Best Motion Graphics Videos Examples for Inspiration

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Best Motion Graphics Videos Examples For Inspiration In 2022
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    In 1908, French filmmaker Emile Cohl, also referred to as the Father of Animated Cartoon, created “Fantasmagorie” – the first fully animated film. From then on and with modern inventions in the animation industry, humans have seen a lot of animation mediums.

    But the recent decade experienced an overwhelming use of motion graphic animations by B2B brands, production houses, entertainment companies, the ed-tech sector, D2C brands, and almost every industry.


    This varied use of motion graphics video clearly indicates its relevance and importance.

    Because animated videos grab human attention better than any other form of content, they are in high demand everywhere.


    Not just to persuade humans to buy a product but to teach them, inform them, and spread awareness about your brand and social issues. In fact, 52% of marketers agree that animated videos generate higher ROI.


    At the same time, when motion graphics animation videos are winning over the world, it’s not easy to create one.


    To produce supreme quality videos and get your target audience to stick to your brand, the combination of graphics, animation, voiceover, messaging, and music has to be top-notch.


    So, here are some of the best motion graphics videos examples from the internet:

    Best Motion Graphics Videos Examples

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      1. Airbnb-Combating Discrimination

      Play Video about Air-bnb-thumbnail

      Target Audience: Tourists

      Video Type: Explainer Video

      Industry: Rental Accomodations

      Airbnb introduces ‘Project Lighthouse’ in this unique and eye-catching video. Project lighthouse is Airbnb’s new take on removing discrimination and creating a space where everyone is respected. 


      Airbnb used a motion graphic video to showcase what discrimination looks like and how the brand is working hard to overcome it.


      The video was full of flashy colors and calming music, with an engaging voiceover. Using characters of different builds, colors, and physical disabilities and an engaging storyline, Airbnb highlights how it plans to stop discrimination.


      It also used stunning visuals to demonstrate how it plans on keeping customer data safe. With Engaging Story, Stunning Visuals, and relatable characters, the video engaged all audiences till the end. 

      2. iTrade Network-Marketplace Exchange

      Target Audience: Food businesses / Food Organisations

      Video Type: Walkthrough Video

      Industry: Food and Beverage Industry

      iTrade Network created a fantastic video using a show-stopping celebrity voice-over and stunning Animations. With a white background and minimal colors, the video efficiently highlights the main aspects and working of the business.


      The Motion Graphics in the video were mixed with a perspective animation world, which made it a unique approach. The video used storytelling to detail iTrade’s supply chain management that focuses on order accuracy, traceability, and eliminating food waste.


      The world in the video is created with very clean and detailed animations. The video keeps users engaged as it shows the lifecycle of food — how it’s tracked and transported, from farm to grocers, and ultimately to consumers’ tables.


      The video shows how iTrade handles data tracking and safety for consumers in a fun and engaging manner. The video successfully explains their entire business in just two minutes.

      3. Google cloud IoT solutions

      Target Audience: Generic Audience

      Video Type: Explainer Video

      Industry: IoT and Automation

      Talking about technical concepts in real life can be a bit challenging. But conveying it online in a fun and the simple way seems impossible. But Google made the impossible, possible easily with the help of a motion graphic video.


      Google used a combination of traditional graphics, movements, and abstract shapes to make the confusing concept of data collection and storage extremely easy to understand. 


      Google has animated a constant pattern of 2D animations in its videos. And it’s easy to see why motion graphics make videos mesmerizing.

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      4. Webflow-Ecommerce

      Play Video

      Target Audience: Generic Audience

      Video Type: Walkthrough Video

      Industry: SaaS

      WordPress has dominated the website builder industry for a decade and everyone knows only one name for developing quick websites without coding.

      But then came Webflow. Webflow focused mainly on e-Commerce websites but the builder offers every service similar to WordPress. And, how do they survive the competition and grab customers? 


      A Motion Graphic Animation video.

      It begins with a voiceover clearly reflecting the pain points of the customers. The colors are dark and soothing to a developer’s eyes, the music plays a secondary role in ensuring the audience is feeling comfortable.


      The best part of the whole video is that they take viewers through a tour of the web flow tool and nobody finds it difficult to understand.

      The Video clearly served the purpose and showed us that using Webflow is as easy as cooking instant Ramen. 

      5. Vice News Tonight-Broadcast

      Play Video

      Target Audience: Generic Audience

      Video Type: Live Action/Typography

      Industry: Mass Media

      Vice started as an edgy digital outsider in the world of digital news media. The brand diversified itself from other media organizations by showing the ‘real and hard news’ to the audience. And it followed the same format in its new brand video. 


      This video is the promo for Vice’s show on HBO — Vice News Tonight.


