15 Best Infographics Video Examples To Watch in 2024

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Infographics video examples
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    I’m sure you must have studied charts and graphs while researching a topic. Ideally, they come out as a great marketing tool for brands to educate their audiences.


    However, B2B marketers and brands have moved away from using still infographics and switched to attractive videos. 


    This has helped them better communicate information and grab the attention of their target audience.


    Since we live in an information overload and low attention span era [both being extreme items], engaging animated videos are the best when it comes to user education.


    From the many available, here are the 15 best infographics video examples you should check out before getting a similar video created:


    P.S. If you’re short on time and wish to grab a look at the best videos quickly, check out the compilation video below.


    But if not, just skip it:)

    15 Unique Infographics Video Examples

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      1. Handle with Care

      The internet is loaded with tips and tricks on being a good parent. But this video combines the stats, facts, and instructions into an exciting animated infographic video


      Though first-sight viewers might find there’s a lot going on on every screen but the video clearly gives major space to animations showing instructions. There are 9 phases explained in this infographic video.


      Each phase has images, vectors, and seamless animations to ensure the viewer is never losing attention. 


      The voiceover is not robotic. The tone keeps changing with the scenes and the importance of information on the screen. 


      The unique part of this video is the sound given to transitions. Every transition clearly reflects that a section of the video is completed and a new section is starting.


      This is super important for long-duration videos. 

      2. Pinterest

      The previous animated infographics video had mesmerizing voiceover that kept viewers alert and engaged throughout. But, there are animated infographic videos that create impact without voiceover too. 


      This video has no voiceover. What does it tell us?

      Each element of an infographic video has the power to narrate a story.


      The script, Animation, Transition, Music, Sound Effects, Voiceover, and Graphics are powerful enough to engage and impact. With stats being the hero of the video, this video has no very visible transition. One scene takes you to another without much change in the background. 


      This smoothness is essential in all kinds of animated explainer videos. A global brand like Pinterest is using infographic videos in its marketing strategy.


      This clearly reflects the ability of infographic videos in helping brands achieve their marketing goals. 

      3. Bean to a FART

      Our digestive process can be as short as 2-3 hours to as long as 5-6 hours for varied food products we eat. Even if you go to read a blog for this digestive process, it will be a long 10-12 min read.


      But isn’t that boring and too time-consuming? 

      That’s where this video beats every form of content. In 60 seconds, this video tells you the complete journey of a bean.


      The creativity shown in representing enzymes, and organs as small actors in the movie are catching the attention. 


      This is one of the biggest advantages of infographic videos. A ton of information is packed creatively in a short duration. The goal of the video was to show the step where the bean is turning into the gas. Even in a short duration, no scene or information is shown in hurry. 


      Such clever scripting and animation take viewers into another world without wasting any second. 

      4. AT&T Cargo View

      AT&T Inc. is the world’s largest telecommunications organization. The brand’s product Cargo View is a B2B service, enabling businesses to track goods throughout the supply chain. 


      AT&T uses animations to make the information understandable and explain how the product works.


      The visuals showed different scenarios to display how Cargo View can be used. Though the video was completely informative, the visuals and music made it captivating. 

      5. Epson

      Epson is an electronics company that manufactures a wide variety of multifunctional printers.


      The company sells and supports printers in a variety of categories and for a variety of applications. They are also a major producer of information and imaging equipment.


      The animated infographic video for Epson is able to grab viewers to the last second It has a vibrant color palette reflecting high energy. 


      The business concept is presented in a unique and colorful manner, enticing viewers to watch the video until the end. You can use this infographic video example whether you have a hardware or software product.


      It is an excellent example of the positive impact that a simple infographic video can have.

      6. What is the World Wide Web?

      Who said infographic videos cannot contain catchy visual storytelling and animated characters?


      Well, this video by the Twila Camp published by TED-Ed is an excellent example of how an explainer video can be used to explain the interconnected world of the internet through infographics + storytelling.


      The publisher explains the WWW concept as a virtual city by mimicking it in a manner that can easily help anyone understand the dynamism of the web.


      Not to forget the excellent video script, guided by a background voiceover – the video crisply fulfills the agenda of learning and light entertainment.

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      7. Omega Pharma

      This video is an example of a corporate infographics explainer video aimed at promoting Omega Pharma using both global and growth statistics. 


      The video showcases global data, customer date, and company achievements to make them work together and portray its business as a top firm with infographics. 


      Corporate infographic videos are one of the most popular options for a website’s homepage and landing pages as they help consumers visualize growth with the brand.

      8. Piriton

      One of the best infographic explainer videos that you can get inspired by. Piriton is a syrup used to treat allergies like Hay Fever, Per Allergies, insect allergies, etc.


      The video promotes the product by showcasing characters and the data on the probability of catching a fever due to allergy-causing germs and dust.


      With a fantastic narrative, cute characters, and information, the video is simply what a product video should look like.

      9. World Economic Outlook Update

      The financial arm of the United Nations, the IMF regularly publishes reports on economic development, financial lending, and global GDP growth.


      This animated video is another example of how quickly data can be creatively showcased through graphs, icons, kinetic typography animation style, etc.


      A non-voiceover video, IMF intends to educate its viewers and audience about the ongoing growth rate of leading economies and what lies ahead in terms of global economic development.


      Set up on a simple yet highly relatable global map visual background, the information comes out as crisp and understandable for even a layman.

      10. Social Media Day Video

      The video is created to share social media stats on the occasion of International social media day on 30th June. 


      Mashable, a multichannel platform and a recognized entertainment company established 30th June as social media day in 2010 to promote its importance for content and the overall social impact.


      MotionGility team created the video with infographics and facts, representing social media stats, and its massive impact on day-to-day life.

