Remember This While Choosing The Best Animated Explainer Video Company For Your Business

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You understand the huge marketing potential of the explainer video and its ability to drive traffic and conversions for your business. But now you are looking for the best-animated explainer video company out of so many explainer video companies and plenty of video styles for getting your explainer video done.


There are many factors one should consider while choosing an animated explainer video company but a few key factors are there which need to be there in the criteria. Before coming to any selection criteria we must recommend looking for a perfect balance between these 3 components and they are – understanding, creativity, and approachability.


The best-animated explainer video production company  not just makes amazing videos but instead understands the importance of how creativity can make an impact on your business and then helps you to achieve that impact in terms of boosting conversion and sales.


Their professional and creative skills combined with the thorough research and understanding of the client’s company and its business ended up delivering an explainer video that does what you expect it to do.


Before choosing “any” animated explainer video production company one must absorb the fact completely that you are not just hiring a company or an agency to get your explainer video done, but you are picking up someone who is going to represent your brand and it’s value all over the digital world.

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How to Choose The Best Animated Explainer Video Company For Your Business

remember this while choosing the best animated explainer video company for your business

Usually, you have a look at the company’s website and portfolio to get an idea about the work quality and variety. Doing this you may get an overview of the video production house but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have all the decision-making information.


The best way to get insights into an animated explainer video production company is by directly communicating with the concerned person and the team members who are going to make the explainer video for you.


After having this conversation regarding your requirements and needs the shortlisted candidates will be narrowed down to very few and now you have to think about these factors that will surely help you take the right decision while deciding on the best explainer video company 

1. Communication/ Approachability

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The key to establishing a successful buyer-supplier bond lies in communication.


The animated explainer video production company you choose should be on one hand professional enough to convey its services and options of choice and friendly enough on other hand to make you feel comfortable while conveying your expectations.


A smooth and hassle-free communication process requires no language barrier, the all-time availability of the client handling department, and a feasible mode of communication.


Make sure the explainer video company you are handing your project to should be capable of maintaining an open dialogue and has a fast response rate.

They need to be prompt and clear in their action plan and intentions.

2. Video Production Quality & Expertise

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As we have mentioned already, you must have a high-quality explainer video because it’s not just going to be utilized for marketing but also going to constitute a significant part of your brand value.


To get a taste of the video quality of the explainer video company to which you have assigned the job of explainer video production, go through their portfolio, case study section (if any), and previous clients’ testimonials.


Analyzing the portfolio will help you to understand whether the video production company would be able to fulfill your standards and expectations or not.


No matter how much an animated explainer video production company proclaims but is not mandatory that the one which suits best for your friend’s business should be suitable for you too.


Their expertise and experience will be significant factors in deciding which company you should hire.


Next, you need to take care of a few key factors that determine the quality of an animated explainer video.


An explainer video consists mainly of 5 parts viz  Script, Story-Board Voice over, Illustration, and Animation.


outline the script

It should contain and convey a clear message of the business and brand. It should be written in a way that shifts between the ideas and should be smooth.


A script need not be a collection of plain monotonous sentences instead it should have a mix of elements such as emotions, humor, exaggeration, storytelling, and all.

Voice Over

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The narration quality is the soul of the video you cannot see it but it gives life to an animated explainer video. Noisy and unclear voices can make the whole video poor even though it may have top-class graphics and animation.


A well-performed voice-over has a clear voice with no disturbance in the background and flawless pronunciations with a suitable accent.


illustration motiongility

This step involves the creation of graphics. Well-created graphics have a close resemblance to the idea/ identity of the client’s entity. Uniqueness combined with creativeness generates amazing graphics which could give a very appealing element to your video.



2d animation video

Animation moves, pauses, perspectives, etc are what that ultimately bring life to your video. How the characters are moving, how the background going, how elements are coming and going in a scene, transition among the scenes is going smoothly or not, and so on, these are the various points that can help you to decide the quality of the animation.


3. Video making process and Feedback

While opting for an animated explainer video production company you should go for a company that wants your involvement in the video-making process because no matter how thorough research they have done but still no one knows your product better than you.


Ask the company you are considering how their video production process works, what are their checkpoints, and the mode of revisions for modification in the video. Their overall process should not be consisting of too many futile technicalities and it must be easy to understand and follow for you.


Too much technicality and too many steps in the process create confusion and delay in the flow of output. 

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remember this while choosing the best animated explainer video company for your business

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4. Have a concern for my company and understand my product

If an animated video production company doesn’t get back to you within a span of 10 to 12 hours then understand you are not so important to them. Time is money and it should be treasured and valued even though to whom it belongs.


While speaking to someone from the company you can tell by the relevant questions they ask about your business and product how much personal attention they are pouring into the project and how much it matters to them.


No video production house can be termed as the best-animated explainer video production company unless they treat the project as their own. There should be a sense of belongingness and undivided attention while understanding the client’s requirements.


5. Turnaround/Time

Turnaround time or turnaround rate is the time required to complete the project. Time is a very crucial and determining factor when selecting any explainer video company.


The turnaround time of the video provided by the explainer video company should come before your publishing date.


Also, keep one thing in mind detail requires time hence either provide a generous and reasonable time frame for the completion of the project or on the other hand if you still need it at concise notice then be ready to bear some extra cost but never let the quality of the videos suffer as it is going to represent your brand on a global level. 


You must understand the best of quality needs one of these two factors-  either Time or Cost.

6. Price/budget consideration

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This is one of the most important factors when opting for an animated explainer video production company. No matter how big any business is but they have a defined budget for marketing and nothing can alter it in a significant no matter even if it promises to give a hike in revenues.


The price range for the videos should be known to you without any hidden charges and it should fit into your budget.


If you are hiring the best-animated explainer video production company, the cost you are paying is an investment for you in the name of your brand and business.


Hence keep the explainer video cost within your budget frame but do not trade the video quality for a low price. 

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