      The video is a mix of motion graphics animations and live-action visuals while displaying its realness in a world of fake news.


      Vice’s brand color dominated the video. While the video had no voiceover, the eye-catching visuals kept the users engaged and conveyed the message effectively throughout the video. 


      It uses clips and images of wars, campaigns, immigration, and tax increment to highlight that it delves deeper into real-world problems. The brand also showcased its popularity by displaying its total subscribers. 

      6. Ahrefs Motion Graphics Infographics

      Target Audience: SEO professionals

      Video Type: Infographic

      Industry: SaaS

      Unlike traditional Explainer Videos, this has no voiceover and still works for Ahrefs.  Confused?

      Well, that’s how powerful each element of motion graphics animation video is if used correctly. Ahref is a well-known brand for professionals in the SEO industry and it’s one of the best in the world.

      It uses animated explainer videos because they work for them. 


      The video has no voiceover, it begins with music playing the hero part with those little transitions, bubbles popping out and music given to each and every transition.


      As soon as the viewer is engaged in the video, they stepped forward with the key purpose of SEO is ‘How will you outrank your competitors?’


      Then with half of the video done, the background changes and the video takes you on a tour of the software. Creating automated reports, finding new keywords, and ways to rank, you can see it all in a limited time.

      Sometimes not using voiceover works as the viewer is truly focused on the animation but it is not advised all the time.


      Based on the goal of the video, which platform to use, and at which stage of the buyer’s journey, you are using the video, you have to make crucial decisions.

      7. How PayPal Works

      Target Audience: Generic Audience

      Video Type: Walkthrough video

      Industry: Fintech

      This one is one of the user’s favorite motion graphic videos of all. It is so simple and straightforward that everyone gets the complete message of the video.


      It might not look fancy like the Webflow video with gradient backgrounds and animations but it does the job for sure.


      A simplistic approach is good in the finance industry where trust is the factor in decision-making. The voiceover is incredibly synced with text and elements in the video that you totally understand every single line.


      With full focus on elaborating the process inside the PayPal app, the video is never complex and tough to understand. Obviously, nobody will put their money into an app they don’t understand or find difficult.


      Over 200k views is a clear sign of how this motion graphic video worked for PayPal.

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      8. Scribble Live Content Marketing Platform

      Target Audience: Content Marketers

      Video Type: Explainer video

      Industry: SaaS

      Scribble Live was a popular brand providing content marketing services at a global level. Though the brand was acquired by Rock Content in late 2019, this video is still one of the best motion graphics video examples.


      The video used simple illustrations and mockup screens to explain content marketing to the audience. 


      Though the voice-over was monotonous, the vibrant yet contrasting colors and graphics kept viewers attentive till the end.


      The video quickly guides users through the software by highlighting viewers’ pain points and offering solutions. The video used a simple yet effective copy to increase CTR.

      9. DigitalOcean: Simplicity at Scale

      Target Audience:Tech company/Application Providers

      Video Type: Explainer video

      Industry: SaaS

      Understanding a technical product can be hard. Explaining them in an engaging yet informative way is an ever more challenging task for businesses. But DigitalOcean has done it in under one minute. 



      Using an animated motion graphics video. 

      The brand used compelling visuals with a strong voice-over to break down the concept into digestible formats.


      The isometric illustrations and a monochromatic color pallet gave an elegant touch to the video. Being short, the motion graphic video is also deployable on multiple platforms.

      10. Better Light, Better Life by Cree Lighting

      Target Audience: Generic Audience

      Video Type: Explainer video

      Industry: Electrical / Electronics

      This motion graphics animation video by Cree lighting is the definition of unique and engaging. Staying true to its message the brand used the lighting effect to convey the importance of light. This video is a fine mix of informative and humorous visuals. 


      Using a relatable animated character, the video highlights the struggles before moving towards the solution in a fun storytelling format.


      Using a dark ambiance at the start, the video effectively conveys that Cree can light up our life in numerous ways. 


      And the best point of the video? 

      It doesn’t look like direct sales at all.


      In fact, the video seems like a short movie from the audience’s perspective. It’s safe to say that Cree lighting is winning at promotional videos.

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      Why do these Motion Graphic Videos work?

      • Engage all generations of viewers
      • Simplify complex products with explainer walkthroughs
      • Motion graphic videos work on every platform
      • Make unique and engaging videos with motion graphic animation

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      But do they work?  


      Well, the working ability of a tool depends highly on the user and the technical knowledge conveyed to them. The tools are merely assistance to make work faster, they can’t work dedicatedly to help you achieve your goals.


      Each Example mentioned above is a result of hours of hard work and the combined efforts of a team of designers, storyboard artists, animators, and editors.


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