How Animated Commercial Videos Can Help Brands Increase ROI

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Animated commercial videos
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    One of the key pain-points faced by marketers is generating a decent ROI on their marketing/advertising campaigns.


    Sadly, this is true for a majority of them due to reasons such as decreasing attention span, lack of effective marketing tools, weak storyline, etc.


    Now all those reasons boil down to only one thing: Finding a proven video marketing tool that helps you sail smooth in today’s crowded media landscape.


    Well, what’s better than leveraging the power of animation in the face of animated commercial videos – The Key Asset for any B2B/B2C Marketer.


    Well, you might ask – Aren’t they similar to normal video ads?


    Certainly, they are! But since they are armed with the ability to demonstrate complex terminologies quickly through engaging visual elements, they help brands stand out.


    There’s more to it – Scroll down below and find 4 actionable reasons how animated commercials can help you skyrocket your brand campaign’s ROI?

    Need help understanding how animated commercials can help you strengthen your next marketing campaign?

    4 Reasons how Animated Commercial Videos help boost ROI

    Ad videos are known to be an effective form of  marketing tool for spreading the word about a brand’s product.


    Looking at the decreasing human attention span, it has become more important than ever for brands to grab the attention of their target audience effectively.


    Since animated commercial videos offer a plethora of measurable benefits, check out how specifically they help boost ROI:

    1. By improving Lead Generation

    improve lead generation

    Animated commercials are known to carry interactive elements such as icons and pop colors that capture the attention of viewers easily.


    Since the length of these videos is majorly short, it skillfully holds the attention of the audience and encourages them into taking action.


    By using commercials, brands can provoke actions such as signup on landing pages, download of E-books or whitepapers, opting for product trials, triggering app downloads, etc.


    For marketers, they come out as a great choice for demonstrating a product’s functionality as something that is both informative and persuasive.


    The best part – Their versatility allows them to be integrated at all the stages of the lead generation funnel, thus making them an additional lead magnet.

    2. By helping demonstrate Product features quickly

    Certainly, it’s not necessarily required for animated ads to portray a sales-driven agenda. 


    Around 87% of marketers believe that they can be used to explain complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand.


    This is because they can use visuals, metaphors, and storytelling to break down complex concepts into smaller, more digestible chunks.


    Now, this can be especially helpful for businesses that sell products or services that are difficult to explain in words.


    Here’s how LinkedIn used a 2D animation video to demonstrate the working of its tool – Sales Navigator:

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator | Animated Explainer

    Target Audience: B2B Enterprises

    Video Type: 2D Motion Graphics

    Industry: Business Networking

    3. By boosting Sales & Revenue figures

    Apart from helping brands with launching their products & generating leads, animated ads are also instrumental in boosting sales.


    Here’s how they work: The ads viewers come across on the internet are not optimized as per the target audiences’ interests.


    As a result, such ad videos get skipped within a blink of an eye thus resulting in low CTR and wasted advertising efforts.


    However with animated commercials, brands need not worry as these videos are strategically curated to help improve Google & Meta Ad metrics through: 


    • Communicating the key message via a compelling storyline.
    • Portraying the brand’s identity that establishes relatability thus boosting the CTR.
    • Persuading BOFU viewers to take action such as opting for free trials, signing ups, etc.

    On top of that, such videos also help brands in up-selling or cross-selling of products thus opening new avenues for additonal revenues.

    4. By engaging viewers and encouraging Action

    For obvious reasons, the key agenda of using animated commercial videos for majority of the marketers is to encourage action from viewers.


    And these videos do play their part in prompting video viewers into clicking the CTA button.


    Since these videos carry engaging storytelling elements such as infographics and animated characters, they help hook the viewers’ attention with ease.

    As a result, they become a vital instrument as viewers likely tend to watch the complete video and remember it enough for taking action in the future as well.


    Here’s an example of a similar video:

    CRED | Scan in Style | Animated Commercial

    Target Audience: Credit Card Holders

    Video Type: Animated Commercial

    Industry: Digital Payments

    Animated commercials are much more than just normal advertising videos. 


    Given how these videos offer a results-driven approach to brands struggling with poor ROI, they can be integrated into advertising strategies for efficient results.


    Due to the dynamic solution they offer to marketers, such videos help entertain, educate, and emotionally connect the target audience with ease.

    Want to generate a better ROI on your marketing campaign efforts through impactful animated commercial videos?


    To say the least – With animated commercials by their side, brands can confidently navigate the ever-growing digital landscape and ensure they stay on the top of their consumers’ minds.


    Since it’s getting more complicated and equally difficult to hook the attention and generate action from the viewers, these videos can be of great help.

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