7 Marketing Strategies Followed By Leading Marketers

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Top marketing strategies for 2024
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    It’s that time of the year again when marketers around the world are brainstorming the course of their marketing strategies for 2024.


    With technological advancements and ever-changing consumer needs, marketers need to figure out actionable plans that can help them sell their products and services effectively.


    Alongside forming strategies, another aspect that often gets overlooked is the choosing of strong marketing tools that can drive measurable results.


    Choosing a marketing strategy solely depends upon your brand requirements and the stuff you want to market to your target audience.


    Well, here are 7 hot strategies or mediums you can look forward to in the coming year:

    Best Marketing Strategies Followed by Successful Marketers

    Below are some of the best strategies followed by top marketers to achieve the required marketing goals and objectives:

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      1: Video Marketing [Short-Form Content]

      Marketers today are struggling with low attention spans and if you look at the bigger picture, this is leading to nill performance of their existing digital strategies.


      However, they can turn the tide in their favor. But the question is: How do marketers stand out in a sea of a million content pieces uploaded every day?


      By using creative videos that are 5x engaging and much more promising in terms of generating conversions. As per Oberlo, 93% of marketers say that they have recorded a new customer by using videos on social media.


      Here’s how Asana used an animated video for generating signups:

      These social media videos have worked amazingly well for top global brands such as CRED, Asana, Vicks, etc., and fetched them insane number of views within 30-45 seconds.


      So if you’re a SaaS marketer or even a tech entrepreneur, you must know that your competitors are already using creative videos to communicate and promote their complex products.

      2. Content Marketing

      content marketing example

      This is a fusion of multiple marketing materials aimed at educating as well as nurturing a group of prospective customers into buying a product or service.


      These mainly include blog posts, articles, infographics, E-books, testimonials, case studies, videos, etc.


      According to a recent stat, around 91% of marketers have achieved success after using a content marketing strategy. 


      For instance, Neil Patel has become one of the most successful marketers in the digital world. From what we have noticed, he uses blog posts and videos to educate or target his audience.

      7 marketing strategies followed by leading marketers

      His marketing strategy involves regularly creating and sharing valuable and relevant content to both attract and retain the targeted audience. 


      Wondering what high-quality content refers to? 


      It refers to content that delivers your message clearly to the targeted audience in an engaging way, and also unique from others.


      You would be surprised to know that even today, many SaaS and B2B brands like Asana, Freshworks, AWS, etc., at large prefer creating long-form blogs around their product keywords.


      So this is a no-brainer that you should begin writing quality blogs that educate your prospects and offer them a sneak peek into your product’s capabilities in solving their problems.


      While writing, you can make use of tools such as a text rewriter, keyword generator, outline generator, etc., to enhance your written content’s quality.


      If executed finely, content marketing has the potential to take a business to new heights single-handedly. 


      Let’s understand another strategy used by marketers: Email Marketing

      3. Email Marketing

      email marketing

      This marketing strategy is used by top marketers as a primary channel to generate leads for their business/brand. 


      Top marketers like Chad White, Neil Patel, Eddie Shleyner, etc., are a few marketers widely known for their insights, best practices, and strategies for email marketing.


      Here are a few actionable tips you can follow to capitalize on your data while running campaigns:


      • Keep your subject line catchy and between 7-9 words.
      • Address the receiver by their first name as it boosts chances of getting your mail opened by 50%.
      • Adopt a tone that is direct and action-taking.
      • Use short sentences that are not more than 12-15 words and avoid using paragraphs to reduce chances of non-action.
      • Try sending emails on the appropriate day and time. Best days are business days and recommended timings are between 9 AM – 11 AM and 1 PM – 3 PM.
      • Include 1-2 relevant links that direct your receivers to your website or desired pages.

      A lot of brands today are switching to integrating 10-15 secs videos, known as Vmails in their email campaigns. You can try including them to boost replies or conversions.



      When you approach potential leads/customers with personalized emails, leveraging the latest email marketing trends, there is a strong chance they will feel interested and end up becoming regular paying customers.

      4. Social Media Marketing

      social media marketing image

      Content created for social media platforms is one of the most vulnerable as well as on the contrary, an opportunistic market to enter in for marketers. 


      You ask why? Well as per Hootsuite’s latest survey for 2024, around 62% of consumers said they are much less likely to trust and engage with a content piece if they come to know it was AI-generated. 


      But looking from the opportunity perspective, multiple social media strategies are being used today by marketers to increase brand awareness and redirect users to their business websites.


      For Example: A lot of brands have switched their entire social media content narrative from being brand-centric to customer-centric to better engage with their consumers.


