7 Guaranteed Benefits of Explainer Videos you need to know

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benefits of explainer videos
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    There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t use explainer videos to grow your business.


    Hubspot’s latest report says over 57% of millennials expect video content from their preferred brands or businesses.


    Now, this is enough data to strengthen the thought that video marketing should be the go-to weapon for boosting your sales and revenues.


    If we talk about user engagement in videos, explainer videos have been brilliantly successful in capturing attention and producing actions.

    But what do they mean?

    What exactly is an Explainer Video?

    animated advertising videos

    It is an animated short-form video used by businesses to promote their products and services by showcasing its prime features and benefits. 


    Largely, explainer videos have been helpful for brands in their public outreach, awareness, and customer acquisition goals. Also, they can be easily repurposed for various advertisements and social media platforms.


    In today’s world, explainer videos are no less than short pitches. The only difference is, here target audience is their final customers.

    Need quick help in understanding how Explainer Videos can power your brand to newer heights?

    Here are 7 benefits of explainer videos that will drive your business’s growth

    1) Fewer Words - More Impact

    Animated explainer videos hold an unshakable stake in the video marketing space. 


    It is because they allow brands to break down complex topics and terminologies of their products into simple and easy-to-understand pieces. 


    By combining visual and sound effects, explainer videos can help you effortlessly communicate any topic existing in the market.


    Usually, on average, explainer videos range between 30 seconds to 90 seconds a piece. This might seem like a tiny duration to promote your product’s features but trust us, world-renowned brands have successfully nailed this task.


    You might argue that this piece of content contradicts the title above, but there’s something valuable for you ahead.


    As an explainer video production company, and having served over 500+ clients globally, from our experience, videos falling in 45 seconds to 90 seconds timeframe have performed exceptionally well in meeting our client’s business goals.


    Therefore when we say Fewer Words & More Impact, we mean the conciseness that explainer videos offer to brands and businesses. 


    And by paying attention to the conciseness in videos, your customers can easily access your product or service with a thorough understanding of the benefits your product has in place for them.


    By crafting a compelling explainer video script that contains a great hook, a solid storyline, and an actionable CTA, you can confirm your video’s success.


    If you keep it engaging and to the point, you have already captured their attention.

    2) Boosts Visibility and Engagement

    You will strongly agree with us on the fact that grabbing the attention of the audience these days is a tough task. However, it’s also true that explainer videos are highly attention-grabbing. 


    They are a key instrument in attracting eyeballs toward them, thereafter the brand’s product video. But how do they boost visibility? 


    By reaching customers globally through different mediums. And you would be surprised to know that 95% of B2B buyers feel watching explainer videos have impacted and played a vital role in their purchase-making decision. A huge number!


    This gives more weight to our thought that explainer videos are insanely engaging and carry the potential to leave a lasting impact on the target group of customers.


    While there are many ways to engage your customers through videos, a few of them include leveraging the power of storytelling and building credibility in their minds.


    Stories are highly effective as they help address the problem faced by your users in a clear-cut manner. Also, by showcasing social proof in the form of reviews or testimonials, you can trigger massive engagement.

    3) Unlocks repurposing of Video Content

    explainer videos can be repurposed on for all devices

    A variety of digital and social platforms have taken the center stage today. Earlier, businesses struggled to find suitable platforms to share their branded content and collaterals.


    Today, it’s a different scenario altogether. Now, a brand has numerous options to repurpose its explainer video and share it across a bundle of media platforms where its target audience is present.


    Given the short length of animated explainer videos, they can still be shared as advertisements on video-dominated platforms, or even breaking them into social media posts.


    Presently, content distribution has become one of the key elements as it helps your brand reach the right audience at the right time. 


    To cement your brand in the minds of your prospects, you must amplify your video as much as possible. And if done in an efficient style, it can do wonders.


    Repurposing your video content will also aid your visibility and engagement goals. Explainer videos boast a universal usability characteristic and this is why they are the go-to tool for video marketers worldwide.

    Want to learn what content repurposing is and how it can benefit your business?
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    4) Enhances SEO

    The fourth benefit of explainer video talks about how attaching videos to your website can help improve the SEO score to a great extent. 


    It is because videos boost session durations, generate backlinks, and decrease bounce rate automatically leading to higher rankings of your website on the results page.


