Improve Google and Meta Ad Metrics using Animated Commercials

Learn how animated ads can help amplify your brand's reach amongst your target audience and also improve ad metrics thus generating you fruitful results

improve google and meta ad metrics using animated commercials
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As per Statista’s recent data, digital advertising spending is likely to reach $835.82 billion by 2026.


With technological advancements and changing consumer behavior patterns, the advertising space is only growing by leaps and bounds.


Considering this whopping ad spending, it’s obvious that brands are looking forward to investing in effective and result-driven marketing tools to expand their reach in the market.


Help brands enhance their Google metrics, animated commercials can play an instrumental role in helping brands increase brand awareness and drive insane revenues through ads.


In this detailed guide, let’s check out how brands can make use of different ad platforms and integrate their videos for mass reach:

Leveraging the power of Animated Commercials on different platforms:

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of animated commercials is their smooth integration on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Google Ads.


Here’s how you can leverage their power:

1) Facebook

As per statistics, there were over 2.963 billion Monthly Active Users on Facebook. 


Now this is a whopping statistic that speaks about the numerous opportunities brands have in terms of increasing awareness and boosting sales.


Here, brands can opt to create short animated ads that are not more than 45 to 60 seconds in length. 


Talking about the integration of commercials on Facebook, brands can opt from a variety of choices such as carousel video ads, Facebook messenger ads, in-stream video ads, story ads, etc.

2) Instagram

After Facebook, Instagram is the most loved platform both my brands and users. 


And if you look closely, almost every other brand is resorting to Instagram for promoting their brand products. 


Since the platform boasts one of the best engagement rates in the industry, brands can run their commercials on in-feed ads, story ads, shopping ads, etc., to attract their target audience and produce engagement.

3) Twitter

Considering the nature of Twitter and how brands and billions of users use it on a daily basis, animated ads can be used as promoted tweets and even as a way of promoting a brand’s products through an influencer marketing campaign.


On Twitter, likes and retweets account for the highest profile boost metrics. Also, the platform works on a real-time engagement metric, thus enabling brands and viewers to keep an eye on the number of times the promoted tweet has already been seen.


As a result, these ads can help brands ignite engagement from their target audience thus increasing their visibility amongst potential customers.

4) YouTube

Same to Twitter, such commercials can be uploaded on YouTube as pre-roll or in-stream ads which tend to play just before the commencement of any video.


Since animated ads are already short, their crisp and engaging nature can be leveraged to drive action from the viewers within 5-15 seconds.


YouTube’s targeting options can also be utilized to a brand’s benefit by making it reach only specific audiences based on their search history, behavior, demographics, and other factors that cater to the target audiences’ interests.

3 Tips to improve Meta Ad metrics with animated ads

Creating video ads can be a challenging task especially when you have a comprehensive marketing plan on the table.


In such scenarios, it’s necessary to pay attention to a few parameters that will help you create excellent and result-driven commercials.


Here are a few tips to help you improve your numbers:

1. Confirm the platform’s optimum video size

Before hitting the publish button, make sure that your commercial has been designed keeping in mind the proper dimensions of the respective platform.


Choosing the perfect size will help you increase the view rate on your videos and enhance the viewing experience of your target audience.

2. Create catchy thumbnails

Undoubtedly, thumbnails are the gateway to your animated ad’s success. 


Having a solid and eye-pleasing thumbnail in place will directly leave a positive impact on your video’s CTR, thus increasing your chances of conversion.

3. Focus on the Ad Copy

Apart from exciting visuals, the commercial must also contain an actionable copy that hooks the attention of the viewers.


On social media platforms, users are generally impatient in their scrolling pattern. Therefore, it’s important to write such copies or video scripts that force them to stay and complete watching the video.

4 Appealing Animated Commercial Examples for your next video

Content can be repurposed in a variety of manners. However, its repurposing depends on the goal to be achieved through the content being repurposed. 


Here are a few examples to help you understand the concept better:

1. LaMelO's: The Hulu + Live TV Cereal Animated Commercial

Although this is a Live + Animated commercial, it’s still effective in terms of boosting brand awareness and sales.


Such videos are extremely helpful as they establish relatability and persuade viewers to explore more about the product.

2: aLLberry Smoothie - 2D Animation

How creatively a product can be advertised using animation and visual graphics?


Well, this is an excellent example of kinetic typography and pop colors can be integrated to hook users and evoke action.

3: Cadbury Dairy Milk - Aliens

Cadbury brings to its users the joy of its legendary chocolate bar through a compelling story featuring Aliens.


As a result of a crisp plot and detailed visuals, this commercial generated 124 million views on YouTube alone.

4: Work, simplified | Slack

Slack has been exceptional when it comes to creating animated videos and commercials. 


In this video, it showcases the excellence of animated characters by portraying how organizations can make their life simpler & transform their work & internal communication using Slack. 

4 Benefits of using Animated Commercials

Now that you know on what platforms animated ads can be integrated for improved ad metrics, check out the core benefits brands can achieve by using such videos in their marketing campaigns:

Animated commercials are known to be engaging as they carry a visual appeal that entertains and engages simultaneously.


Given the short human attention span , these animated videos are an excellent choice to grab the viewer’s attention as they can help increase the viewership and retention rate of the videos. 

Compared to full-fledged live commercials, animated ads are more cost-effective as they do not require the presence of actors, heavy production equipment, comprehensive sets, etc.


This makes it easier and affordable for brands with smaller budgets to create high-quality and actionable ads that boost their marketing campaigns and help generate engagement from the target audience.

As stated above about the integration of video ads on different platforms, such commercials come with the element of instant and seamless shareability on platforms across the internet.


This allows brands to spread the reach of their videos and improve their Google and Meta ad metrics as newer audiences can be generated from each platform.

The best part about animated ads is their characteristic of not becoming outdated after a certain period of time.


The reason is – By leveraging the power of brand storytelling and dozens of animation styles available for creating animated videos, they make themselves a great investment for businesses looking to create long-lasting advertising campaigns.

Want a promising animated commercial that generates you user engagement?


With animated commercials, you have an unique opportunity to outsmart competitors and grab the attention of target audience in a breeze.


By choosing the correct platform to run your animated advertisement, you can ensure the optimized reach of your content, thus boosting ad metrics as well as brand awareness.