      11. Walmart

      If you are into professionally created infographic videos, this infographic for the Walmart Neighbourhood Maker LA campaign is what will inspire you.


      The storyboard with the same colors and infographics presentation makes it a must-watch to understand how the design and graphics complement the overall content. 


      Being a multinational retail corporation, Walmart runs a chain of grocery stores, department stores, and hypermarkets worldwide.


      They are the leader in employment and sustainability, and the video is created to share the idea of an effective employment cycle and how Walmart offers jobs within the community.


      The tone of the video is calm and information-focused. Regardless of being 2.15 minutes long, the video keeps you engaged and surprised with its to-the-point message and the stats that the video conveys. 

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      12. The Month in Data

      Statistics giant – Statista, publishes frequent global data reports and key stories taking place every month.


      And in this video, they’ve used a mix of infographics + creative visual elements for the 3 stories that stood out for August.


      But there’s more – This video also falls under the banner of multimedia animation as it involves footage, walkthrough-style presentation, and images for better data comprehension.

      13. Twitter Timeline Infographics Video

      X [formerly Twitter] Timeline is among the most popular videos on YouTube, not just because X is as popular as Facebook or Instagram or the most defining social media platforms in the last two decades, but the impact it’s been making on people worldwide.


      From political to individual and business points of view, it has been a revolutionary social media channel for millions of global users.


      The exciting infographic video is designed to showcase important milestones that X [formerly Twitter] has achieved over the years.


      The timeline starts in March 2006, when it was launched with the first tweet, and takes you through February 2020’s Donald Trump reached 71.8 million followers.

      14. History of the Internet

      Since each one of us is glued to our screens powered by the internet, it’s important we know its roots and how it’s transforming our lives.


      Through this video infographic, the producer has showcased the mind-boggling transformation journey right from the Arpanet to the Intranet.


      Majorly, the video plays around with icons set up in a plain yet clear black-and-white theme accompanied by an attention-grabbing background voiceover.

      15. Street Churros: Take Out Cafe

      Here is an interesting video that promotes the take-out cafe business with a short infographic video. Street Churros was started in Korea with the most popular street food ‘Churros’. 


      This video finely captures the essence of what the brand is all about in terms of brand identity and its approach toward selling items to its customers.


      But more than that, the video also showcases a few reviews they’ve received from their loyal customers which adds up to their brand marketing efforts.

      How to make Infographic Videos - 3 Tips

      1. Relevancy

      Always go with the information or topic relevant to your target audience’s needs and interests. Infographic videos focus on putting relevant designs or graphics in the video to make it simple for viewers.


      Syncing voiceover with information and graphics is key for a high-quality infographic video. 

      2. Catchy Start

      The title and the first few slides of an infographic video are essential parts that must be appealing.


      Start with the problem and surprising facts that inspire the viewer to watch the rest of your video. Retaining viewer to the last second of your video is the toughest goal.


      Ensure that starting 3 seconds are delivering users any one of the following elements – emotion, relatability, shareability. 

      3. Combination of Creativity and Information

      Every infographic video should contain three elements to make it work. Information, Animation, Narration. The combination of these three can make technical infographics much easier and more digestible.


      The bean to fart video is creative in designing characters, the Pinterest video is creative enough without voiceover and other examples also give ideas for creativity. 

      4 reasons why brands prefer Infographic Videos

      1. Improved Visual Appeal

      As the name suggests, these videos are the best when it comes to evoking emotions and actions by showcasing a certain set of data in a visually rich manner. 


      Infographics are an easy way to accommodate large sets of information where the data is presented via icons, numbers, and text that grabs the attention of the audience.


      Considering the low attention span of today’s buyers, it becomes obvious why today’s startups prefer infographic videos to cut across the fluff and market their products.


      The use of motion graphics helps them keep the viewers engaged till the video’s completion, thus boosting the chances of achieving the target goal which in most cases, is conversions in the face of signups, downloads, web visits, etc.

      2. Simplification of Complex Concepts

      For reasons known to all, complex terminologies or jargon are better not used when communicating your product to the target market.


      This is exactly where infographic videos play a dominant role in helping brands break down the complexities by presenting information that is easy to digest for the target users.


      By demonstrating the overall functionality and exclusive features of a topic or organization using graphs, charts, etc., these videos help make the narrative fun and engaging to grab.

      3. Strengthened Brand Consistency

      Another reason why brands integrate infographic videos in their marketing channels is because they neatly allow them to maintain brand consistency across the internet.


      This is done by the incorporation of their brand assets including colors, fonts, logos, etc., in the videos by the video production company


      Such an approach makes the reinforcement process of a startup’s branding stronger and impactful as videos serve as a digital representative to the target audience.


      And of course, this leads to the creation of an interactive user experience leading to longer brand recall.

      4. Increased Chances of Conversions

      increased chances of conversions-01

      Apart from educating users, infographic videos take up an additional responsibility of helping brands boost their conversions. 


      You ask how? Well, these videos provide an interesting opportunity for brands to highlight their unique value proposition and strike an effective communication with the viewers.


      Moreover, infographic videos can also be leveraged in different stages of the customer buying journey where they act as a deal-striking factor, thus bringing potential customers one step closer to the intended goal.


      As a result, they end up boosting brand sales and improving credibility as well as identity in the target audiences’ minds.

      Over To You

      Infographics videos are the best ways to promote any brand with ambitious growth goals. It acts like a paddle to a submerged boat.
      Video graphics is a new way of introducing technology into the branding world of marketing. 
      Through video infographics, people can encase their ideas in a more creative way which can help cater to the needs of various audiences who are viewing your content. 
      Your brand could have problems with complex concepts or loads of information, these types of videos help you in achieving every goal.

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