Best Non-Profit Explainer Video Examples That Helped Campaigns To Reach Millions

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Non-Profit Explainer Video Examples

Non-profit organizations need to constantly experiment with different ways to amplify their message and get noticed by a broader audience base. Whether it is a new campaign to talk about your fundraising efforts or showcase the work that you have done so far, you need a marketing campaign that strikes the right chord with the target audience.


Videos are a versatile medium for getting the message across to your audience. Simply mentioning the word ‘video’ in the subject line of the emails can boost the click-through rate by 7 to 13 percent.


Videos embedded in your website can shoot up traffic by 55 percent. There’s more — experts predict that by 2021, 82 percent of the traffic online will be driven by videos.


These compelling stats make a strong case for video marketing for nonprofits.  But not all video formats are equal. For non-profits, animated explainer videos are far better than others as they can connect with the viewers emotionally.


As the audience is more likely to watch videos than read text, explainer videos are the perfect way to narrate a story and share the mission of your non-profit. 


Let’s take a look at the best non-profit explainer videos to give you some much-needed inspiration to start thinking about yours:

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Best Non-profit Explainer Video Examples

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    Cancer Research Institute

    Campaign: Cancer Awareness

    Animation Type: 2D Animation

    Industry: Healthcare

    Company Name: Cancer Research institute

    Talking about cancer is not an easy task. Cancer Research Institute, a non-profit organization, pioneering research to exploit the power of the body’s immune system to potentially cure all types of cancer, uses an animated explainer video to explain the difference between immunotherapy and chemotherapy.


    An animated storyboard with a soothing voiceover definitely impacts the viewers without overwhelming them. The video cleverly sends the message across without using too much jargon. 

    Bliss Baby Charity

    Campaign: Pregnancy Awareness

    Animation Type: 2D Animation

    Industry: Healthcare

    Company Name: Bliss Baby 

    This 47-second-long explainer video hits the nail on its head. A series of animated visuals tell the audience about the ‘impossible hug’ for premature babies and solicit their support to make it possible. 


    The video was released to mark World Prematurity Day in 2013.

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    The Girl Effect

    Campaign: Adolescent Girls Empower

    Animation Type: Infographic/ Kinetic Typography

    Industry: Non-Profit

    Company Name: The Girl Effect

    Global poverty is a serious issue. The Girl Effect, which runs media programs across Asia and Africa, to help adolescent girls empower themselves to fight poverty, uses this infographic-style video to explain how time is running out for these girls.


    Unless we act now, it will be too late to save these girls who fall prey to human trafficking to support their families. 


    While this explainer video is longer than 3 minutes, it delivers a powerful message with a punch using animated visuals alone.


    The use of vibrant colors such as mandarin orange, black, and off-white along with a cascading piano arrangement ensures that the message resonates with the audience and prompts them to follow the call to action.  


    This definitely ranks as one of the best explainer videos that tackle the issue head-on without overwhelming the audience with too much information. 


    Prostate Cancer UK

    Campaign: Cancer Awareness

    Animation Type: Live Action

    Industry: Non-Profit

    Company Name: Prostate Cancer UK

    There’s a very slim chance someone will be able to ignore this video.


    This explainer video may look like a sitcom, but it isn’t — it addresses the issue of prostate cancer in men through a humorous exchange between a father and son.


    The tagline ‘it’s time to grow up sends across a powerful message that even though talking about cancer can be uncomfortable, it is necessary.

    Feeding America

    Campaign: Hunger Relief

    Animation Type: Live Action

    Industry: Healthcare

    Company Name: Feeding America

    Feeding America draws attention towards ending childhood hunger, a pressing issue in the United States, through this explainer video.


    During the first 45 seconds, the video throws up some hard-hitting statistics such as 1 in 6 children go hungry every day and the larger consequences of this on society.


    Then the video shifts gears and starts looking for a solution — the food bank network run by Feeding America, which manages various programs such as kids’ cafes and pantries to ensure that 12 million children don’t go hungry every year.  


    The explainer video also encourages the audience to be part of the solution by including a call to action for volunteering and donating. 

    Seva Foundation

    Campaign: Eye-care

    Animation Type: Stop-Motion

    Industry: Non-Profit

    Company Name: Seva Foundation

    Seva Foundation is an eye care charity that ensures that unprivileged communities get access to sight-saving surgeries and other eye care services. Through this 30-second long explainer video, the organization tells us a heartwarming story.


    It sends a strong message —  when you help restore someone’s eyesight, you actually make a difference to the world around them. The creative use of animation definitely makes this one of the best non-profit explainer videos

    World Food Program

    Campaign: Hunger Awareness

    Animation Type: Stop-Motion/Infographic

    Industry: Non-Profit

    Company Name: World Food Program

    Simple can be just as effective, and this explainer video from the World Food Program makes that point beautifully. Using a ticking clock,  this video talks about the mission of the World Food Programme and tells the audience how they can get involved.

    Charity Water

    Campaign: Clean Water Awareness

    Animation Type: 2D Animation

    Industry: Non-Profit

    Company Name: Charity Water

    Water is an organization that ensures that developing nations have access to clean water. Through an animated explainer video, the organization spreads awareness about the difficulties faced by those who don’t have access to clean water and educates the audience about the global water crisis.


    The video ends with a call to action to donate so that Charity: Water can continue to make a difference in the world. It also emphasizes the fact that 100 percent of donations go towards supporting the cause.

    Smile Train

    Campaign: Cleft lip Awareness

    Animation Type: 2D Animation

    Industry: Non-Profit

    Company Name: Smile Train

    The video starts off by focusing on the beautiful moments of raising a child that every parent will relate to. This hooks the audience, and then the video proceeds to talk about the real issue that the charity is trying to solve — cleft lip. 


    Using animated visuals, the video highlights that, on average, a baby smiles 12 times a day. However, this is a struggle for those with unrepaired clefts. 


    The explainer video makes a significant impact and forces the audience to pause and think.

    Wheels for Wishes

    Campaign: Car Donation

    Animation Type: 3D Animation

    Industry: Non-Profit

    Company Name: Wheels of Wishes

    This video is narrated from the perspective of a child suffering from cancer. Through a touch of humor, the explainer video tells the audience that it helps to grant wishes for children suffering from critical illnesses with the help of donated vehicles. 


    It also includes a solid call to action, encouraging the viewers to donate their vehicle to make a profound impact on a child’s life. 

    Need An Non- Profit Explainer Video For Your Organization?

    Final Thoughts

    The right kind of explainer videos can help your non-profit organization to increase awareness about the causes you are fighting for.


    So go ahead and get an explainer video company on board to create videos that inspire the audience to act.


    At MotionGility, our experts are here to create meaningful explainer videos for your non-profit to encourage everyone to connect with your cause.  We can work with you to find out the best way to get the message across. 

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