The best Employee Training Video Examples to cut training time in half

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Employee Training Video Examples
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    Employee training is one of the most crucial processes in every organization and the time consumed in doing so consumes a lot of cash burn, leading to extended bonds and tons of conditions slowing the growth of a fresher.

    So, is there a way to avoid cash burn and fasten the training process?

    I ended up asking the same question to a ton of experts and they suggested, video-based training might help. So I searched for ‘employee training video examples’ and the results were not only surprising but also proven to cut employee training time is almost half.

    Employee training videos are a great self-learning tool to help employees learn at their own pace and be prepared to deliver quality work faster.


    Here’s a list of such exceptional employee training videos that helped companies to cut their training expenses and time.

    The Ultimate Guide
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      8 Best Employee Training Video Examples to inspire your next video

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        1. Employee Onboarding Training Video Template

        Usually, new employees on the first day, expect to be made familiar with the culture, practices, and policies followed at the organization. With explainer videos, this expectation can be made easy and more realistic in nature.


        This video talks about the process and benefits of welcoming new employees with onboarding videos created with visually appealing animations and different characters by integrating them into a training video. 


        By showing seamless transitions of different areas at a workplace, it aims to help the management in making their employees comfortable.

        2. University of Colorado Employee Services Explainer

        With this infographic style-based video, the University of Colorado’s goal was simple – To communicate the scope of services to their employees in an easy-to-understand manner.


        Large-scale organizations often find the training and employee onboarding process a bit complicated. It is because of the numerous processes and services that are involved.


        Through this video, the organization has tried to cover all aspects relating to employee services and performances. Also, a few sets of statistics-backed interactive infographics and a light background music track keep their viewers going.

        3. Dangers of a Negative Safety Culture

        Surely, this animated training video will provide you with a movie-like experience. 


        Having a safety culture in place at mining sites, power stations, and factories is extremely important for workers’ well-being and overall safety. This video subtly highlights how workers follow risky measures and an ignorant attitude toward workplace-related safety protocols.


        The video is set up in a 2D environment with 3D characters moving around and attracting the viewer’s attention. Also, the script plays a crucial role in this video as it successfully complements the motion graphics performed on the characters.


        Overall, this video should be on your reference list the next time you sit down to create a similar video for your organization.

        To Understand How to Write an Engaging Script

        Check Out: How to write an engaging explainer video script

        4. Cable Trays General Installation Animation | EAE Elektrik

        Through this video, the company showcases a detailed step-by-step demonstration of its cable tray installation process. 


        Following the isometric style of animation design and music, the video is prepared to help workers understand the entire tray installation activity so that they can assemble and install it correctly.


        Such explainer videos prove amazingly handy while training a large number of employees.

        5. Nissan

        Created by MotionGility

        During the Covid pandemic, Nissan reached out to us with an explainer video request. 


        Their requirement was clear – To communicate and inform about their latest Safety First campaign focused on the safety of their customers and employees.


        By integrating motion graphics with 2D animated characters, the video talks about various measures undertaken by the company to eliminate the spread of Covid.


        We made sure the script is focused on driving value to customers and ensuring them about how they could get their services and repairs done through a contactless operational procedure.


        As a result, this video’s success led it into becoming an excellent example of an employee training video.

        6. ICICI WFH Explainer

        Created by MotionGility


        Work from Home became a household term during the Covid tragedy that struck the world forcing everyone to operate from the comfort of their homes.


        During the same time, ICICI Bank approached us with a simple yet crucial request for an explainer video specifically focused on employees’ work-related measures and processes that they need to follow while working from home.


        Virtually connecting and working with your colleagues was something not everyone was used to. With the help of this motion graphics video, we made sure that the script helps the central message about the well-being of their employees be communicated efficiently.


        This was a training cum tutorial video showcasing how one should always stay connected with their co-workers by displaying disciplined yet empathy-oriented behavior so that everyone can feel relaxed during tough times.

        7. Mental Health in the Workplace

        Considering the increasing workload at workplaces, it has become necessary for employees to pay attention to their mental health status and keep a check on them at regular intervals.


        This video aims to help employees understand how easily they can approach assigned managers and practitioners in their organization through a systematic and confidential solution-driven module.


        The script is written in a conversational pattern with infographics-based motion graphics performed on different characters to enhance the viewer’s experience.

        8. Employee Overview Zoho

        HRIS software helps large organizations streamline their entire work cycle and related employee details in a single place. 


        Zoho’s people management tool provides a one-stop solution for hassle-free employee interactions and overall human resource management experience.


        This comprehensive animated cum Live demonstration video focuses on educating employees regarding various aspects such as project management, attendance, leave structure, and other employee relevant details.


        It might look like a lengthy tutorial or guide toward understanding the functionality of the software. But in reality, Zoho’s team has done a fantastic job covering all the necessary features by showcasing brief navigation in a single shot.


        Now that you have seen almost all of the video examples, the other challenge you might have to come across is the choice of the right animation style for your corporate needs.

        Understand which video animation style is the best choice for corporate needs: Corporate Video Animation Style

        All the videos selected above have a unique purpose and presentation style. They can be used to not only help organizations train freshers but can also be a great tool in marketing and customer support if repurposed properly.

        Yet one of the major questions that arise in the mind of almost everyone looking for a video is, Are they relevant to my industry?

        Let’s understand it in detail with some examples:

        Relevance of employee training videos

        Employee training is one of the most time-consuming and time taking processes that every organization goes through. But since the information revolution, tons of training and educational videos are now available at the tip of our fingers.

        This not only helped the companies to cut short training time but also helped them to improve the employee onboarding experience. The reliance and relevance of these videos are pretty exceptional, companies like Amazon, Google, Tableau, etc are investing thousands of dollars just to maintain course servers.


        Curious why they do so?

        Since the internet revolution, the flow of information is at its peak which was used by these giants and unicorns as a marketing technique. The companies started creating social media and web content around how to use their products to solve certain day-to-day activities.

        Check out these fantastic video courses dedicated to learning, for both employees and customers, that helped companies to become a brand and fasten the overall training process

        How Search Engines Work-

        This video is a part of Google’s public library for training called Google Digital Garage dedicated to teaching more and more users about how Google works and how they can use google to promote their business online.

        It can be used for both education and employee training, as the videos start from the basics of the concept and build up to an advanced level of understanding. The clarity of concept and simple visualization of implementation makes it a great video to learn from

        What is AWS? by Simplilearn -

        The video is a part of Simplilearn’s Skill Up course library under Cloud Computing Courses. The video targets users who’re not using AWS right now and is acting as a hook to help them decide if AWS is the right platform for their cloud computing and storage needs.

        Videos like this can be a great way to entice companies to use your product and save employee training time with partnered courses

        Are you looking forward to create an Employee Training Video for your business?

        Final Words

        With rising costs, it has become imperative for organizations to control their finances and resort to cost-effective measures to navigate the human resources department. 


        By choosing to execute vital tasks such as employee onboarding and training through employee-focused training videos, organizations of any scale can build good rapport by extending an immersive employee communication experience.


        If you want to manage your employees well and boost your retention rate, grab for your organization a similar employee training video from us.


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