20 Best Animated Explainer Video Production Companies

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Best Explainer Video Production Companies
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    The process of choosing an experienced, creative, and requirement-friendly agency can be complicated, especially in a cut-throat market.


    Since video production is a bit complex and on the expensive side to get associated with, you surely don’t want to end up partnering with a company that proves to be a regretful decision.


    There are hundreds of companies in the market today, so to eliminate your research headache, here’s a list of the best 20 Explainer Video Production Companies for you to pick one from.


    This list has been compiled keeping in mind key business and production factors such as brand value, portfolio, communication, team, timelines, cost, etc.


    Check them out below…

    Top Explainer Video Production Companies

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      1. MotionGility

      Since 2015, MotionGility has been at the forefront of delivering quality animated videos for businesses & enterprises at light-on-pocket rates.


      Through its premium video production and also via its white label video services in multiple animation styles, the company has become synonymous with producing engaging videos, especially for the SaaS, Blockchain, and FinTech domains.


      Having worked with big names such as HDFC, Pfizer, Nissan, AutoDesk, Vicks, HUL, etc., and boasting an impressive portfolio, MotionGility believes in providing exceptional client experience with engaging videos.


      The company was recently placed in the Top 5 by Clutch & The Manifest in their lists of the Top Motion Graphic Studios, Commercial Video Production Agencies, Video Production Agencies, etc.

      2. Addiction Graphics

      Addiction Graphics is known for its approach to blending creativity and strong ideas, thus producing an attractive explainer video.


      Specializing in producing motion graphics, editing videos, and designing illustrations, the company holds a creative identity in the business market.


      Also known as AG, it offers pre-designed & quality animation templates that can be used by illustrators and animators…

      3. Wyzowl

      Another known name in the list of the best explainer video production companies, Wyzowl has navigated its way up the ladder with confidence.


      The company is known for producing engaging explainer videos that help their client increase sales, strengthen brand awareness, and improve user education.


      Wyzowl offers its users multiple animation styles such as product demos, social media, training videos, interactive videos, etc.

      4. Explain Ninja

      If you’re searching for an explainer video making company with creative muscle power, Explain Ninja can be a decent choice.


      Worked with Google, Bolt, etc., the animated videos company offers clients creative solutions by helping them communicate their product or brand story quickly and engagingly.


      E-Ninja provides a variety of options to choose from such as 60-second videos, videos for B2B, SaaS, Real Estate, and many more.

      5. Studiotale

      Studiotale is the name that pops up when someone asks for video production companies.


      They create unique and compelling custom explainer videos that connect a business with its customers. In addition, their team can quickly turn any idea into a fantastic story. 


      Having around 200 global clients, Studitale has worked with big players like Xiaomi, Facebook, and the University of Cambridge.

      6. Explainify

      Explainify is a company that believes in simplifying an idea or message with the help of creative video that help drive conversions and sales.


      Established in 2011, they have grown tremendously due to its team’s professionalism, expertise, and hard work. 


      From startups to Fortune 100s, Explainify has worked with businesses of all sizes.

      7. Switch video

      With more than ten years of experience, Switch video has completed +1200 projects.


      They pride themselves on producing unique and one-of-a-kind content. As a result, they are a favorite of many businesses across the globe. 


      They have a team of experienced content creators specializing in animation, whiteboard, and motion graphics videos. Moreover, the company has worked with LinkedIn, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

      8. Epipheo

      Epipheo is one of the first production companies to start creating explainer videos.


      The name was made from a combination of Epiphany and videos, showcasing that they use videos to help the audience understand something in a few minutes. Just like how things clear up when you have an epiphany about something.


      The company is known for providing the best in class service to its clients. Their team takes care of the whole video production process, from crafting the proposal to creating the video. 

      9. Gisteo

      Another excellent video production company based in Miami, FL, Gisteo, creates premium animated explainer videos.


      From strategizing to scriptwriting to production, their talented team takes care of everything for their clients.


      The company creates impressive videos that can help clients slice through the noise and reach their target audience.

      10. 3DTRIXS

      3DTRIXS is another known name in the Video production industry that has been in business for over 8 years.


      They offer a wide variety of services. They are dedicated to providing the best possible service to customers.


      The company produces content-driven and result-oriented explainer videos to attract traffic.

      11. Alconost

      Alconost Inc. is a leading US-based video production company that has been providing their services since 2004. 


      Their expertise extends to various types of videos such as explainer videos, tutorials, live-action videos, marketing & advertising videos.


      Alconost Inc. has collaborated with renowned brands like Paracosm and Apifonica to consistently deliver high-quality videos that effectively convey messages while capturing the audience’s attention.

