11 Amazing App Demo Video Examples You Should Not Ignore

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App demo video examples
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    Now that you have your super app ready in your hands, it’s time to introduce it to the world. We understand your excitement.


    You see – Mobile App Demo videos are more than just video marketing tools. They can act as a powerful launchpad for your company’s success.


    But there seems a big problem. With millions of apps available, how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors and attract potential users?


    Here, product demo videos can help you stand strong in front of their cruel eyes.

    What are Mobile App Demo Videos Or App Introduction Videos?

    Mobile App Demo Videos or App Introduction Videos are short videos that introduce the mobile app’s services and describe how the product benefits the users.


    In addition, a proper product introduction targeting a specific audience ensures an organization’s growth and helps in future development. Now let’s move forward…


    But wait,


    Before going down to watch amazing mobile app introduction videos, why don’t you understand what benefits video content brings to the business?


    An explainer video is a perfect way to engage potential customers within the market because it effectively grabs the user’s attention.


    Also, we can’t deny the fact that more than 80% of people prefer watching videos before buying any product. So, video marketing effectively helps the business to grow.

    11 Amazing App Demo Video Examples to Watch

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      1. Node influencers app

      A mobile app demo video is incredibly beneficial for increasing app downloads by target users. Node is another exciting addition to the list.


      You already know that influencer Marketing is the trending buzzword. And why not? They have been instrumental in driving a sea of web visitors leading to a boost in sales and revenues.


      Node is just exactly what your business needs. It offers you a marketplace for finding influencers who can help you promote your brand in the market. 


      You might ask – What are the features that make this app unique?


      You can customize your influencer selection request on the offer board according to your business requirements. Exchange of free goodies, coupons, and discount passes can be awarded to selected influencers if you wish. 


      The best thing about this animated video is the smooth transition taking place. Also, the impact that the voiceover creates is welcoming. Attractive background elements and the animation performed further make the video engaging.


      Moreover, the app keeps track of all your deals, their deadlines, influencer data, and how successful they were in promoting your business. Everything that a business owner desires!

      2. Epris

      Created by MotionGility


      While creating animation videos, it’s necessary to understand the problem to be addressed.


      Epris is a solution-oriented application designed to extend quick and convenient repair services that you can avail of by sitting at your home. You can get your mobile devices and laptops repaired in an unbelievably easy manner.


      When we produced this video, our goal was to present the app’s service features in the simplest manner possible. We executed this task by integrating straightforward yet appealing characters and aligned them with the desired customer journey which they will experience while using the app.


      An attractive voiceover was also added to enhance the quality and engagement factor of the video.


      The graphics are beautifully designed, and viewers can easily understand the video from start to finish.


      For any businesses planning to create an explainer video for their B2B product, this could be an inspiration to follow.

      3. The lemonade app

      This app has been designed differently – Yeah, this is what they are proud of!


      Okay, this is true because after viewing their video above, you would know that they are here to disrupt the insurance industry with their superhero – The Lemonade App.


      The app will arrange for you insurance policies, paper-based agreements, claim procedures, and quick settlements in a blink of an eye. They are banking on technology, and that’s visible from their interface and administrative dashboard.


      The script is bang-on as it carries a conversational tone and approach toward its target users.


      From the animation perspective, although the product demo video lacks voiceover, the background music and aesthetic elements seem to cover up the void created by the absence of a narrator.

      4. AutologiQ

      Created by MotionGility


      Owning a car is a dream of millions. However, we all know that maintaining the efficiency levels of automobiles is difficult. 


      With AutologiQ, all your problems come to an end. The app provides a clear & hassle-free one-stop solution to 6 common issues such as maintenance, winter & summer tires, insurance, repairs, services, and gas card that arrive uninvitedly with owning a car.


      Through this app demo, the company wanted to raise brand awareness about its automobile services and the facilities they are extending to its customers.


      Keeping in mind the importance of a great hook, we laid great emphasis on writing a compelling introduction that makes users stay till the end of the video.


      The animation is performed keeping in mind the tone and message AutologiQ wished to communicate to its target audience.

      5. Spaceti app for smart workplace

      “This app goes beyond your office” – excerpts from the script.


      Interesting, right? Spaceti transforms your physical office building into a digital island where you can form several communities, organize events, book meeting rooms, find lunch spots, and whatnot. 


      As we march ahead into a world of communities, Spaceti makes it easier for you and your colleagues to stay connected always on the go.


      Alright. Moving to the video production part, a minimalistic background with easy-flow elements and scenes provides an attractive appeal. The voiceover spreads confident vibes, and the lively background music is worth your attention.


      Overall, this is an excellent example for video production companies searching for animation references related to scene transitions.

      6. Traveloka App

      At the end of this video, you will be treated with a confident line: “Traveloka first, then the world!” What does it speak about? A strong script with a great choice of impactful words? Well, yeah. 


      Traveloka provides you with a concrete platform for all your travel needs. Users can book hotels for stay, work, and even exploration through the app. 


