


Tracks finely curated by music experts and offered through a clean navigational website are what the platform is widely known for. 

Since it’s a notable subsidiary of Shutterstock, the usability and richness of tracks are not a topic of debate when video production companies or creators are planning to use them in films, applications, games, etc.

6. Music Vine

music vine copyright free music

If you’re looking to add music to your films or commercials, Music Vine has a carefully curated list of music tracks.


Spread across multiple genres, you can choose tracks based on storytelling, promotional, and creative moods. 


Featuring a smooth and soft-on-the-eyes web interface, the Music Vine platform offers 6000+ tracks from some of the best music composers, lyricists, songmakers, etc., in the world.

7. Jamendo

jamendo stock music site

With over 250,000+ music tracks to choose from 100+ moods and genres collectively, Jamendo is another quality addition to the list of the best royalty-free music sites. 


Featuring over 40,000+ artists, it offers a comprehensive choice for artists or creators looking to find suitable tracks for their non-commercial projects. 

On top of that, Jamendo also offers a full-fledged option to commercial users with plans starting from $9.99

8. Addictive Tracks


Unlike other copyright-free music sites, Addictive Tracks offers a rich collection of music tracks that provide users with an appealing music experience. 


For refined discovery, the platform also features an attractive collection of playlists aimed at helping professionals from diverse industries such as Advertising, Travel, Economics, etc., to find tracks. 


Authenticity and quality of music and video voiceovers are what separates them from their competitors.

9. Storyblocks Audio

storyblocks audio (1)

This website is heaven for stock music sites, sound effects, animated backgrounds, templates, etc. 


Upon landing on the website, visitors are treated with a clean interface that enables them to quickly locate videos, images, templates, and music.


Apart from offering free music, Storyblocks also offers productive tools in the face of creative video maker and a plugin to directly access its vast library while editing videos in Adobe Creative Cloud.


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10. Filmstro

flimstro copyright free music site

Filmstro offers a free trial of its platform without asking for any payment details. 


Here’s something interesting: The platform not only allows users to access a vast collection of stock music but also to customize it as per a creator’s video requirements. 


Cool, right? Well, through an intuitive editing-like dashboard, users can discover tracks based on their moods, instruments, genres, etc.

11. Artlist

artlist stock music

The second-last addition to our list of royalty-free music sites is Artlist – a name synonymous with explainer & commercial video creators. 


However, this platform is not just limited to music tracks as it offers a boutique of services, curated strategically for video creators keeping in mind their requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a track to elevate your social media videos or elevate your presentation or commercial, Artlist has your back both in a creative & qualitative manner.

12. FreeSound


Well, FreeSound might seem like an ancient website in today’s age of ultra-creative and hyper-engaging interfaces but when it comes to music track collections, it’s worthy of exploration.


A comprehensive collection with open forums for further research equipped with fast downloads is what defines the platform.

Armed with a huge database of audio snippets and music samples, FreeSound also allows users to upload music apart from just downloading it and also engage with fellow artists.


Finding effective and free music for explainer videos should not be a problem anymore.


With this comprehensive list provided above for your understanding, researching the most appropriate copyright free music has been made easy.


Happy searching!

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