      12. Yum Yum Videos

      This award-winning video production company specializes in animation, whiteboard videos, and motion graphics.


      They have a team of out-of-the-box thinkers who create videos that convey the ideas, emotions, and values of a brand. 


      Since its inception, they have worked on hundreds of projects. Their clients include Vodafone, Walmart, FOX, Huawei, etc.

      13. Top Explainers

      Topexplainers create videos that look gorgeous, but at the same time, the prices are totally affordable for even startups with limited budgets and one-man-band companies.


      Their videos deliver messages since 2014 and for all possible niches, from cleaning services to space industry and military services.

      That’s why IBM, Harvard University, Star Alliance, and hundreds of other big names are their returning clients.

      14. Broadcast2world

      Broadcast2world is a company that believes in storytelling, and that’s how they create videos for their clients.


      They use stories to convey a brand’s story and explain their product in a fun and engaging way. They convert a business video into short movies that an audience can’t ignore.


      Broadcast2world has worked with many clients, including Hub, Fujitsu, NFL, Catalyst kids, etc.

      15. Demo Duck

      Businesses worldwide love this US-based video production company for its fun and eye-catching animations.


      They have worked together with many famous companies like Google, Netflix, Canon, etc. they aim to explain a brand and its products to the audience quickly.


      Demo Duck’s expert team aims to humanize a brand and help them to connect with their customers.

      16. Mypromovideos

      Mypromovideos believes in providing the best experience to the audience.


      They are known for producing engaging animated videos. Just give them an idea, and voila, you have a great video. From script designing to production, they efficiently take care of all the processes. 


      They’ve produced explainer videos for many well-known brands, including Flipkart, Opera mini, SBI, HCL, JIO, etc.

      17. Webdew

      Webdew offers a one-stop solution for marketing, video production, and Hubspot services. In addition, they are committed to providing results to their clients. 


      Their talented team is result-driven and focused on generating conversion and sales through video. They have worked with Uber, Microsoft, Hubspot, etc.

      18. Essence Studios

      On our list of the best explainer video production companies, Essence studios is the next one.


      They have worked with many global clients and seen great results. Their goal is to provide great results to their clients with the help of animated explainer videos. 


      They specialize in 2D animation, whiteboard, explainer videos, and graphic designing. Essence Studios have worked with Mastercard, Cannacheck, Ads Genius, Dodotv, etc.

      19. Wowmakers

      Having worked with companies like Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, and Tencent, it is no wonder that they have a place in the list of best explainer video production companies.


      Their team combines creativity with digital thinking to produce fantastic results. 


      They have 10+ years of experience in explainer video production and has delivered approximately 328 projects.

      20. Yans Media

      Though they are a small animation studio, their quality work have landed them among the best explainer video companies. 


      Yans Media specializes in 2D animation services, 3D animation videos and motion graphics explainer videos.


      Furthermore, the company provides its services to businesses across the world.

      Need help understanding how we can help you boost your brand's visibility through animated videos?

      Things to consider before you hire the Best Animated Video Company

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        1. Quality of work

        Before you select a company, it is essential to check its quality of work. Your explainer video is going to draw in customers. So, it has to be of top quality.


        That is why you cannot hire a company that does not provide high-quality videos. To avoid this, ensure to check the prospect company’s portfolio and reviews.

        2. Communication

        Communication is critical for producing a good video.


        Suppose the company cannot understand your idea or the objective of your video, then they will not be able to create it efficiently. 


        That is why choosing an animated video services company that can understand what you want to convey with your explainer video is an important decision to make.

        3. Budget

        explainer video budget

        Before selecting a company, create a budget.


        Once you have done that, you find companies that will make videos under the same budget. 


        The cost of explainer videos usually differs from company to company and is also decided based on numerous factors such as quality, length, delivery timelines, etc.

        4. Timeline

        Find companies that are good at delivering work at the given deadline. Talk with the companies and check their reviews. 


        In addition, also inquire about the assigning of a dedicated project manager to help you stay updated with the latest timelines.

        5. Expertise

        Expertise is another critical thing to consider while selecting a company. Shortlist companies that are experienced in creating explainer videos. To ensure that you can check out their past works. 


        Keeping these things in mind, you can shortlist animated video production companies and select one that fits your needs. 

        Wrapping Up

        Now that you’ve a comprehensive list of the best explainer video producers, we’re pretty sure that choosing one from the above would be easy!


        Since you would be entering into an adventurous journey of exploring creativity and dimensions, it’s advisable to make a wise decision based on your needs.

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