"SaaS Marketing Using Videos"
A SaaS Survey Report 2023

We conducted a survey with some of our clients and people who’re working closely with SaaS Companies to get an idea about the understanding and usage of SaaS Animations in the present SaaS Marketing scenario. Some responses were unexpected but the report we think might help everyone…

saas video marketing survey

A staggering 71% of B2B marketers use videos in their marketing campaigns, which means that videos hold some special appeal.


And there’s no doubt about it.


Here when we talk about B2B SaaS videos, these statistics hold more importance as they’ve been helping marketers increase their brand’s awareness, clock positive ROI, and attract customers toward their SaaS Product.


Considering the boom in the SaaS industry, it’s would be reasonable to say that videos will always be the key choice of marketing tools for marketers worldwide.


To find out what these guys are up to, we ran a survey via survey tools among these SaaS marketers and arrived at some interesting results.

Check out the B2B SaaS Video Marketing Survey report below:

60% of SaaS Companies prefer Social Media Ads for Customer Outreach

Certainly, if you’re still not leveraging the power of reach social media platforms provide to users, you’re falling behind your competition.


For renowned SaaS companies such as Slack, Dropbox, AssetMark, Discord, etc., animated social media videos have worked wonders in fetching insane marketing & sales figures.


What’s worth noting is that apart from benefitting them on social platforms, these videos have also helped bring decent traffic in terms of web visitors and engagement on their websites.


In today’s time of decreasing attention span, attracting customers to websites, landing pages, or app downloads pages has become tougher than before. 


However, through animated videos, the journey of reaching out to customers for a complex product like SaaS becomes largely easy for brands.

Detailed Video Walkthrough is the top choice users prefer while accessing SaaS Products

As marketers, you already know that detailed videos receive tons of engagement and especially views because they provide a detailed demonstration of a particular product.


And this is exactly what we discovered in our survey. 


This is probably because when you look at such detailed walkthrough videos, it’s an effective marketing asset that helps increase product signups, addresses common user queries, and generates brand awareness. 


But there’s a problem – These videos have also reported higher drop-offs as compared to short-form videos.


And this is exactly where animated SaaS videos can be of great help due to 3 quick reasons:


  • They carry appealing visuals, thus making them easy to break down complex concepts into simple digestible pieces of content.
  • Are short in length and can convey tons of information through visuals within 90 to 120 seconds.
  • Prove handy while repurposing and can be easily integrated into a variety of marketing campaigns.

$600 - $1000 is the optimum budget a SaaS Product owner invests in Marketing monthly

For the majority of SaaS marketers, the budget has been a driving factor when making decisions about marketing their products.


And this can be greatly attributed to the factors of CAC & LTV which marketers invest the majority of their time and attention to.


So as per the responses, companies generally seem to shell out an average of $600 – $1k per month on marketing their SaaS Product.


While a few marketers and brand owners seem to spend more than $1k per month whereas the rest seem to be still a bit doubtful about investing in marketing efforts.


Considering the SaaS industry’s ongoing boom and its market value projected to reach USD 883.34 billion by 2029, there’s absolutely no reason why every SaaS company must not own a video in its marketing arsenal.

80% of SaaS Marketers look forward to investing in an Explainer Video to promote their product

Videos have been at the helm when it comes to increasing brand awareness, reaching out to target customers, or generating leads.


Well, 80% might seem too overwhelming at first glance but keeping in mind the role of videos in today’s marketing arena, their usage seems only to multiply in the years to come.


So if you look at the best SaaS explainer videos, you would find out for yourself how beneficial they have been for global brands such as Slack, Asana, Discord, and Zoho, to name a few. 


Also, due to their unique ability to effectively attract audiences at all levels of a funnel, marketers seem energetic about leveraging their power and thereby attaining their target marketing & branding goals.

80% of respondents showed interest in exploring the product after watching the Animated Video

Here, we experimented a bit with our fellow respondents. We made them watch a SaaS explainer video and asked them questions accordingly.

Video Name:  AssetMark | SaaS Explainer Video | Explainer Video Walkthrough

Animation Style: SaaS MotionGraphics
Company: AssetMark

As expected, over 80% of them sent positive signals in regards to exploring more about what the product is all about.


Now this speaks volumes about how videos can be highly instrumental in pitching products to the target users through stunning visuals, animated characters, and smooth motion graphics that too within 75 – 90 seconds.


These videos work well in converting users at the MOFU stage as they can help buyers understand your product and the solution that you’re offering.

SaaS Survey Conclusion

Our analysis brings us a clear picture of how videos are going to continue their dominance as the key marketing instrument in fetching measurable results for SaaS companies.


To say the least, videos can become your PosterBoy if their usage is executed strategically. 


This can be easily done by integrating them into marketing strategies and analyzing their performance over time.


If in case you want us to help you strengthen your SaaS product’s presence with the help of explainer videos, feel free to get in touch about your video requirements.

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