    Well, there’s no doubt regarding the impact videos have on a website’s SEO. The longer users stay, the better signals it sends to search engines about the credibility of your website. 


    Videos have the potential to increase your search traffic by up to 70%. However, merely uploading videos to your website and expecting a sudden surge in traffic is not going to yield results. 


    You must also remember that it’s also necessary to add some context in written form that talks about the video. It will help your viewers consume your content better, thus boosting engagement and session rate on your website.


    Another important point you should pay attention to is while you upload your video, make sure to supply all the technical details such as Title, Meta description, tags, related schema, etc. 


    Doing so will increase the chances of your website showing up higher in search results.

    5) High Shareability Power

    Videos are the most shared pieces of content on the internet. That’s true. 


    And who doesn’t like to share interesting, valuable, and result-oriented videos?


    By integrating videos into your marketing and growth strategies, you unlock for yourself, a world of social signals that your video has created for your business.


    Social signals? What’s that? Let’s understand this with an example: 


    You own a healthcare brand and want to reach your target audience with the help of a healthcare explainer video. Generally, such products or devices are complex due to their usability and functionality.


    Your explainer video prepared excellently in layman’s language, is being shared by your viewers on different platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


    Now, when the receivers of this video click on the link and land on your website to watch the video, this will send a signal to Google’s algorithm about your content’s quality.


    It will increase social signals to your website and make Google understand the valuable information that your website provides.

    6) Helps Establish Brand Value

    Animated Explainer videos not only help improve SEO but also form a foundation for a great brand. History has it that well-known brands have easily reached more customers with minimal marketing or advertising efforts. 


    Such videos gave birth to successful customer relationships that helped strengthen a brand’s customer value. Since the past decade, more and more brands have started to become customer-centric rather than just product-centric.


    By showing consistency in brand communication through explainer videos and other paths, you can make your customers stick to your brand always.


    With videos by your side, you can portray your brand’s unique traits making you stand out amongst your competitors. 

    7) Cost-Efficient & Increased ROI

    cost-efficient & increased roi

    The presence of videos on your landing pages can likely increase conversion rates by up to 86%.


    Probably, sufficient enough to say that explainer videos are worthy of investment made. Why not? They are no less than valuable brand assets for any organization.


    Normally, explainer videos ranging between 30 seconds to 60 seconds cost brands $2000 – $4500, depending upon business requirements.


    However, when it comes to measuring the results brought in by them, they can be measured on quantity parameters such as the average number of views, click-through rate, conversion rate, watch duration, etc.


    Also, studies show that over 22% of users tend to share videos that are 30-45 seconds long.


    These days, consumers love to watch video content rather than consume boring and lengthy text-based content. The idea is to incorporate explainer videos to reach more customers and make them stay till the end.


    Now that you have understood the different benefits of explainer videos, it’s time to grab a deeper insight into why you should partner with us for an animated explainer video.

    3 Reasons Why you should work with us

    3 reasons why you should work with us(customization, creativity, delivery & communication

    Look. We understand how businesses function and also how potential customers can be attracted to a brand’s product or service.


    Indeed, an explainer video software can also get your job done at less cost. However, by hiring an experienced explainer video company like us, you need not worry about the following 3 things:

    1) Customization

    We believe in delivering the best. By deeply understanding your product requirements and the message you wish to communicate, our experts will make sure that the explainer video helps you attain your objectives.


    Tailoring and creating unique video content as per the demand is something we swear by!

    2) Creativity

    The best thing we love about explainer videos is how beautifully they allow us to exercise creative freedom. And we look forward to creating the same magic for your brand by producing engaging illustrations and seamless motion graphics. 


    Our talented team of scriptwriters, illustrators, and animators is here to help you amplify your brand voice.

    3) Delivery & Communication

    Expect transparency at every communication stage with us. We promise you quick delivery by offering our streamlined video production process so you can just sit back and relax.

    Want an Explainer Video that takes your brand to the next level?


    Pretty sure that after reading the above benefits of explainer videos, you would be convinced why they are an excellent marketing instrument to boost growth and revenues.


    Amidst the tough competition, it has become necessary for brands to step up their marketing game and gain maximum ground to survive.

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