10 Best Whiteboard Video Examples That Generated Potential Leads

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    We’ve all spent a significant amount of childhood staring at blackboards/whiteboards.


    These boards have played a dominant part in our learnings. Some might even agree that whiteboards can help retain information more extensively and understand concepts better.


    Whiteboard videos can unknowingly put us in the “Learning Mode,” and our ability to understand gets better. That is why startups, enterprises, MNCs, and market leaders actively adopt whiteboard videos in their marketing campaigns.


    Statistics show that whiteboard videos can bring a higher ROI and click-through rates. Whiteboard videos can hook the audience in a way no other type can.


    You can deftly promote your brand or product without ever sounding like a salesperson with whiteboard animations. For example, whiteboard videos can increase website visits by 20%. 


    Don’t believe me? Check out these fabulous whiteboard animation examples to learn more.

    The best Whiteboard Video Examples of all time

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      1. Coca-Cola

      As a marketing innovator, Coca Cola consistently runs successful campaigns that increase brand popularity. But finally, the company has decided to share some of its marketing secrets with the world.


      Coca-Cola has created a whiteboard animated video describing the best content marketing practices and business tactics. This animation is narrated in the video by VP Jonathan Mildenhall.


      We can see an entirely different character design and smoother transitions between scenes in this video than in the examples above. In addition, the whiteboard animations aptly explain the various marketing concepts.


      While the video is on the longer side ( 7 minutes long), it keeps the viewers engaged with its fantastic animations and valuable content.

      The creators also found a well-thought-out and visually appealing way to switch between illustrations.

      2. Where good ideas come from

      “Where do good ideas come from”? This is the starting line of the above video. Created by Steven Johnson, this whiteboard animation video helps us understand how to find better ideas.


      Through the video, Johnson follows a clear pattern and storyline. The author is constantly pointing out multiple scenarios related to creativity. He touches upon the various wants of human beings — being creative, having better ideas, innovation, etc.


      The different illustrations keep coming one after the other, connecting at the end to form a single illustration.


      The slow build-up of different scenarios and all of them becoming interconnected keeps the audience intrigued.


      While the video treads on the longer side, its consistent plot line, animations, and concept keep viewers engaged and excited. The video keeps viewers from becoming distracted while watching with the help of a minimal color pallet.


      The video focuses on creativity and displays the use of the same throughout the video.

      3. LifeUp

      Life Up is an online healthcare training and coaching provider. In this video, the business is promoting its services with the help of whiteboard animations. 


      The video combines storytelling with captivating illustrations. The whiteboard animation video effectively attracts the target audience using relatable scenarios. As the video goes on, the comical visuals keep viewers engaged. 


      The transitions between different scenes are very smooth. A minimal color palette and consistent voiceover keep users hooked to the screen. 


      Even though the video is promoting LifeUp’s services, it doesn’t come off as sale-sy.


      4. Elevations credit union

      Elevations Credit Union is one of the largest non-profit credit unions. The business created this video to spread awareness about their Elevations energy loans program.


      The video started by creating relatable scenarios around the characters. The brand created a perfect storyline to promote the program.


      It started out with the pain points of target customers and went on to explain how the program can solve these issues. 


      The video became more engaging by adding humor in the right places. The voiceover, illustrations, and smooth transitions also made the video fantastic.

      5. Law Whiz

      The hardest part of creating promotional videos for technical products is properly explaining them to the audience. It can be hard to explain complex terms to viewers. But this whiteboard video shows us how easy it can simplify a technical product.


      Law-Whiz is software connecting barristers with solicitors. The business used detailed illustrations and stories to explain the product. 


      Using visuals and a calm narration, the video leads viewers through various situations. The high technicalities and their simplified explanations make this one of the best whiteboard videos for software.

      6. MedVector

      Most of the other videos used a storyline to get their message across. But, MedVector came up with smooth and custom whiteboard animation to take the concept through to users. 


      The video was focused on the topic—of how to obtain participants for medical trials. The video was created to promote Medvector, a product that can benefit clinical trial businesses. 


      The video uses animations to explain the service’s various features and demonstrates how easy it is to use. It works incredibly well at explaining how the product works and keeps the audience engaged.

      7. Weeds season 8

      You must have seen many businesses use whiteboard video for a product. But have seen a whiteboard video be used as a promo and intro?


      The popular show Weeds created its intro using whiteboard animations. The uniqueness of the intro made it extremely popular among viewers.


      Even though the intro was only 53 seconds long, it effectively displayed the previous storyline of show through illustrations. 


      Weeds’ intro also fits perfectly with the whiteboard animations, making the video even more appealing. So, if you want to promote a new product, try using whiteboard animations.

      8. National history museum

      Whiteboard videos do not always have to explain a product or an idea in great detail. They can also be used as teasers!


      Want to know how? Check out this fantastic video by the National History museum. The video was created to promote an upcoming exhibition in London to viewers.


      The exhibition was about investigating the relationship between Neanderthal psychology and human psychology today.


