8 Stunning Animated Instructional Video Examples

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    Animated Instructional videos effectively work on presenting how a product works. These videos engage the audience effectively and teach them to how to perform the specific task without getting bored.


    While watching videos to learn about some technical concepts at my work. It made me wonder how an animated educational video helped me to learn so much in a such short amount of time. The step-by-step instructions assist me to complete the task, and I was just amazed by doing so.


    In Addition, animated training videos help users complete complex tasks step by step. Check out these amazing instructional video examples that helped users to understand complex concepts easily.

    What are the benefits of animated instructional videos?

    1. Educate Audience: The animated educational videos help the business by boosting the knowledge of their audience because proper knowledge about the brand and its offerings reflects  an increase in brand awareness.


    For businesses, instructional videos also work to boost the employee’s confidence and develop a sense of self believe among employees.


    Also, more than 73% of marketers say instructional videos work as mental support to employees and develop a sense of responsibility for their work.


    2. Attractive and Well Researched: Proper learning and guidance with attractive visuals and well-researched content help people to know more about the brand. Also, well-researched educational video helps the employees to perform better with higher productivity, which also reflects the increase in sales and productivity. 


    It helps businesses by connecting with more audiences and encouraging them to watch the videos till the end.


    3. Better Engagement: The animated instructional videos are more creative and visually attractive, which ensures better connection and proper learning. These videos have the power to engage better and proper explanations help in proper learning.


    Also, video content easily grabs the user’s attention and attractive visuals encourage them to watch the videos till the last. Let’s move forward to watch the amazing instructional video examples.

    Interesting Fact

    As a marketer, if you want to implement videos in marketing practices then you are not alone, in 2022,  more than 79% of marketers already implemented videos in their marketing practices. Also, 97% of them want to use more videos in their marketing.

    Best Animated Instructional Video Examples

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      1. Hands-only CPR instructional video

      The presence of several motion graphics video styles allows marketers to choose the suitable one for their business. The best video style helps to get better results for marketing practices. Also, videos can ensure higher visitor engagement and increase traffic on the website.


      The video simply teaches how a common man can give CPR to save a life. The video includes proper instructions on how to give CPR and why CPR is important for unconscious people. The video explains what people need to do when an emergency arises.

      2. How to Calibrate your KiiToys® X10 Quadcopter Drone RC Helicopter Toy

      The training videos significantly help in providing instructions on how to perform the specific tasks along with the visual presentation. Videos have exceptional power to demonstrate technical and operational tasks. 


      The video demonstrates how to operate the helicopter toy smoothly. Sometimes the buyers are unable to understand the procedure to operate a helicopter toy properly.

      This is a normally recorded video that uses the texts for instructions called Kinetic Typographic. The text has proper instructions to engage the user better and encourages them to watch the videos till the last.

      3. Customer services | Samsung

      Creating mobile-friendly video content also ensure better reach because today more than 90% of people between the age of 16-64 carry a smartphone. Mobile-friendly content is easily shareable and accessible for any users that get higher views. 


      In this video, Samsung created a mobile-friendly video to demonstrate how efficiently they deliver better customer satisfaction by ensuring virtual assistance. The video provides instructions to repair the products and ensure brand promotion.

      4. How to set up your Echo Dot 3rd gen| Amazon Echo

      Videos explain the modern tools and gadgets that are complex to operate. The videos provide proper instructions for operating the tools along with a visual presentation of how to do the specific tasks.


      The video style is a template video animation that presents how to set up the Amazon Echo at home. It also includes a live video for ensuring better user engagement and efficiently presenting the procedure of setting the mentioned tool.

      5. New in Powtoon Enterprise: Text to Speech

      Many times users face difficulties in operating specific tasks via any applications or websites. In this case, enterprises use videos to demonstrate how to operate the specific task and provide instructions for the same.


      Similarly, in this video, Powtoon enterprise explains that they added text-to-speech in their software and provide instructions by presenting the different ways of operating the text-to-speech feature. Also, the organization explains the alternate options for operating text-to-speech.

      6. Jump Force Controls and How to Play | Jump Force Beta Tutorial

      The popularity of the games depends on its familiarity with the people and how much they like the content. For completing this purpose, gaming companies release videos for increasing the user’s familiarity with the game and videos effectively connect the content to the people.


      In the same way, the video example includes the screen recording and added the instructions for performing specific tasks that how to jump or deliver a powerful kick. The video is so engaging and relevant data helps increase the connectivity with the viewers.

      7. PS4 Pro | HDR Set-Up Tutorial

      According to research, 42% of people watch videos to know how to set up a tool or how to repair a gadget. Users prefer to watch videos on any content they don’t know. Videos are now playing a vital role in providing instructions to users that help them to know how to set up a specific thing.


      The video example presents how to set up PS4 pro on your TV and provides step-by-step instructions. The relevant theme and matching color increase  the video’s attractiveness and engage the users to watch the videos till the last.

      8. Boat Watch Flash | Walkthrough

      Animated instructional videos are one of the video production styles watched by  most of the users till the last. More than 92% of users prefer to watch training videos till the end of the videos.


      Whenever tools or gadgets seem alien to people, the next idea comes to their mind to watch the videos and know more about the specific thing. 


      This video example presents instructions on how to start the Boat watch and how to operate its features. Boat enterprise uses Kinetic Typography to present the information via moving text. Videos having text content along with visual presentation ensures better viewer engagement.

      Final Words

      Video content is one of the latest tools of the marketing toolbox and the video examples I mentioned are good enough to watch for a better understanding of video content. I hope these videos encourage you to boost your marketing practices using video content.


      If you really want to ace marketing practices, then all you need to do is find an expert training video production company that helps you to create efficient videos that help in achieving marketing goals.

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