      Not only does the app offer you booking options for 1,00,000 plus domestic and international destinations but also helps you with easy rescheduling and refund issues without worrying about loss of money and time.


      The explainer video is accompanied by refreshing background music and a seamless change of screens that enhance the viewing experience.

      7. E-Ticket Solutions

      Let’s be honest the only thing that engages the users is your services, now it’s on you, how effectively you present your services to convince users by targeting their pain points. 


      A platform that encircled several things better helps the users by saving their time and effort as well. Users don’t need to visit several websites or applications to book tickets. 


      The E-Ticket offers a single platform to book tickets instead of using several applications. It offers many ticketing-related services, users also get discounts and other benefits.

      8. WU Money App Explainer Video

      The research of the Content Marketing Institute said that 66% of marketers implemented videos in their marketing toolbox. Don’t you wonder how video marketing boomed so high in a few years?


      Simply because video seeks users’ attention more efficiently than other marketing tools.


      Yellow background similar to the logo’s color grabs the viewer’s attention and directs them to experience the organization’s services. WU Money app offers services to pay and receive money using the mobile application. 


      In 2014, WU Money used video to introduce users to the effectiveness of transferring money via mobile phone. In 2014, it was like an alien for people, but now they are used to it.

      9. Tradehero App Explainer Video

      Videos have the power to deliver what industry experts think because enterprises research a lot before creating a video. The research and experts’ opinions effectively convince people. This process helps the business by driving sales and increasing website traffic. 


      A clear voiceover allows the audience to get all relevant information, voiceover also increases the viewer’s engagement and directs them to experience the services. It also explains several things that make users familiar with the brand and its services.


      Tradehero offers several trading-based services, it not only educates the users but also helps them to learn to trade. Tradehero Provides videos to learn, users can follow the experts for the better tip, etc.

      10. Pantry App

      Businesses could check our database to watch different video animation styles and implement videos to enhance their marketing toolbox. We can help you to get a perfect video style that allows your business’s marketing. 


      On the other hand, searching things manually consumes more time, not only creating complexities to understand video styles but also unauthenticated sources directing the users in the wrong direction.


      Different shades of green color enchant the users to watch the video till the end. It explains the services of the pantry app and covers several related things that make an app more user-friendly.

      11. Mobile App Promo Video

      Video marketing allows the organization to demonstrate the features of its applications and target specific audience groups. Also, delivers the brand’s core message to the target audience for developing their knowledge of the brand. 


      A minimal usage of Kinetic Typography Style uplifts the video’s effectiveness and increases engagement which reflects the increase in user-watching time.


      Charismatic background usage ensures higher customer engagement and the video introduces the services along with presenting how using the application is beneficial for users.


      The app helps you to learn more about your diet and sends timely reminders to consume the needed things.

      Why your business needs app demo videos for better growth?

      The 21st century calls for cutting-edge technology and a comforting user experience. Videos have always been a valuable instrument for attracting users to your business, apps, or platforms. 


      Are app videos relevant in today’s world is certainly not a topic to debate upon. Modern organizations and companies are already leveraging the power of videos in their apps, software, and overall marketing needs.


      Let’s discuss why you must also not miss out on this opportunity:

      1. Brand Awareness

      11 amazing app demo video examples you should not ignore

      With videos by your side, establishing awareness about your app in the minds of your potential users is easy. As humans, we love consuming content that is visually rich and amazingly engaging. 


      By incorporating the elements of a good script, eye-pleasing illustrations, and colorful backgrounds, you can leave a lasting impact on them.

      2. Increase Downloads Rate

      Good demos attract people. Great ones invoke curiosity and action. This can be achieved by addressing their problems as quickly as possible. 


      Also, to make sure that they end up clicking on the “Download” button, offer them a realistic solution through your app and experience an insane jump in the number of app downloads

      3. Educates the Users

      The primary goal is to educate your target audience about the usability and importance of your app. The secondary goal should be to explain the Star Features of the app that users can benefit from using for their needs.


      Usually, app demo videos are not focused on being extraordinarily detail-oriented but, are rather produced to provide users with a quick & thorough understanding of the app.

      4. Boosts Shareability

      Videos are one of the highest shared pieces of content across the internet.


      Marketers all over the world strive hard to make their videos shareable by integrating video marketing strategies. This way, you have an opportunity to attract a huge number of eyeballs to your app.


      More the number of shares, the higher number of downloads it will lead to.

      5. Improves User Experience

      The purpose of producing videos is wider than educating users. It also focuses highly on enhancing the user experience and making their app onboarding and using journey free of complexities.


      Your script must resonate with users’ needs and should be able to help them relate to its usage in daily life

      Final Thoughts

      The truth is, there are thousands of app demo video examples available for inspiration and reference purposes.


      What’s important is to produce a video that communicates your app’s features and services in the easiest manner possible.


      Doing so will help you spread the word about your app effectively in your target market and generate downloads and engagement.


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