      And this whiteboard was created as a trailer for the same. Its purpose is not to display the relics that will be displayed in the exhibition, but instead to promote the event and pique people’s interest. 


      The amazing use of illustrations and visuals in the video landed it on our list.

      9. Oxfam

      We’ve seen multiple uses of whiteboard animation videos by now. This video is another one of these unique use cases —generating awareness about a serious topic. 


      Created by Oxfam International, this video is raising awareness about the hardships faced by women all over the world. Though short, the video conveys its message perfectly. 


      It covered the history of women’s rights and problems faced by women throughout the years. It also touches upon the fact that women still go through the same treatment in many places. 

      10. WOW Motorcycle

      WOW, the motorcycle is a US-based new and pre-owned motorcycle dealer. The video uses colorful animations and smooth transitions to promote the brand.


      The quirky animations and strong animation effectively explain how the business works. The video starts out with the word —” America’s biggest and Best” —which as a great hook for the target audience.


      Its amazing animations and effectiveness in explaining the service have landed it in the list of best explainer videos.

      Why are these whiteboard videos compelling?

      You’ve seen various examples of whiteboard videos till now. But there’s a high chance of you still wondering why these are any different from animations.


      The most significant difference between whiteboard videos and other videos is — whiteboard videos are nostalgic and make things easy to understand. 




      In school, we were taught things with the help of a whiteboard or blackboard. After going through the same process to gain knowledge for 10+ years, our brains have been hardwired to grasp concepts quickly in the same format.


      Similarly, whiteboard videos make complex things easier to understand for viewers. 


      Here’s why whiteboard videos are still effective in the world of bold and vibrant animations.


      • Unique – Everyone has a unique thought process, and whiteboard videos essentially display the same uniqueness through the use of animation.
      • Simple to create – Without the need for frivolous animations and a vibrant color pallet, whiteboard videos become extremely easy to make.
      • Effortlessly communicates complex ideas – Whiteboard explainer videos are famous for quickly explaining any difficult concept. 
      • Explains multiple ideas at once – We’ve seen in many of the above examples that whiteboard animations can easily create and present various scenarios and ideas and then integrate them without confusing the user. 
      • Turns boring topics exciting – Whiteboard explainer videos have the power of piquing the viewers’ interest even when the subject doesn’t sound interesting. 

      Who should use a whiteboard explainer video?

      Whiteboard explainer videos have been around for a long time. Many businesses are using them to promote their product or brand. But all of them have once wondered if they should use whiteboard videos or other forms of explainer videos.


      Often brands make the wrong decision, leading to a compromised marketing campaign.


      But worry not; we can help you avoid the same scenario. Below is a list of situations where you should prioritize whiteboard explainer videos.


      B2B sales pitch


      All B2B businesses know the struggle of creating the perfect sales pitch presentation. After all, the sole fate of the deals depends on the presentation video.


      Whiteboard videos can be of tremendous help in creating the perfect sales pitch. 


      You can uniquely present your pitch using whiteboard explainer videos. Not only will this make your pitch easier to understand, but it can also make boring sales pitches interesting and even enjoyable. Ultimately, taking you a step closer to completing a deal.


      Complex ideas


      We’ve seen in the example Adobe that whiteboard videos are the best choice while explaining complex ideas.


      With highly complex and technical videos, viewers often get bored and lose interest halfway. But with whiteboard explainer videos, these ideas can be broken down into smaller and simpler formats.


      It becomes effortless to engage viewers with fast-moving, visually detailed animations. And using good audio can do the rest of the work.

      Less production time


      Motion Graphics and live-action videos can take up a lot of production time. So what happens when you are stuck with a cramped timeline and need a video? 


      Simple, you can create whiteboard explainer videos.


      Whiteboard animation requires the least amount of production time. It takes around four to six weeks to create a whiteboard explainer video depending on the project requirements.


      In addition, with whiteboard videos, you don’t have to worry about perfection in the animations. In fact, imperfect animations give whiteboard animations a more authentic appearance.


      Educating the audience


      Whiteboard videos are used the most for educational purposes. But educational videos are not restricted to academic businesses only.

      You can also create an educational whiteboard video to attract customers during the awareness stage of the funnel. 


      These videos give prospective buyers a detailed perspective of your brand and product. When done right, educational whiteboard videos can bring in a lot of leads for your business.


      Long-form videos


      Most marketing videos go around the 90 seconds mark; they might not always be enough to present your concept. Therefore, brands must be ready to create long-form content. But a massive challenge with long-form videos is holding the audience’s attention.


      This is where whiteboard videos can help. Being extremely engaging and enjoyable, these videos can keep eyeballs stuck on to screen for a long time. 

      Need a Whiteboard Explainer Video for your business?

      Final Words

      Whiteboard animation videos have a lot of potential in video marketing. With video marketing being a prominent part of businesses, the internet is full of millions of whiteboard explainer videos.


      So, how can you stand out? The answer is — by adding the unique elements of your brand in the video.


      But the challenge doesn’t end here. Producing a video with the right mix of animations, storytelling, and brand values is a tough nut to crack.

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