Best 2D Animation Video Examples To Choose Your Next Video From

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2D Animation Video Examples
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    The use of 2D animation is increasing rapidly. Many organizations are actively using animated videos to improve their marketing practices and ensure better growth of the business.


    The animated video in marketing practices enables organizations to achieve their goals and objectives.


    Many businesses started using animation videos in their marketing practices because it engages more customers and increases the traffic to the website. The use of animation videos for promoting the business is 300% more effective than other marketing practices.

    What is 2D animation video?

    The two-dimensional animated video presents the two-dimensional images in a proper order to create an illusion like real-life motion. It creates movement using characters, images, graphics, objects, background, etc.


    It is an attractive way to connect the viewers to the business and convert them into customers. It is a short video that includes numerous pieces of information specific to the organization.


    Things you need to include in your 2D animation video

    The purpose of creating a 2D animation video is based on the needs and requirements of the organizations.


    There are various elements that organizations have to be aware of. These are the length of the video, selection of suitable animation video style, short and specific information to deliver, attractive characters, proper color and design, and others.


    The proper use of these components helps in making the animation videos attractive and ensures the growth of the business. This style helps you to present important information in a creative way.


    The proper use of several elements in the video ensures to cover the different aspects of the business.

    2D Animation Video Examples

    Here are some video examples mentioned below that help to know the characteristics and usefulness of the 2D animation videos. These examples will help you to understand the benefits of different styles of 2D animation videos.

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      Video Type SaaS Video

      The animation video ensures better connectivity with all customer segments and delivers a personalized experience by focusing on the different issues.


      The style of animation used in this video is to attract the viewer to the organization. There is a vibrant use of colors in the video.


      The engaging content of the video leads to better customer engagement towards the company’s services. The proper use of graphics in the video enables the viewer to create an understanding the Merren’s services.


      These video styles are suitable for a start-up business or any other business offering unique services. It helps to introduce the products and increases familiarity with the audience within the market.


      These kinds of videos are created to explain the products or services of the organization.

      Sapp Birch Water

      Video Type Product Video

      Product videos explain the specification of the products by using 2D animation because It provides the details of the specific product in an interesting way to impress the customers to visit the website and experience the product.


      This video develops an understanding of the people and product. It starts with the logo and presents the effectiveness of the product. The creative use of 2D animation with sober background music develops the viewer’s interest.


      This video is an example of a 2D animation explainer video. This video can use by uploading to different platforms ensures better connectivity such as social media, YouTube, and others. Also, It can watch with the help of a device like a computer, mobile phone, etc.


      Video Type Product Video

      The whiteboard video includes doodling the products or characters to tell a story to the viewers. It is a kind of animation style that suits the different businesses irrespective of their shape and size.


      The video explains the services offered by the organization and how efficiently this application works for different persons and provides support for boosting their business.


      It explains the several features of the application and the kinds of services offering the organization. In a nutshell, the Smart Business Solution Providers effectively use an explainer animated video to attract users.


      Whiteboard videos are suitable for all business types from small to large. It ensures better user attraction towards the company website and engages them for a long period.


      Video Type Mobile App Video

      This is an explainer animated video that presents information about the organization AutologiQ. It is a proper use of 2D animated video for explaining the organization and what they offer.


      This video explains the different services of AutologiQ. It attractively presents the assistance provided by the organization. It smoothly explains what the organization is offering and delivers all specific information to the viewers. These kinds of motion graphic videos help organizations to explain their SaaS products to users.


      These videos are suitable for all kinds of businesses and especially for businesses having SaaS products. The cost of creating a video is higher, which affects the small-sized company’s budget.


      Video Type Commercial Video

      This video is an example of a screencast video. The video example shows the process of digital products or applications by using real video. This example video presents a clip of the process of ordering foods using Swiggy.


      This video presents information about Swiggy and explains the process of ordering food using the site or application of Swiggy. It presents in a simple way along with short and engaging content.


      These videos use for commercial ads. The content used in this motion graphic style helps to link the users. This video enables the users to understand the process to order food. This style is used for marketing videos for SaaS businesses.


      Video Type Mobile App Video

      The video explains the services offering the organization Epris. It delivers information about its services and other offers to increase familiarity.


      The video content creates trust with the users by focusing on several elements such as warranty, pick up and delivery, etc. The graphics and voiceover help to engage the users with the company.


      The animated video helps to explain the gadgets and the organization’s repair services. The concise content and relevant color increase the attractiveness of the video.


      These kinds of videos are suitable for the organization that feels complex in engaging the viewer.


      This style is suitable for organizations offering several services and facing issues to connect with the audience.

      Company Introduction Animation

      Video Type Company Intro Video

      This video is an example of Kinetic Typography of motion graphic style. Kinetic Typography creatively presents the moving texts to engage the audience. It shows the details with background music helps to develop connectivity with the users to understand the product’s benefits.


      The video helps thoroughly explain the organization’s information and shows different elements that ensure resolving the issue faced by the customers. The video example presents the organization’s vision. A simple 2D animation design attracts customers at a higher rate.


      Kinetic Typography ensures better customer engagement with the help of moving text attractively. It easily connects the organization to users of different age groups.


      Video Type Service Explainer Video

      This explainer video focuses on the services offering the icoupon organization. The organization ensures the comfort and convenience of the customers. The video seems attractive and provides numerous information about the services offering icoupon.


      The quality of graphics and voiceover engaged the customers towards the organization. The video explains the real-life issues faced by the customers and provides solutions to their problems to establish connectivity with potential customers.


      This video example helps the organization target a large audience and ensure the creation of brand value. It is also suitable for businesses working at the initial stages and looking to attract more clients in a short period.


      Also, organizations looking to increase their market reach can use these videos to improve their marketing practices.

      Why are 2D animated videos important for businesses?

      The use of videos in marketing practices ensures the business’s growth because the videos attract a higher number of customers. Although, it is not easy for the organization to make videos to ensure the improvement of marketing practices.


      The 2D animated videos needed less time to create and were comparatively less costly than the other marketing tools. The animated video seeks the people’s attention and ensures to engage them with the organization.


      Why is it important to choose a suitable 2D animation video style?

      There are various motion graphic styles available that ensure the betterment of the organization’s marketing practices.


      Your organization has to select a suitable 2D motion graphic style based on your needs and requirements.


      A proper video style helps the organization attract its target audience. The budget for preparing a video is also an affecting factor for the organization. Each video style has different features and varies by the cost of making the videos.


      Entrepreneurs should select suitable 2D motion graphic video styles based on their requirements and budget.


      Final Words

      There is significant growth in the use of animation videos by numerous organizations. The results of animation videos in your marketing practices are 300% higher than the other marketing practices.


      The interesting content and unique design attract potential customers and help to target a large audience.


      The use of animation video in the marketing practices of the organization helps in improving the sales funnel and enhancing the market reach of the business. Animated videos enable businesses to target different customer segments.


      It fulfills the different purposes of the organization such as introducing a product, promoting the business, advertising purposes, and others. In a nutshell, animation videos ensure the overall betterment of the business.


      The helps in increasing the number of customers, increasing market reach, improvement of traffic on the company’s website, and many more.

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