Why Marketers Feel Videos are the Future of Content Marketing

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videos are the future of content marketing
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    The shift in digital landscape in terms of content consumed has been well accepted by B2B marketers across industries.


    Today, people have become more interactive with the content published on different media platforms.


    And without a doubt, videos seem to dominate the internet with an average user spending close to 90 minutes per day watching videos.


    This data grabs our attention and leaves us wondering as to why marketers feel that videos are the future of content marketing!


    Well, if you look around, the availability of digital content today has improved drastically with quick access to videos and rapid internet services.


    Currently, the most trending type of videos that are helping brands stand out are animated videos which are crisp, informative, and engaging at the same time.


    Let’s understand how animated videos can help brands attain their goals and why you should pay attention to them:

    Need help understanding how you can attract your audiences' attention using animated videos?

    Role of Videos in Content Marketing

    why marketers feel videos are the future of content marketing

    Videos have been at the forefront of grabbing attention and increasing brand awareness.


    People love watching videos that educate them, inform them, and entertain them at the same time.


    However, a lot of brands are yet unaware about the benefits that animated videos can bring to them if planned and executed well.


    Check out the points below on the role of videos in the content marketing environment:

    1. Videos are sharebale

    Quite obviously, videos are the highest shared media format on the internet. 


    Given the availability of platforms, they are an effective marketing tool to spread the word about your brand’s product or service.


    You just need to develop a strong plot, a compelling video script, and integrate entertaining elements to increase chances of higher shareability of your video.

    2. Help increase Brand Recall

    In today’s cut-throat competition, brands are finding it tough to establish their position in their target market.


    However through animated videos, brands now have an opportunity to grab users’ attention through animated characters and rich illustrations in a breeze.


    Such unique elements have the ability to help brands establish their unique identity in the minds of their target audience, thus increasing brand recall.

    3. Boosts website's SEO

    seo & video marketing

    SEO and video marketing go hand-in-hand since they are executed to attain a common goal – To increase a website’s visibility through videos.


    For this, brands need to ensure that every shared video on the internet is optimized as per the platform’s algorithm.


    A video must carry a keyword-rich & optimized headline,  an informative yet target-aimed description, and relevant tags for proper categorization.

    4. Helps spread the Brand Message

    Videos are known to cut through the fluff and help strengthen brand communication.


    Their power to grab users’ attention and make them stay help brands drive their persona in a memorable way.


    With the use of rich icons and motion graphic characters, videos are a sure shot way to spread the word regarding what the brand is all about.

    5. Boosts Content Virality

    Going by the facts, more than 90 percent of the audience that consumes videos, shares them.


    Now that is a massive portion. For any brand that would like to expand its reach, videos would turn out to be a boon.


    Videos, being informative, entertaining, and engaging have turned out to be one of the most shareable forms of content, hence reaching out to a wider spectrum of audiences.

    6. Powerful tool to hook User Attention

    videos are a powerful tool to grab attention

    We live in an era of decreasing human attention spans where a user is likely to scroll past if the content fails to entertain him/her.


    Since the audience is always on the lookout of new content, animated videos can prove to be highly effective in grabbing the attention of users.


    This way, brands can leverage the power of videos and also ensure that the promotion of their content is done accordingly.

    6 Types of videos preferred by Brands for their Marketing Goals

    1. Webinars

    Today, a lot of businesses are resorting to using webinars for their product launches, upskilling workshops, and official communication purposes.


    This type of videos is preferred due to its capability to reach a wider audience in a single shot with a less investment as compared to other customized videos. 

    2. Product Demo Videos

    Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Professionals

    Video Type: Live+Animated Product Demo Explainer Video

    Industry: Corporate

    Another type of video that’s helping thousands of businesses demonstrate their products strongly are demo videos. 


    Through such videos, brands can highlight the key features of their products and illustrate the benefits to their target customers.


    As a result, these videos work wonders during product launch events and upgrades.

    3. Animated explainer videos

    Explainer videos are the best when it comes to narrating a story, explaining a product, raising brand awareness, etc.


    By leveraging the power of brand storytelling, animated explainer videos are being used by startups, MNCs, and global enterprises as they help businesses boost their marketing efforts.

    4. Whiteboard videos

    For explaining a concept or educating users, whiteboard videos have been preferred by brands for over years now.


    In such videos, usually a character draws and illustrates the entire story on a white background with a crisp narration. 

    5. Informative/Educational videos

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Animated Educational Explainer Video

    Industry: Education

    One of the core agendas of animated videos is to educate and inform audience. 


    As a result, animated educational videos are created with the motive to not only educate but also demonstrate the features of a product or service.

    Want to enhance your content marketing efforts by using animated videos for your business?


    To put simply, there are over hundred reasons why videos are the future of content marketing.


    As a marketer, it’s important for you to figure out how you can integrate videos in the best manner possible.


    With plenty of video animation styles available, brands surely have a variety of options to choose from and select a video type that helps them achieve their marketing goals.

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