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Engage users effectively and share your brand’s vision across the web with your potential customers to build trust and improve visibility with animated corporate videos.

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Engaging Corporate Animation Videos for all businesses

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What are Corporate Videos?

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A corporate video is any non-advertisement video content created for or commissioned by a business, corporate, company, or organization created to introduce the brand to the audience.

These can be videos or animations that are combined with voice, music, or both to introduce your company to Employees, Stakeholders, Investors, and consumers.

Corporate Videos are an interesting way to communicate with your users as they add depth to your story and help users to trust your brand. 

Corporate videos can be created with both, A Camera Crew or a team of Animators depending on your budget, goals, and target audience but Animated corporate videos are proven to be 17% more effective amongst Generation Z users of the Internet.

With no actors to manage and animation resources available on the internet, Animated Corporate videos are not only easy on the pocket but are also eye catchy and engaging. Here are some examples from our library that worked best for our clients.

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Our Animated Corporate Video Production Services are the Best Across Industries

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Why do you need Animated Corporate Videos?

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One of the biggest challenges in engaging a user while introducing your company to the world as a brand is building trust.


Animated corporate videos can be used not only to Engage Your Audience but have also proven themselves to be helpful in explaining the entire intent of your vision in a very short amount of time. 


There’re a billion reasons to use Animated Corporate Videos in your marketing plan but here’re the top Eight on top of our list:

  1. Helps Audience Relate To Your Story
  2. Add Recognition And Value To Your Web Content
  3. Makes Your Business Vision Comprehension Easy And Relatable
  4. Help In Overcoming Trust Barriers
  5. Helps You Engage More Audience And Rise Above The Competition
  6. Assists You In The SEO Process And Increase Engagement Efficiency 
  7. They are a creative way to Create Brand Awareness
  8. Can Be Repurposed Easily Based On The Platform And Audience You’re Targeting 

Types of Animated Corporate Videos

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Animated Corporate

company profile video

Company Profile

branding video


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Corporate Whiteboard

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Industrial Videos

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Promotional Videos

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Testimonial Videos

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Internal Communications

We are committed to offering the best Corporate Animations

We are proud to be a part of 141 startups and 537 world-leading enterprises in their video production journey. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes. 


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Creating an Animated Corporate Video with MotionGility is Easy

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How much does it cost to create a professional Animated Corporate Video?

The cost of a Professional Animated Corporate Video differs with factors such as Style, complexity, delivery time, voice-over, and length. All the mentioned factors play a crucial role in deciding the final cost of your video.


Having an internet presence for your business or brand without corporate videos in 2022 is similar to driving a car without steering. Thus to stand out from your competitors, you need to think and make your decision wisely.


Investing your time in a video marketing strategy with our compelling animated videos can boost your CTR by up to 400%. 

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Why MotionGility is the Best Choice When You're Searching for Corporate Video Production Services?

At MotionGility, we provide corporate animation videos for every stage of the funnel. As the best of the top corporate animation service providers, we are here to elevate your marketing strategy and take it to new heights. Our corporate video animation services can help define your services better and deliver visible business benefits. 


Here is why you should partner with  Us:


In-depth brand

We take our time to understand your brand’s messaging and services to make sure the explainer videos we create completely align with your requirements.



While we always make sure to bring our own ideas to the table, our video planning process starts by understanding your requirements and expectations.

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Quick turnaround

We have a defined workflow for our animated explainer video production process to ensure swift planning and execution



We are always focused on creating animated explainer videos that can give you visible conversions and measurable results

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We are experts in animated explainer video production helping brands to simplify their message and reach the target audience.


We are proud to be a marketing video production partner of the best brands and unicorn startups across the world. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes.


Connect Us With  Any Challenge, Our Experts Are Always Ready To Help! 


Promotional Corporate Videos or Corporate Promotion Videos help your brand to gain reputation by showing its key features to the world. They share the key features of your company with people on your blogs, social media and video profiles.

 Animated Corporate Videos can be used on multiple occasions and can help you fulfill both Consumer and Stake-holder related goals. Here are the top places you can use your Animated Corporate Video to engage your Consumers.

  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Introductions
  • Employees Onboarding Presentations
  • RFP(Request for Proposal) Mails

All our animated videos are personalized and can be rendered to repurpose on all paid and owned channels. Based on your preferences please mention all the platforms you are planning to distribute your explainer videos on during requirement discussion.

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The effectiveness of an corporate explainer video for your business depends on the following factors:
1. The choice of distribution channel.

2. Quality of your video.

3. Script’s resonation with target goals.