How Brands Can Boost Sales Using Animated Infographic Videos

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

How Brands Can Use Animated Infographic Videos

As a marketer, what would you choose: A boring and lengthy text-based product manual or a high-quality & appealing piece of animation packed with product information?


Before you even say, it’s pretty obvious that you would choose the second one anytime!


For quite a while now, product owners have switched to interactive marketing tools to enable easy, quick, and compelling communication of their brand’s product.


One such effective tool is animated infographic videos which are being used by thousands of marketers worldwide today  in their marketing and advertising campaigns.


The key reason is the way these videos leverage the power of infographics and successfully deliver a bundle of information in an engaging & entertaining manner.


But how do they help brands boost their product’s sales?


Let’s understand this in detail…

Need help understanding how infographic videos can help your target audience comprehend your product better?

4 Key reasons how Animated Infographic Videos help brands

Infographic videos belong to a league of their own.


Due to their rich characteristics and the ability to deliver information faster, they are slowly becoming the marketer’s favorite, especially from the SaaS, FinTech, and Blockchain industries.


We have researched and found out a few important reasons how they can be of further help in boosting a brand’s sales.


Here’s how:

1. By enhancing Brand Recognition and credibility

Building a brand is one thing. Maintaining its identity and credibility in the market is another.


However amidst the clutter-filled marketing landscape of today, brands can still navigate the brand recognition journey by using infographic videos in their marketing campaigns.


But how? By integrating brand colors, logo, and other visual elements into the video, thus reinforcing brand recognition and association.


In addition to interactive graphs, pie charts, and other visual elements, these videos can achieve the ultimate goal of building trust and credibility among potential customers.


Here’s an example of an infographic video:

Mercados | Animated SaaS Infographic Video

Target Audience: B2B Enterprises

Video Type: Animated SaaS Explainer 

Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics

2. By highlighting key Product features & simplifying it

Undoubtedly, the biggest flex of infographic-based videos is how they shape themselves according to a product’s features.


As a result, they can demonstrate the functionality of any product without turning the video into a box filled with jargon.


Due to the presence of infographics, the idea of portraying a product’s benefits smartly is made possible as it hooks the attention of the audience with ease.


Since they are great at breaking big chunks of data into small digestible pieces, this encourages viewers into completing the desired action on the video.


Let’s understand how they help in boosting sales:

3. By boosting Conversions & Sales


4. By showcasing Innovation & Differentiation

by showcasing innovation & differentiation

Quite often, it has been witnessed that tech startups are often on the lookout of differentiating themselves from their competitors.


They believe that since they already have an innovative solution to users’ problems, their idea must be communicated effectively.


It’s here when infographic explainer videos provide an interesting opportunity to brands via a visually appealing and engaging manner.


By highlighting the innovative approach in their product using these videos, brands can easily place themselves as the market leaders in the industry.

Want to avoid losing customers to weak product demonstration and switch to infographic
videos for better results?


Put simply, animated infographic videos can prove to be extremely impactful while integrating them into a brand’s marketing funnel.


Given how richly equipped they are with graphs and other elements, they are a perfect tool to convince users into taking action, thus boosting sales.


If in case you’re still wondering how infographic-based animated videos can help your brand stand out, feel free to get in touch with our video marketing expert.

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