How Much Does an Animated Explainer Video Cost?

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Explainer Video Budget
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    One of the most crucial questions that humans have been asking for ages before buying a product or opting for a service is, “how much does it cost?”


    It’s hard for businesses to answer this question when they’re offering customized services and tailoring all their products as per audience requirements.


    Without any requirements, it’s hard to underline the price range. As an explainer video creation company, we encircled certain factors that allow the audience to know the cost of creating an animated explainer video.


    The first thing audience needs to know is whom they should approach for an animated explainer video.


    For instance, while creating a 60 seconds animated explainer video, the business can approach:


    • Freelancers
    • Video Marketing Agencies
    • Explainer Video Production Companies


    For a one-minute video, the rate of freelancer video creators varies from person to person because they charge as per their skills, market reach, experience, and several factors.

    It might cost you somewhere between USD 200 to USD 4000.

    Video Marketing Agencies

    Video marketing agencies usually provide the complete package that covers digital distribution and marketing, including videos and content production.

    The cost of explainer video marketing agencies charges usually ranges between USD 5500 to USD 18,000

    Explainer Video Production Companies

    Explainer Video  companies are one of the best options for creating your video content because they have the expertise to provide creative and result-oriented video content.


    For a 60-second video, the explainer video company charges USD 3000 to USD 8000.


    Effective explainer videos have the potential to make the business profitable and enhance brand visibility within the industry.


    These videos are capable enough to attract users and convince them to buy the products or services.

    Need more help on which one will be better for your business?

    What are the factors that affect Explainer Video Cost?

    Number of Characters

    Marketers can use multiple characters in their animated explainer video but creating characters consume more time and increase the budget.


    Characters are the factors that vary the marketer’s budget and impact their marketing strategies.

    Animation Style

    In the presence of multiple animation styles, marketers always have a choice to choose suitable animation styles for their businesses.


    Every animation style has different features and requires effort to perform specific tasks, which may reflect the change in cost.

    Script Writing

    The script is the base of the animated explainer video because script-based video creation is essential to create an effective video.

    Length of Video

    The video’s length is also an important factor that impacts the marketer’s budget.


    The cost of creating a video increases with the video’s length because the video production company needs to add more scenes to the video content.

    Delivery Time

    The cost also depends on factors like how soon the client requires the animated video, and delivering the task in less time increases the video’s cost.

    Process of creating a video and Proportion of Cost on every step of production

    1. Scripting

    A script is the first step towards creating a video because a script is a map that mentions how to create a perfect video and covers related things.


    The businesses need to invest around 10% to 15% in script writing for creating their explainer videos.

    2. Content Research

    Market research helps to know the market trends and the audience expectations from the product or brand.


    The research part takes approximately 5% of the project cost, but explainer video production companies do not charge for market research for their client’s projects.

    3. Animation Style

    A suitable graphics style ensures building a better connection with people within the industry. Also, animation styles impact the budget of the businesses.


    This is the core part of the explainer video animation project, and it costs around 70%-75% of the project. 

    4. Voiceover

    A voiceover also plays a significant role in user engagement and encourages them to watch the videos till the last. 


    The last and most important part of an explainer video is the voiceover. A clear voiceover also engages the viewers by delivering the required information.


    The voiceover costs around 5% of the project value.

    Why Explainer Videos are beneficial when it comes to investments?

    1. Cost effective ​

    Compared to any other video production style, creating animation explainer videos are less expensive.


    Explainer videos are helpful for businesses because they are based on imagination and creativity. On the other hand, creating live videos is more complex and time-consuming.

    2. Videos can be repurposed

    The businesses have the flexibility to repurpose their explainer videos according to their need.


    Investing in explainer video content is a one-time investment for businesses, and they will get the benefits of the videos multiple times.

    Which Animated Explainer Video Style is less expensive?

    The whiteboard animation explainer videos require minimum prices for creating a 60-second video. It costs between USD 800 to USD 3500, which depends on factors like complexity, length, and research.


    Apart from whiteboard animation explainer videos, motion graphics video style is also cost-effective and helpful for small business to enhance their marketing practices

    Which Animation Explainer Video Style is the most expensive?

    Creating a High end digital animated film requires businesses to invest more amount compared to any other video style. This video animation style range between USD 3500 to USD 12000. 

    This video style saves your investment in the long term and ensures delivering higher returns after implementing the videos in marketing practices.

    Want to create an Explainer Video for your business?

    Wrap it up

    All we need is to secure the future, and for better future growth, businesses should invest in video content because of the sudden rise.


    The exceptional rise in the eCommerce market allows businesses to implement video content in marketing as a tool driving their sales and profitability.


    Cost plays a vital role in explainer videos but the multiple animation explainer video styles allow businesses to get a suitable one based on their budget.


    All you need to do is find a suitable animation explainer video style or content for an explainer video production company that helps to achieve target goals.

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