9 Brilliant Educational Video Examples To Enhance E-Learning

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Educational video examples
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    In the age of educational content being available at fingertips on multiple platforms, learners have tons of options to choose from.


    However, this has posed a challenging situation for educational content creators & Ed-Tech startups to create appealing content and attract the maximum amount of audience.


    Since E-learning has gained considerable momentum across the globe, the need for actionable videos has risen exponentially.


    To give you a diversified look into the different types, here’s a list of the best educational video examples that you can get created for your Ed-tech brand.


    Undoubtedly, the role of educational videos in E-learning cannot be understated in today’s clutter-filled digital content world.


    Since these examples cover a majority of animated video types that can be used for concept explanation, topic/process-based demonstration, or even for social awareness causes.


    Take a look below…

    Best Educational Video Examples for better learning

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      1. Zoho CRM | Create an Approval Workflow

      Target Audience: B2B Enterprises [Sales Teams]

      Animation Style: Screencast Video
      Company: Zoho

      Work flow processes occupy a major block of time leading to often delays in timely decision-making.


      To help teams get rid of this, Zoho CRM tool stands as an effective solution that helps sales representatives take faster decisions without waiting for their manager’s approval.


      For illustrating the same, the SaaS giant chose a Screencast walkthrough video style to showcase how individuals and teams can work efficiently.


      Despite being a bit lengthy, this video is a great example of walkthrough videos as it neatly demonstrates the workflow without any complexities.

      2. Sprouts | Design Thinking

      Target Audience: Entrepreneurs/Product Heads/CMOs

      Animation Style: Whiteboard Animation

      Company: Sprouts

      With technological advancements, there’s also a rise in the complexity levels of business operations.


      This calls for entrepreneurs to come up with creative ideas and an effective brand strategy that can help them take better decisions for their business.


      In the above video, Sprouts beautifully educates entrepreneurs  how Design Thinking is a crucial skill entrepreneurs must learn through a light but compelling storyline.


      By showcasing it as a 5-step process, the video effectively conveys the agenda of how entrepreneurs can solve problems with innovative solutions.

      3. Sentis | Safety Attitudes at Work

      Target Audience: Site Workers

      Animation Style: 3D Animated Short Film

      Company: Sentis

      In this video by Sentis, the center of focus has been attributed to how behavioral attitude is important for workplace safety.


      To illustrate it’s importance, an engaging story is showcased that involves 2 safety workers with a different approach toward safety measures.


      By using the 3D Motion Graphics animation style, the video beautifully captures the Attitude-Behavior-Results [ABR] model.


      Realistic background graphics, film like transitions, and great use of storyline and characters are the key highlights of this educational explainer video.

      4. ICICI Bank | Animated Educational Video

      Target Audience: Employees

      Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics

      Company: ICICI Bank

      During the Covid outbreak, companies struggled to maintain and provide standard customer services.


      To explain their agenda crisply, ICICI bank got created an 2D animation based educational video for their employees’ training.  


      The core idea of the video is focused on delivering an important message regarding how employees should stay committed to their responsibilities even in complex situations.


      From the creative perspective, the video presents a WFH friendly framework that employees and customers can follow to maintain their work-life balance virtually.

      5. Google Africa | Cyber Bullying [UNICEF]

      Target Audience: Teenagers, Young Adults & Parents

      Animation Style: Whiteboard Animation

      Company: Google Africa

      Cyberbullying which takes place through electronic devices is undoubtedly, one of the most serious problems of the 21st century that can leave an everlasting mark on victims.


      This video by Google Africa highlights the emotional, social, and academic impact cyberbullying can have on school & college-going students.


      From the animation perspective, the video boasts an evergreen Line-graphic and grey-scale whiteboard animation style equipped with an intriguing storyline.

      6. Simplilearn | Big Data in 5 Minutes

      Target Audience: University Students/Data Science enthusiasts

      Animation Style: Whiteboard Animation

      Company: Simplilearn

      7. Global Health Media Project | The Story of Corona Virus

      Target Audience: General Audience

      Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics

      Company: Global Health Media Project

      The Covid-19 outbreak created havoc across the world in a matter of few days.


      The video captures the essence and summarizes how it spread and infected people.


      In the beginning, the video goes on to discuss symptoms of Covid and how people can acquire the virus through close contact.


      This 2D animated piece with a crisp video script is equally an educational as well as a social awareness video targeted at a global audience.


      With the core agenda to educate and aware people, core emphasis on the story has been laid.

      8. Google for Education

      Target Audience: Teachers

      Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics

      Company: Google for Education

      By introducing Classroom to the world, Google has surely revolutionized the way education is imparted digitally.


      To help teachers and professors use their online learning platforms efficiently, the tech giant regularly shares educational videos for better product comprehension.


      In the video above, a smooth demonstration of how teachers can create assignments and share it with students is presented using appealing icons & infographics.


      Moreover, you can also notice the great use of explainer characters in a 2D animation setup.

      Looking for an Animated Educational Video to improve the learning experience of your viewers?

      Wrapping it Up

      Now that you have run yourself through the best of educational video examples, I believe you would have got a fair idea about their effectiveness.


      In today’s e-learning scenario, learners expect engaging elements apart from quality content. t


      Thus, such animated videos can prove instrumental in helping Ed-Tech brands strengthen their marketing strategies and clock great results.

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