9 Animated Social Media Video Examples That Generated Revenues

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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Animated Social Media Video Examples
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    Your target users spend a considerable amount of time hanging out on social media platforms.


    As per recent statistics, almost 73% of the total audience has agreed that a brand’s active social media presence has influenced their purchase decision.


    This speaks tons about how a single animated social media video can help brands leverage the presence and the time spent by users on social media platforms to their advantage.  


    In today’s scenario where brands are struggling to grab the attention of their target audience, social media animated videos are playing an instrumental role in acquiring users, generating awareness, and increasing revenues. 


    For your better understanding, here’s a compilation of one of the best social media video examples to help inspire you for your next video:

    The Best Social Media Video Examples

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      1) Covid-19: The Journey of Disposable Masks

      Target Audience: General Audience

      Explainer Video Type: Non-Profit Awareness Explainer Video

      Industry: Education


      For organizations to spread the word about their new societal or economic development project on social media channels, awareness videos have worked tremendously well.


      Owing to obvious reasons, videos are currently the highest shared media format on social platforms be it Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.


      For social media, videos must be crisp, visually appealing, and actionable to grab audiences’ attention.


      During the Covid pandemic, we created a similar-sounding non-profit explainer video for raising awareness about the correct disposal of masks and highlighted the damage caused by plastic thereafter.

      2) Payments Reimagined - CRED

      Target Audience: Millennials & People aged 25-50 years old

      Explainer Video Type: Animated Advertising Video/ Commercial

      Industry: Financial/FinTech


      Modern-day startups and enterprises have figured out that the only way to grab the attention of their target audience is by going heavy on social media.


      And what works best on such platforms? Undoubtedly, videos!


      Through this commercial, CRED rolled out an animated video by aesthetically making use of kinetic typography video animation style and eye-catchy elements & icons. 

      By showcasing different benefits users may enjoy if they choose CRED to pay their bills, the video establishes an instant connection with its viewers and persuades them to download the app.

      3) Skrill - Money Transfer

      Target Audience: Millennials & Businesses

      Explainer Video Type: Financial Service Explainer Video

      Industry: Banking/FinTech


      You might have noticed the manner in which brands leverage the power and viewership of top sports tournaments across the world. 


      Right from NFL and FIFA to IPL, brands have ensured their product reaches the right audience via commercials and during live-broadcast sports presentations.


      In this video that we created for Skrill, we incorporated the theme of cricket in the script and storyboard which helped grab the attention of viewers.  


      Also, by using rich infographics & effective characters, we ensured the video successfully positions Skrill as the best digital money transfer solution.

      4) Brand Launch/Logo Reveal

      Target Audience: General Audience

      Explainer Video Type: Brand Launch/Promo Video

      Industry: Animation/Motion Graphics


      Often, brands have turned to social media platforms to promote their products and even launch their new services.


      Apart from introducing new products, new businesses have entered their target markets by making use of motion graphics to reveal their logos, team members, brand assets, and line of products.


      Considering the ready availability of their target audience on social platforms, it becomes easy for brands to get in their eyes and position themselves in the market.

      5) Asana - Work Works Better With Asana

      Target Audience: General Audience

      Explainer Video Type: 2D Motion Graphics

      Industry: Software-as-a-Service [SaaS]


      Juggling between a variety of tasks and managing daily operations is something almost every professional and company struggles with.


      However, with CRM tools like Asana, teams can smoothly get their work done without the fear of missing deadlines, losing track of work, and other workflow challenges.


      With this super-catchy animated video housing rich icons, graphics, and energetic voiceover, Asana successfully captures the attention of its target audience on social platforms where grabbing attention is a challenging task in itself.

      6) Blockchain TV

      Target Audience: Tech Enthusiasts and Professionals

      Explainer Video Type: Brand Launch Video

      Industry: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Crypto.


      This video is one of the finest social media video examples you will ever come across. It’s crisp, catchy, and smartly captures the attention of users.


      Produced on the kinetic typography animation style, it beautifully introduces a new platform where users can stay abreast with the latest happenings around blockchain, crypto, NFTs, metaverse, and everything related.


      Social media users have extremely short attention spans and the length of this animated video can be a perfect reference point for brands looking forward to introducing their products in the market using videos.

      7) mCura - Next Level HealthTech

      Target Audience: Health & Medical Professionals

      Explainer Video Type: App Demo/Promo Video

      Industry: Healthcare/ HealthTech


      Since the world survived the shocks of the Covid pandemic, social media users have increasingly witnessed a rise in products and services related to healthcare pitched to them via brands.


      A lot of healthtech and pharmaceutical companies have resorted to integrating videos into their social media marketing strategies.


      Through this short animated video, mCura HealthTech pitches its mobile app specially designed for doctors and hospitals to look over their OPD activities and to stay updated with everything that needs their attention

      8) MotionGility Video Showreel

      Target Audience: Startups, Enterprises & MNCs

      Explainer Video Type: Showreel

      Industry: Animation/Motion Graphics


      A showreel is nothing but a highly-edited quick compilation of all the work that a company has done for its previous clients.


      It showcases different products, services, what a company does, etc., through visuals and Motion Graphics.


      Through our showreel, we intend to portray the quality of work we have provided to our past clients and how well we can create a similar piece for you keeping in mind your requirements and target goals.


      Now that you have gone through one of the best social media video examples, it’s essential to understand why you must leverage the power of media by using videos in today’s fast-paced world:

      Why are Social Media Videos critical for your brand’s growth?

      why are social media videos critical for your brand’s growth

      Leave aside other social platforms, for almost 84% of video marketers, Facebook alone serves as the primary video marketing channel.


      And if we look into similar statistics for other prominent social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., the numbers are only going to rise.


      With the exponential rise in the number of users, brands now have an exciting opportunity they can capitalize on by using videos in their digital marketing strategies.


      To help you understand more about how social media videos can help boost your brand’s growth, here are the top 3 benefits of using these videos in your marketing campaigns:

      1) Positions your brand effectively:

      This goes without saying that social platforms mainly deal in visuals, and to be specific, video content.


      In an environment where the attention span of humans is already low, visuals can persuade viewers into abandoning their continuous scrolling and devote their attention to a brand’s video.

      2) Reach a global audience:

      Contrary to the popular saying – The world is an oyster, the social media world is huge in a manner where brands have a wider spectrum to communicate their product to a global audience. 


      By sharing videos in the social arena, brands can leverage the power of the platform’s global reach and invite attention even from audiences across oceans to their designated website or landing page.

      3) Encourage engagement and boost sales:

      With the advent of social platforms such as Instagram going heavy in promoting their in-app shopping feature, retail & consumer brands can utilize animated videos and directly encourage their audience in checking out their products. 


      Once the viewers land on the website, they can be again retargeted with a new set of videos created for the next stage of the conversion funnel.

      Want an animated video to increase the performance of your social media marketing campaigns?


      The power of social media is beyond our expectations. 


      As a business owner, it’s better to channel this power using tools such as videos that can help you meet your business and marketing goals.


      If you want us to help you in leveraging this power, get in touch with our video marketing expert today and generate more revenues through videos.

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