How Amazon Product Videos Can Help Sellers Boost Sales

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    There’s a lot that goes behind running a successful Amazon store.


    Right from creating product catalogs, and entering product details to uploading the same on Amazon and attaching the necessary terms, there are many checklists to be ticked off.


    Amidst all of this, the biggest challenge business owners face is creating attractive Amazon product videos, as they are unlikely to convert their potential buyers if they fail to convince them.


    Yet, for a majority of business owners, product demo videos have worked wonders by helping them with positioning as well as closing their target audience without much hassle.


    But what are product demo videos and why they are important?

    Let’s understand it in detail. 

    What is an Amazon Product Demo Video?

    deliver product information vector

    A product demo video or precisely, a demo video is a short animated video that explains how a product functions, its key features, and benefits with the help of appealing visuals and smooth motion graphics.


    Here when we talk about demo videos for Amazon, these videos play an instrumental role in helping brands demonstrate their technical products to their potential buying customers in an engaging manner that too within 60 to 90 seconds.


    This quick & entertaining demonstration helps them persuade target customers and influence them into clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button more effectively as compared to normal graphics or product pictures.


    Now that you have understood what demo videos are and how they help business owners, let’s understand their importance in the context of Amazon:

    How do Amazon Product Videos play an important role in boosting sales of Sellers?

    Amazon has been one of the dominant players when it comes to selling products online. 


    As per recent statistics, there are over 9.5 million registered sellers on its platform. Now this speaks volumes about the gigantic number of order processing and transactions that take place daily.


    Without a doubt, Amazon is a marketplace where cut-throat competition among sellers exists.

    What’s more challenging is that the majority of the sellers offer similar products which make standing out from the competition even tougher.


    Considering such huge numbers in the backdrop of demo videos, proves the infinite number of opportunities sellers have in their hands in terms of showcasing their products to millions of daily website visitors.


    Now with so many products to choose from, having a product demo video in place can provide sellers a competitive edge over their competition thus increasing the chances of a sale.


    As a result, demo videos can prove to be of utmost significance to sellers while they pitch their product through a video that highlights the key features, benefits, and use cases.


    This will directly allow sellers to make their products memorable and engaging for their target buyers.


    Such videos come in different styles to help sellers grab more attention and drive more cart checkouts.


    Check out the various types of videos available below.

    Different Types of Amazon Product Videos for Sellers

    1. Live-Action Product Demo Videos

    When showcasing products, nothing works better than live-action demo videos. 


    There’s a simple reason for this – Such videos prove extremely effective because they involve the filming of real people using a brand’s product in a real-world setting. 


    This way, the target customers are crisply able to understand what the product is all about, its features, and benefits thus persuading them into trying out the product once.

    TapOnn - Animated Product Demo Video

    Target Audience: C-suite Executives, Professionals, Freelancers

    Video Type: Live+Animated Product Demo Explainer Video

    Industry: Corporate

    2. Animation Product Demo Videos

    This type of videos bank on the magic of animated characters, visually rich illustrations, and motion graphics for the demonstration of a particular product. 


    Animated videos are proven to be highly engaging and entertaining at the same time, given that they are being widely used to break down complex terminologies into easily digestible chunks for better explanation.

    Beeoux - Animated Product Demo Video

    Target Audience: Online Shoppers

    Video Type: Product Demo Explainer Video

    Industry: E-commerce

    3. Whiteboard Product Demo Videos

    One of the oldest yet evergreen whiteboard videos is one of a kind for explaining how a product works.


    These videos make use of a whiteboard of course, and a hand-drawn animation style thus producing an excellent product demonstration.


    Due to their simplicity, they have earned the trust of thousands of brands. Dropbox’s cutout-style whiteboard video is a great testimony to their praise.

    IRIS - Explainer Whiteboard Animation

    Target Audience: Fashion & Garment Merchandisers

    Video Type: Animated Whiteboard Explainer

    Industry: Fashion & Lifestyle

    4. Testimonial Product Demo Videos

    These videos are pretty similar to live-action demo videos with the only difference being, here the customers express their views regarding a product and not use it on camera.


    As a result, testimonial videos are rather highly effective in establishing trust and credibility in the minds of potential customers. Alongside this, they also help raise brand awareness.


    Such types of demo videos can be largely useful in marketing those products that are relatively new or not known to your newer markets.

    Sales Studios - Testimonial Product Demo Video

    Target Audience: Potential Customers

    Video Type: Testimonial Product Demo

    Use-Case: Trust & Credibility Building

    4 Tips to create Engaging Amazon Product Videos for Product/Catalogue Listings

    There are over 12 million products listed on the e-commerce giant’s website across multiple categories and services.


    For businesses to stand out, they must ensure that their product video is quite appealing enough to outplay their competition. 


    Strategically created Amazon product videos will help in attracting eyeballs to the product, thus persuading visitors into spending more time on the product page rather than bouncing off to a competitor Amazon seller’s page.


    Here are 4 tips you can follow to create the best videos for your product:

    1. Highlight product features & benefits

    what is an animated product explainer videos motiongility

    On the product page where the video will supposedly be featured, you have limited time to capture your potential visitor’s attention and convert them into paying customers.


    So the best way to achieve this is to smartly highlight the benefits your product will potentially bring to them while also parallelly mentioning the features.


    While the core intention of such videos made for Amazon is to quickly provide a snapshot of what the product is all about, you can strategically leverage this opportunity to position your product as the best choice for your target audience.

    2. Demonstrate product’s functionality

    Here, we do not mean including the element of brand storytelling as it’s not an animated marketing video.


    Demonstrating a product means providing a guided walkthrough of the entire product within a few seconds so that the viewers get a sneak peek into what they can expect by using your product.


    A crisp demonstration using rich illustrations will help you hook their attention while also helping you with a clear explanation of the product.

    3. Include an energetic voiceover and on-screen text

    how amazon product videos can help sellers boost sales

    Not many advertisers and Amazon sellers invest in adding voiceover and subtitles to their demo videos.


    This is your chance to capitalize on this opportunity and ensure your video stands out. 


    To do this, try including a background voiceover that guides your viewers through your product.


    Also, the presence of subtitles will help you hook their attention till the end of the video as they will be able to stay on track with what’s being demonstrated.

    4. Address FAQs in your videos

    For obvious reasons, your potential customers will be looking out for answers to their problems. 


    Now that they have landed on your product’s page, it would likely prove beneficial if you answer their possible queries in your video itself.


    This will increase their trust levels in your product and shift them from the decision-making stage to the cart checkout stage, thus leading to new orders


    Despite millions of products listed on Amazon, your business still stands a chance to capture the attention of your target audience through demo videos.

    To wrap it up, if you follow the above best practices for creating your next demo video, we’re pretty sure you will generate more checkouts and boost your revenues.

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