7 Eye-Pleasing Stop Motion Animation Videos You Must Watch

7 Eye-Pleasing Stop Motion Animation Video Examples You Must Watch

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Stop Motion Animation Videos

If you’ve ever seen a video and couldn’t stop watching it more than once, there is a high chance it could be a stop-motion animation video!


For today’s startups and even giant enterprises, videos have been at the core of their marketing and branding campaigns.


And the primary reason can be reasonably attributed to the manifold benefits they bring such as keeping the audiences’ attention hooked, encouraging them to take action, persuading them to share the video further, etc.


Here as we discuss the best stop motion animation videos, it becomes necessary to understand what they exactly are…

Meaning of Stop Motion Animation Videos

Stop-motion videos are created using an animation technique that relates to the movement of still objects, manipulated and moved in a manner where they’re captured one frame at a time.


This leads to a series of frames being captured and later animated using motion graphics which creates a sequence of illusion of physical objects moving smoothly.


These videos have largely been known to brands as an interesting and captivating source of attracting the target audience. 


Ever since they were first used in the 1800s, technological advancements in 3D and visual reality have enhanced their quality and impact on viewers.


But let’s look at the best of them over the period:

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1. Honda “Paper”

How do you showcase your brand’s legacy of not 10, but 60 years under 2 minutes? Honda says: 


Through an excellent stop-motion animation video that captures the essence of what the brand is all about. 


An aesthetic fusion of cut-out + stop-motion animation styles, this video is a masterclass on how brands can showcase their entire journey by grabbing the attention of their target audience and retaining them till the end!


The video is beautifully produced by a giant team of animators manipulating hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations, thus communicating Honda’s story.

2. Pringles’ Commercial

Known by fans for its cheeky identity and of course great potato chips, Pringles won the hearts of millions of customers, marketers, and artists by launching its stylish stop-motion animated commercial.


The video armed with high-quality visuals, the snack company offers an immersive view brought together by seamless transitions of potato chips swirling around its cans. 


Quite evident from the video’s rich appeal, this is a breathtaking example of how the integration of fine motion graphics can create a WOW effect for the target audience.

Not to forget, the 90-second commercial carries a piece of energetic music in the backdrop, paving the way for increased audience engagement.

3. Game Over by PES

PES has become synonymous with stop motion animation videos because of their sheer brilliance in production and presentation quality.


And by watching this Oscar-nominated short video from them, you’ll instantly be teleported to your childhood arcade days.


A fine example of excellent planning, imagination, and execution, this video houses a couple of games accompanied by millipedes, space invaders, asteroids, etc. 


We bet you would watch it twice and thrice, given how amazingly they’ve captured the essence of evergreen games by integrating different objects such as candies, pizzas, etc., and imitating the video game characters using the stop-motion animation technique.

4. UTOPIA by Guldies

Having amassed over 170 million views on YouTube alone, this video by the marquee stop motion video producer Alex, famously known as Guldies is a treat to watch. 


Heart-warming object fluidity, crisp sculpturing, soft yet rich sound design, and the use of clay in the most satisfying manner ever – summarize the complete video.


The video doesn’t necessarily carry a storyline like other stop motion videos but rather emphasizes how creatively, clay can be used and molded for better engagement.

5. Triple Layer Cheesecake by Lego

What happens when two of the most iconic activities/elements are combined? Certainly, magic happens and this is what the video is all about.


Lego blocks have been iconic in themselves and when used to create an imaginary Lego cheesecake using a stop motion video, just ticks all the creativity, visualization, imagination, etc., boxes.


Well, this is the absolute beauty of these videos as it allows an artist to capture and compile frames in a moving sequence that exhibits reality, thus offering viewers an incredible viewing experience.

6. BENCH - Animated Short Film

This is one of the most thrilling stop motion animated short films you’ll ever watch. 


The film begins with a captivating plot that involves a hungry character gulping down a delicious sandwich which then moves forward with another timid guy watching the latter enjoying his meal.

The climax will have your heart as it’s an interesting combination of crisp storytelling, sound effects, picturization, and stop motion to conclude.

7. Whatever Your Resolution by Adobe

Walking into the New Year, everyone is pumped up with joy and a few resolutions in their pockets that apparently never seem to come into action.


So to highlight a few of them, Adobe shot a video that happens to be one of the best stop motion animation video examples of all time, talking about a gift box moving sequentially through multiple devices.


The box contains different resolutions people usually take such as travel, fitness, dieting, savings, etc., displayed through catchy objects forming a smooth transition.


Overall, it’s an eye-opening video simultaneously apart from being a creative one!

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Wrapping Up

Stop motion animation videos are undoubtedly well-organized pieces of magic that can make a brand’s target audience go WOW in a few seconds.


Often, businesses prefer such kinds of animated videos that are not necessarily as per the stop motion style and temperament but actionable enough to attain their marketing objectives. 

So if you’re planning to leverage the power of animation just like your competitors and gain a competitive edge against them, get in touch with us today, and let’s discuss your next marketing weapon – Animated videos.

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