      They have begun creating social media posts and animated commercials that directly answer users’ queries in an informative + engaging manner.


      Also, many brands have initiated 1:1 consumer interactions on top platforms such as X[formerly Twitter], Instagram, Facebook, etc.


      This two-way conversation provides a sense of acknowledgment to customers and boosts the brand image in their minds.


      Here’s an example of Lyft addressing customer grievances on X:

      lyft responding to a customer grievance on x

      Another crucial element you must not ignore going into 2024 is to stay abreast with the ongoing moment and meme marketing trends. 


      In the past year, brands such as Swiggy, Uber, Nike, and hundreds of others have leveraged the power of trending materials to pitch their products to the audience.


      Apart from jumping on such trends, the biggest weapon that marketers and brands can capitalize on is AI tools!


      Then, brands can utilize the data fetched by Big Data and Generative AI tools and study their consumers’ buying and interaction patterns. 


      There’s one more thing trending: Shoppable Videos or Interactive videos that allow users to interact with products from their devices, view their features and even purchase them instantly.


      Keeping know-how about what’s happening around can help you gain a competitive edge.

      5. Influencer Marketing

      influencer marketing image example

      As per Insider Intelligence, marketers will be spending around USD 7.14 billion on influencers in 2024. 


      Considering such massive spending on influencers, brands can look into hiring influencers that suit their target audience, brand products, and marketing goals. 


      With plenty of platforms available for finding suitable influencers such as UpFluence, Klear, LinkedIn, Influencity, etc., marketers can roll out their brand campaigns by collaborating with them strategically.


      During 2023, healthcare and grocery delivery brands generated conversions and increased web traffic by integrating their products into the video content published by famous influencers.


      This directly allowed them to reach their target audience and achieve their objectives.

      The key to successful influencer marketing is going with an influencer who has a strong fan following. This may be difficult if you are a marketer or a business struggling with a tight budget. 


      But still, if you become successful in partnering with a popular influencer, then you will experience good results.

      6. Search Engine Optimization

      search engine optimization image example

      Google Search has dynamically transformed in terms of its content preference, quality, and user experience.

      2023 saw major algorithmic updates stressing time and again improving the quality of content published by websites on Google and the overall search experience on its platforms.

      So what should you keep in mind when preparing your SEO and overall digital marketing strategy in 2024?

      Here are a few pointers:

      • Focus less on Keyword Research and more on Content Elaboration. Make it rich, clear, and helpful.
      • Build a clean website structure and easy-flowing navigation for better discoverability.
      • Direct efforts in building backlinks from relevant or near-to-relevant external websites. As much as the domain authority matters and traffic matters, so does the website’s relevancy.
      • Integrate helpful materials such as pictures, infographics, expert quotes, etc., for engagement and generating links.

      Here’s what John Mueller – Google Search Advocate said about Keyword Research recently:

      john mueller replying to a user query on keyword research

      Further, with the addition of a new “E” which stands for Experience in Google’s EAT concept in December 2022, the search engine giant has now completely shifted its focus on delivering the best answers to user queries.


      Not to forget – Since the introduction of ChatGPT and Google’s own Generative AI tool – BARD, the tech conglomerate has openly supported the use of AI-generated content with the condition that it’s valuable for searchers on all parameters.


      So all in all, apart from focusing on On-Page & Off-Page factors plus keeping in mind Technical SEO factors, it’s necessary to stay updated with user queries and answer them through content in the best manner possible.

      7. Podcast Marketing

      podcast marketing image example

      Podcasts have become a go-to option for marketers and businesses to interact with their audience and build a strong relationship with them. 


      From Garyvee to Nitin Kamath, entrepreneurs and marketers have now resorted to hosting podcasts and sharing key information about their businesses as well as market insights aimed at user education.


      Now how is this benefitting them? Two broad reasons to know:


      • Massive boost to the brand’s website: If you have got the Founder of a well-established brand to talk about his experience, business details, and future goals, there are high chance that brand loyalty will increase in consumers’ minds.
      • Increased Customer Base: Through podcasts, the word-of-mouth element can be unlocked because the more people hear about someone’s raw thoughts, the more they look forward to interacting with their brands.
      garyvee podcast

      Moreover, a lot of brands are sponsoring viral podcasts by integrating their advertisements through them. 


      As per Exploding Topic’s latest report, dynamically inserted ads have amounted to 84% of all podcast revenue


      This broadly explains the scope of marketing products or services via podcasts.

      Wrapping Up

      Well, there are numerous marketing strategies and plans you can follow to fetch results for your brand in 2024.


      However, the core idea is to stick to the basics and shift gears as per the market scenarios and consumer demand.


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