5 Best Motion Graphics Software (Updated List)

5 Best Motion Graphics Software You Must Know

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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Motion Graphics Software

As of last month, this world uploaded more than 720,000 hours of videos on just YouTube. That’s nearly 30,000 days in your life and 82+ years.


That is crazy, right?

And, it’s just one platform. So, the number of videos uploaded on the web must be mind-numbing.


But why is this happening? 

Why are brands pushing so much video content?


The answer is simple.

Videos are helping brands get customers. Videos are helping humans to understand anything easily and with the highest level of their comfort zone. 85% of customers are demanding more video content from brands.


Custom animated video production is a time taking task. It is a process of several steps that have to be done before you get custom explainer videos done.


Therefore, the brands opt for tools to help them with pre-ready templates and transitions based on the expertise of animators to produce content at scale.


Let’s unroll our list with the best motion graphics software available in the market for professionals as well as beginners in Animated Motion Graphics Video Production.

Best Motion Graphics Software for your business

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    Adobe Animate- The Professional's Choice

    Adobe is the first tool when talking about professional Motion Graphics Software. The brand has created several tools for creating animations and videos.


    But when it comes to motion graphics workflow, Adobe Animate takes care of it. The software is perfect for designing vector images and 2D motion graphics.


    The software comes with built-in motion graphics templates that you can customize to your liking.


    In addition, Adobe Animate allows you to add effects to your product video, animate vector graphics, and create interactive content for your brand.

    Key features:

    • Animate your graphics using the vector brush.
    • Easy to export animations to multiple platforms —HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, etc.
    • Create motion graphics with accessible drag-and-drop features.
    • Adobe Animate camera allows you to pan, zoom, and rotate animations.
      Audio Syncing to add sounds to your animations.


    • Simple and easy-to-use interface
    • Create cross-platform, high-quality animations
    • Built-in templates
      Lightweight animation tool
    • Supports vector-based drawing 


    Adobe Animate costs $20.99 per month, while the annual prepaid charges are $239.88. You can access all of Adobe’s products for $79.99 per month and access all of their tools.


    Maya-An Animation Software for Motion Tracking

    Have you ever wondered which tool was behind the Visual Effects and Animations in movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Spiderman? Guess what? It’s the tool you’re currently reading about.


    Maya is an Academy Award-winning 3D animation, motion graphics, and VFX-based Video Editing software. With Maya, you can create complex characters, stunning animation, and eye-catching scenarios for your videos. With its advanced features, Maya is undoubtedly the best motion graphics software.


    The essential graphics panel in software allows you to create high-quality visuals, Life-like Characters, and customizable real-life backgrounds and lighting.


    The software is a hit in the video game industry and can work on every operating software, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

    Key features:

    • Received Bifrost liquid creation feature to create photorealistic movie simulations.
    • Enhanced viewport 2.0 and DX11Shader rendering engine.
    • 3D modeling in Free-form to add as many layers as you want.
    • Scripts and plugin creation feature for better customization.
    • Arnold Integration feature that lets you view changes in real time.


    • Good node-based workflow for procedural creation.
    • Simple to create and edit animations.
    • Realistic animations and effects.
    • Efficient motion capture handling.
    • Limitless organic modeling, character-rigging, and animations.


    Maya is available at $1,700/year and $215/month. The software also offers a 30-day free trial, so you can test the software before making the purchase.

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    Cinema 4D-Perfect for Motion Design Template needs

    After Maya, Cinema 4D is the best motion design software. The tool is versatile, easy to use, and comes with built-in motion graphic templates.


    Cinema 4D has a powerful and stable toolset that makes 3D workflows more accessible.


    Cinema 4D can suit the needs of both professional and novice designers. With its user-friendly interface, Cinema 4D is easy software for both motion designers and beginners. It also supports 3D rendering, simulation, animation, texturing, and lighting.

    Key features:

    • Polygon reduction to preserve smooth UVs, vertex maps, and lightweight meshes.
    • Reliable tools to create life-like characters.
    • Ability to clone objects
    • Supports adjusting and randomizing scale, rotation, and object.


    • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for beginners.
    • Allows creating looping animations.
    • Wide range of features, tools, and datasets.
    • Versatile cartoon-style character rig.


    Cinema 4D costs $94/month billed monthly and $59/month when billed annually.

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    Blackmagic Design Fusion- User-Oriented Motion Graphics and VFX Tool

    Unlike Cinema 4D, Blackmagic Design Fusion is built with professional designers in mind. This software for motion design can handle complex and versatile animated graphics, VFX, and motion graphics sequences.


    Fusion has been used for effects and animations in many Hollywood movies, including Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Skyfall, etc. Its node-based interface allows users to create sophisticated effects. 

    Key features:

    • Noise reduction and sharpening tools.
    • Customizable templates.
    • Animation curve modifiers that let you automatically retime animations.
    • Audio sync feature to add, edit, and clip playback audio.
    • Customizable vector shape tools.


    • One-time purchasing fee.
    • Infinite 3D workspace.
    • Powerful enough to handle complex sequences.
    • Enables users to create life-like animated characters.


    The software is available at a lifetime cost of $295.

    Blender- A powerful software free to use

    Blender is one of the best free motion graphics software. The software is widely used across multiple industries for creating motion graphic videos, animated movies, and visual effects. 


    Blender is perfect for both professional and novice users. The software is mostly used by students.


    So if you’re just starting as a designer, Blender is the best software to hone your skills. The software is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

    Key features:

    • Perform and create renders with production path tracers.
    • Robust simulation libraries.
    • Extensive toolset for sculpting, retopology, and modeling.
    • In-built video editor.


    • Blender has a highly intuitive interface.
    • Supports integration with multiple pipeline tools.
    • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
    • Supports add-ons. 


    Blender is free to use.

    Which is the best Motion Graphic Software for you?

    There’s no single answer to this question. There are tools with different pros and cons. Some are good at speed, while some are at visual freedom.


    Thus, the right software choice depends on requirements such as timeline, budget, animator expertise, and scalability. To choose which is the best software for you, you must take care of these points:



    1. Machine’s Hardware Resources
    2. Knowledge Of An Animator
    3. Type Of Video And Its Scalability
    4. Freedom Of Customization Required
    5. Content Creation Timelines


    There are many more tools available in the market than the ones on the list. After going through more than 55 tools on the web, these are our top 5 choices with varied features and requirements.


    If you are a professional, you know what works best for you but If you are a beginner or want to do it yourself, choose tools with pre-saved templates, effects, and SFX to make your work easier and aligned with your timeline. 


    Still if you have any doubt, MotionGility is the Best Motion Graphics Video Company that can help you to choose the right software for your business.

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