What are Shoppable Videos? [Importance, Benefits, Examples]

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    Today, every brand wishes to occupy a tiny space on their target users’ social feeds with visuals of their exciting products. 


    Why? Because they have greatly realized the benefits of awareness, sales, and brand identity these visuals can bring in return.


    However, there’s something not every brand realizes. And that is – The availability of creative visual content that attracts them sharply and directs their attention to the “Buy Now” button.


    One such type of creative content is shoppable videos which are highly appealing and produced in a manner that drives conversions.


    But are these short videos worthy enough of investing time and money into them? Find out below…

    What are Shoppable Videos?

    Shoppable videos are short interactive clips that allow viewers to purchase products directly through embedded links, offering immersive experiences and boosting sales and brand awareness.


    As per Sprout Social, almost 45% of customers expect their favorite brands to post more interactive videos.

    Why are Brands using Shoppable Videos More Than ever before?

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    It’s 2024 and out of all age groups, Gen-Z and millennials are the most active on social media platforms. 


    Considering the already decreasing attention spans, they’re often on the lookout for exciting products that help elevate their current lifestyle. 


    And if you’re a brand marketer or an e-commerce startup owner, there cannot be any better opportunity than using a shoppable video.


    Top reason – These videos provide an immersive experience with a 360-degree actionable view of your product to the target viewers.


    As a result, viewers can quickly judge the product before deciding to purchase by clearly understanding the product’s usage.


    What’s even better – they can be integrated at multiple spots including website headers, Instagram and Facebook business profiles, and at all places where a brand is marketing their products.

    3 Benefits of Using Shoppable Videos


    The majority of the time, your target consumer is busy surfing different product options that suit their requirements best.


    So here at their exploration stage, brands can integrate interactive videos into their advertising campaigns and pitch themselves as the perfect solution.


    Check out a few benefits:

    1. Increased Product Understanding

    Using these videos allows brands to educate their potential customers in a visual storytelling format using creative visual elements.


    This can be extremely helpful if you sell products that cannot be effectively communicated using static visuals such as high-end furniture, electronic appliances, etc.

    2. Improved Sales Opportunity

    An average social media user spends around 2.5 hours scrolling feeds daily. And with thousands of brands competing for his/her attention, the competition is already cut-throat.

    It’s here when you can use interactive product videos that will not only help you grab their attention but also persuade them to take action.

    3. Enhanced User Experience

    A single shoppable video can help reduce your customer support time by 2x. Providing a hassle-free customer experience is mandatory today if you wish to unlock the word-of-mouth and repeat purchase phenomena.


    This is also more about the overall brand experience and positive identity that you can create by using these videos.

    Who can benefit the most from using Shoppable videos?

    Short interactive videos are one of a kind. For global marketers, these videos have become an effective marketing instrument in helping them achieve their target marketing goals.


    From this perspective, shoppable video content can be of great use to a few industries listed below:

    1. E-commerce

    For obvious reasons, e-commerce can benefit the maximum from using such videos. 


    Often, users are unable to grab a crisp overview of how the product functions and its key benefits.


    So by integrating interactive videos into product videos, you can boost the dwell time on your product and subconsciously prevent their product page hopping.

    2. Marketplaces

    As of April 2023, Amazon was the dominant marketplace clocking 4.8 billion visits a month.


    Now this speaks volumes in terms of opportunities that brands can utilize by attaching demo videos to their product and shopping pages on Instagram.

    Moreover, a lot of Amazon sellers are now using these videos to better explain their product’s functionality and boost checkout metrics.

    3. D2C

    If you’re a D2C brand, you can showcase and promote your products to the target users through captivating videos available in various video styles.


    For instance: You can create videos based on target users’ persona and pitch your product as a perfect solution to their problems. 


    Or you can even create quick shoppable video ads for Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc., that are intended to either click the “Shop Now” button on their platforms or redirect them to your products’ landing pages.

    Best Shoppable Video Examples

    1. Shopcat video for Shopify

    Through this appealing video, Shopcat showcases how it helps Shopify store owners create interactive visual content to attract visitors.


    And since the majority of customers shop on their mobiles, these vertical videos serve as an excellent tool in helping reinforce the brand’s identity and engage the audience.

    2. IKEA’s Quick Service Explainer

    Produced in a Live and Kinetic typography video animation style, this video by IKEA stands out in the list of the best shoppable videos ever created.


    IKEA has always stood out with its marketing content and with this video, they’ve ensured the attainment of 3 goals in one shot: Product usability, Brand awareness, and End conversions.

    3. Wirefax Snapchat Interactive Ad

    Social media platforms are the best use-case for  a shoppable video.


    In the above example, check out how Snapchat leveraged its power of interactive visuals and video footage to communicate its agenda.


    Shoppable videos blend product showcasing with purchasing convenience, enhancing user engagement and driving conversions.


    They cater to evolving consumer preferences, particularly among Gen-Z and millennials, and offer benefits like increased product understanding, improved sales, and enhanced user experience.


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