How to Promote Your App Using Animated App Videos [With Examples]

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How to promote your app using app videos
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    Did you know that users spend an average of 2hr 54 minutes a day on their phones?


    While scrolling and consuming content on the go, they naturally come across materials of many brands marketing their product, services, or applications.


    So how do you stand out from a sea of promotional materials and promote your app effectively?


    By using app videos that are strategically aimed at increasing awareness, generating conversions, and boosting brand identity in the market of an application.


    These videos contain catchy visuals that will help you grab your viewers’ attention and persuade them to take the desired action.


    In this article, you will discover the best ways to promote your app, how app videos help you market them, the recommended video styles, and examples.

    4 Best Ways To Promote Your App

    Promoting your app can be a daunting task in a competitive marketing landscape.


    While there are multiple ways to market a mobile app, not many might bring you the desired results.


    As an award-winning explainer video agency, here are the 5 ways we recommend through which you can promote your app effectively:

    1. Leverage your Website’s Header

    It’s the first thing your visitors will notice upon landing on your website.


    The idea here is to attach your app’s demo video on your homepage to better introduce your product or in this case, your mobile application to your target audience.


    Since your key agenda is to grab their attention and persuade them to explore more, the video will help you push visitors deeper into your homepage.


    Also, attaching a powerful CTA beside your video will help you gather crucial information about your visitors.


    This data can be further used to nurture leads and convince them to download your application.

    2. Publish and Distribute your App’s Video on Social Platforms

    why are social media videos critical for your brand’s growth

    Statista’s latest report says, around 80% of global social media marketers promoted their business and product on Instagram.


    But certainly, your app promotion efforts must not be limited to only Instagram as there are multiple platforms such as Facebook, X [formerlyTwitter], LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, etc.


    Sharing your app’s video on social media and popular third-party pages will help you unlock the complete potential of these platforms, thus boosting your application’s reach to a global audience.


    You can even collect instant feedback from your target audience by interacting with them about your app’s features.


    As a result, this will subconsciously motivate them to know and talk about your application.

    3. Embed your App’s screenshots in Own + Branded Newsletters

    email marketing

    Newsletter advertising is an underrated marketing strategy that you can leverage before your competitors begin using it.


    If you’re already running a company newsletter, great! 


    You just need to write an attention-grabbing headline, attach 2 high-quality screenshots, and a crisp CTA to drive traffic either to your landing page or to the App Store/Google Play Store.


    Or if not, sponsor an industry-leading newsletter that is read by your target audience.


    Doing so will provide you direct access to their hard-to-grab attention and open doors for brand awareness and increased clicks to your website.


    Ad integrations on newsletters are done through different techniques. Some of the most commonly followed ones are:


    • Paid mention in Subject lines
    • Header/Footer integrations
    • Text box or Banner buttons in the middle

    Newsletters are an engaging medium to promote your app and reach a set of audiences that can become your potential app users.

    4. Optimize your App Store/Play Store’s profiles

    social media marketing image

    Not many mobile application developers attach an educational video or demo video to their app’s listing.


    Here are a few benefits of attaching a video apart from mere screenshots:


    • The presence of videos will improve user education
    • Increase chances of app downloads
    • Boost app discoverability on the listing of Top Category Apps

    On any given day, videos will beat boring text-based descriptions and lifeless product manuals. 


    With videos, you get an edge over your competitors with a similar product offering in terms of enhanced app visibility, higher perceived value, and lower bounce rate.

    What are the best Types of Videos to promote apps?

    1. Explainer videos

    Explainer videos are incredibly effective for online marketing because they tap into the power of animated visual storytelling.


    Whether promoting a mobile app or any other product, these videos follow a specific strategy aimed at increasing downloads.


    They begin by highlighting a specific problem, demonstrate how the app can effectively address it, emphasize why it stands out in the market, and conclude with a clear call to action, like urging viewers to “Download it now!”

    2. Product videos

    Apps are like digital products, and the most effective way to highlight their features is through a product video!


    This video aims to outline the advantages of your app, but it’s important to keep it engaging so viewers don’t lose interest. 


    Get creative with your narrative, speak directly to the user, and demonstrate how your app can make their life better.

    3. Customer Testimonials

    Ever wondered how to boost your app downloads significantly? Well, here’s a game-changer: feature a video with real users sharing their firsthand experiences with your product. 


    People tend to trust other people, and leveraging customer testimonial videos is a powerful way to capitalize on that trust.


    When creating a video for the Play Store, showcasing customers speaking is incredibly impactful. 


    However, you can get creative for iOS, where rules are a bit stricter.


    Overlay the audio of testimonials on top of screen recordings of your product. This way, you keep everyone happy – adhering to the app store rules while enjoying a surge in your download numbers!

    Wrapping Up

    If you’re planning to strongly promote your mobile application, investing in an app demo video is a great investment could be a great choice.


    Creating an engaging video requires considerable amount of expertise and understanding of consumer marketing.


    Connect with our video marketing expert today over a Free 15-minute Strategy Call and let us know everything that can help us create a results-driven mobile app video for your application.

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