Types of Explainer Videos Businesses Can Use to Generate Potential Leads and Boost Sales

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Types of Explainer videos
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    It’s a beautiful Saturday evening, and you are ready to enjoy your Hot Cup of Coffee but the moment you take the first Sip, The Sweet taste of Coffee ruins your Weekend because Chef had no idea how much Sugar is needed by you. The same is the case with the Types of Explainer Videos.


    Understanding the Needs of Business and Choosing the Right Type of Video by understanding All Crucial Factors is as simple as making Good Coffee provided you understand the need of a business.


    With the world driving itself toward a Generation Focused mainly on the consumption of Knowledge and Entertainment Content using Reels and Tik-Tok, The attention span of Internet Users has shifted Drastically from Text and Media to Precise Video Content, Posing a New Challenge for Businesses to Compete Globally Using Creative Ways.

    How Do They Do It?

    Animated Explainer Videos!

    Animated Explainer Videos are a Precise yet Informative way to reach Target Audience and Help them Understand Complex Concepts and Visualize Growth. 


    This Helps Companies build Brands by creating Trust in their Target Audience through Engagement. Animated Explainer Videos are easy to develop with an Explainer Video Agency. They are Great Investments for both Entrepreneurs and Enterprises as they can be Repurposed on a Great Scale.


    Companies like Slack, Wix, Amazon Web Services, Asana, etc. have been using Explainer Videos and Animated Video Guides not just to engage Customers on Their Owned Channels but also to help them Visualize Business Growth with their Products portraying themselves as Best In Industry.


    Here’s a Great Example Of How Asana Guided Users thorough the Entire Product in just 45 seconds-

    The Video was a Great Success and Helped Asana by making it one of the Best Management App during Lockdown Trusted by Millions of Users

    “Choosing the Right Explainer Video is now more crucial than ever”

    There are a Million Facts in Support of the Statement but Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Every Company must include an Explainer Video in their Video Marketing Plan:

    • Explainer Videos Help Your Website to Rank Top on Search Results.
    • They can be repurposed to Share on both Owned and Paid Channels
    • Explainer Videos can Shorten Comprehension Time by up to 30%
    • They can be a Great Tool for Training Both Customers and Employees.
    • A Creative Explainer Video can Help Online Businesses to Boost Sales by up to 38%

    Let's Check Out The Different Types of Video Explainers and How Companies in All Industries can Leverage them to Build a Brand:


    Animation Style Video Type
    2D Motion Graphics Mobile App Explainer

    2D Motion Graphics Animation Style is a dynamic style of Graphic Animation where Texts and Shapes are simultaneously used to tell a story. 


    This Video features a Mobile App Explainer created for Epris Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. and used by the company to create a brand value using Social Media and Video Ad Platforms. 


    The Video is a great combination of Story-Telling and Character Animation which helped to establish Epris as a pioneer in Mobile Repair Services.


    The Video Style is a Great Choice for users in Service based industries offering their services using a Mobile Application or a Progressive Web App.

    Life Up

    Animation Style Video Type
    Whiteboard Explainer Video Service Explainer

    Whiteboard Style Animation is a Video Production Style where static images are transitioned in a way that looks like images are being drawn by hand. These Images are usually line-based graphics carefully transitioned to give a hand-drawn feel.


    This Video features a Service Explainer Video created for Life Up Health Coaching to help customers Visualize a Growth Journey with the Services.


    The Video is a great combination of Minimal Graphics that compliments Whiteboard Animations while engaging users throughout the Service Explainer


    The Video Style is a Great Choice for users offering Services in Industries that are hard to Comprehend and Requires Complex Storytelling.


    Animation Style Video Type
    Paper Cut-Outs Effects Educational Explainer Video

    Paper Cut-Out Animation Effects is a 2D Animation Style where Videos are transitioned in a way that images look like they’re being created using Paper Cut- Outs and Cards.


    This Video features an Education Explainer Video created for Oaks to help Parents Understand the need for conceptual learning for Generation z and Choose a Place that Fulfills their kid’s curiosity.


    The Video is an excellent combination of Engaging Graphics and Amazing Transitions that are not just engaging but also interestingly Informative. 


    The Video Style is a Great Choice for users in Educational Industries and industries that deals with pre-teen Audiences.

    Vector Remote

    Animation Style Video Type
    Line Graphics Animation HealthCare Explainer Video

    Line Graphics Animation is a 2D Motion Animation Style where Images are created using Vector Art Images and Transitions are created using Simple Lines.

    This Video features a Health Care Explainer Video created for Vector Remote Care to help users comprehend the entire concept of Vector Remote Care Cardiac Solution. 

    The Video is an excellent example of Informative Storytelling and Engaging comprehensible Graphics that not only is helping users to understand Vector but also explaining its benefits for the Target Customers.

    The Video Style is a Great Choice for businesses looking forward to Explaining Complex Information and Stories in a Time Bound. 

    Medical Class

    Animation Style Video Type
    Isometric Animation HealthCare Explainer Video
    Source: Wexplainify

    Isometric Animation is a Perceptive vision style where 2D Animation Graphics are created in a way it creates a Perception of a 3D world.


    This Video features a Health Care Service Explainer Video created by Wexplainify features The Medical Class in Flights and helped users perceive it as it exists in the real world.

    The Video is an excellent combination of An Exciting Perception and Real Life Style Graphics with an Amazing Storytelling style to explain one of the crucial Healthcare services that most people are unaware of. 

    The Video Style is a Great Choice for users looking forward to sharing complex topics creatively and helping users visualize the concept in a life-like environment.


    Animation Style Video Type
    Animated Infographics Videos SaaS Product Explainer Video

    Animated Infographics Videos is a Video Animation Style where Complex Information is presented using Infographics Transitioned with Kinetic Typography to help users Comprehend Complex Information.


    This Video Targets a relatively small group of Audiences and helps users understand Growth when they use Merren as a part of their Business. The Target Audience is mainly Users in technical industries relying on Numbers and Facts over designs.


    This Video Style is a Great Choice for users working in Technical and Complex Environments to help Stakeholders and Clients understand complex numbers and insights based on Large Datasets.

    Video Recipe 'Cat Cookies'

    Animation Style Video Type
    Stop-Motion Animation Food Recipe Explainer Video

    Stop Motion Animations is a video Style Featuring Hyperlapse video creation using real-life elements to create a sense of animated motion.


    This Video features a Recipe for Cat Cookies by Diana Pallas featuring How Cookies are baked from scratch in a minute approximately.

    The Video Style is a great fit for Creatives and individuals looking forward to share a simple long concept in matter of minutes.

    All Video Inspirations used above solved a unique purpose for a respective industry in its own unique way. These Animations were useful not only to create an Explainer Walkthrough but also can be used to Create a Brand Need by placing the Product as a Part of Consumers’ Daily Lives. 


    These Videos Can Be Repurposed For Social Sharing, Advertising, and Web-Engagement Purposes.

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    Final Thoughts

    Building A Brand ain’t at all about Growing and Scaling your Business by Pitching for Fundraising and Dissolving Equities. It is a sure way to Visualize False Growth and Fall Eventually.


    Sustainability is one of the major factors that Businesses need to keep in mind while building a Brand Value and Rising above the Competition is one of the major aspects of it. 


    Explainer Videos can not only help your businesses build a brand by training Target Audiences and Target Prospects but can be a Great Tool in Business Development and Trust Building.

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