8 Best Corporate Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Video

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Corporate Video Examples
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    Marketing in 2022 is more focused on brand building and reputation than urging the audience to buy a product.


    Based on a recent comment in an interview by Gary Vaynerchuk, focusing your efforts on brand building and marketing will help you save time while making a sale. 


    In the Internet-based business era, gaining trust and engaging customers long enough to build a brand is hard. The major challenge corporates and Startups face in brand building is explaining the company’s entire vision in the audience’s attention span.


    Worry no more, We have a perfect solution for every corporate need.

    What is a Corporate Video?

    Corporate videos are powerful tools for brand introduction, engaging stakeholders, and showcasing corporate vision.


    They come in various forms, including animations and live-action, catering to diverse audiences and budget considerations.

    8 Award Winning Corporate Video Examples

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      1. Spotify Premium

      Animation Style 2D Animation

      The video animation portrays the daily life of the majority of employees and helps them visualize the product as a part of routine relaxation.


      Spotify introduced itself as a part of consumers’ lives and introduced its premium service to the company. 


      The Video used a great combination of animations, colors, and cartoons with incredible visuals to portray Spotify as a relaxing necessity.


      The transitions took us to various places and the message introduced us to a premium offer in collaboration with Hulu.


      This made it one of the most memorable corporate videos of all times

      2. ETSI Corporate Video

      Animation Style Live Action

      The ETSI Corporate Video uses exciting music, soothing voices, and real-life stock footage and videos.


      Each element in this video narrates a story and displays innovation in VR using Motion Graphics Elements. The script, Animation, Transition, Music, Sound Effects, Voiceover, and Graphics are powerful to engage and impact. 


      The video is a great corporate video choice to introduce enterprises and large companies with powerful visions, RnD, and Innovations.

      Here are some corporate animation styles to inspire your next video

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      3. Coca-Cola

      Animation Style Motion Graphics

      The Coca-Cola Company introduced its products and placed the company as a part of consumers’ daily life by combining footage of all ages of people using one or another drink by Coca-Cola as refreshment.


      This company video combines visuals from across the world with incredible motion typographical transitions.


      The video progresses to show the history of the brand and the production process. Slowly transitioning to sharing the vision of modern innovation using AR elements and social campaigns run by the company.

      4. Blockdaemon Overview

      Animation Style Motion Graphics

      Blockdaemon, a Blockchain Node asset company introduced itself to the world as an online revolution in hosting and managing Block Nodes to launch and manage your blockchain or NFT elements.


      They introduced the company to the world using a walkthrough video sharing the entire purpose of the company using an animated explainer Video.


      This example is just a simplistic video that uses vibrant colors and music to explain the entire Company’s products using minimal transitions and UI visuals sharing the entire product walkthrough of the website.

      5. Convergent

      Animation Style Live Action

      This video is one of the best examples of a corporate explainer video combined with incredible voiceover and layovers of infographics to promote the digital solutions that the company provides.


      Convergent is a prominent Irish company providing digital transformation solutions through converging processes, people, and information.


      The video showcases how data and technology work together and presents its elements with infographics. It looks like a traditional video for a corporate website.


      The company has published the video on the homepage to educate the customers.

      6. Why Starbucks Blend Coffee?

      Animation Style 2D Animation

      When it comes to Animated Corporate Videos Starbucks is a brand we couldn’t neglect. Starbucks introduced various facilities and products to the world using animated videos. 


      This video took us to the roots of Starbucks Coffee and tried to make us understand why they use traditional blending methods and use coffee as a seed blend instead of pre-made powder.


      The entire vision was displayed by the company in this incredible corporate video in less than a minute.

      7. 360 Property Group

      Animation Style Live Action

      This video is a great example of a production video created with a high-quality professional camera and professional cinematographers and editors. The voiceover uses a strong engaging voice to share 360 Property Group’s vision and methodology. 


      The video shows everything from vision to work culture to profit metrics on-screen ending with an animated logo of partners and firm.


      The video managed to share all these in less than 2 minutes, which makes it one of the best corporate videos ever.  

      8. GE

      Animation Style 2D Animation

      Unlike its competitors, GE used an Animated Timeline Infographic Video that starts with the history and achievements of the corporate.


      The video progresses to share the vision of the corporate using the future numbers in the timeline. 


      GE introduced the new CNC Cutting 3D Printing mass production and portrayed itself as an American dream in terms of Creating Jobs and Training Employees. 

      Why modern Brands are Producing Corporate Videos

      The power of animated videos can be more realized from the fact that today’s marketers believe integrating corporate videos in digital campaigns can fetch qualified leads by up to 66%.


      You might ask – What’s the real agenda behind brands brands driving toward corporate video production?


      Well, nothing better than an appealing video that acts as your brand’s official 24/7 digital spokesperson…

      1. Reinforces Brand Awareness

      A strong customer base is built on multiple factors such as brand loyalty and how much they’re aware of your products and organization as a whole.


      It’s all about the identity in the minds of your target audience and at what level their user experience stands. 


      To enforce and reinforce this emotion, top brands such as HDFC, SAP, Microsoft, ITC, etc., have resorted to getting corporate videos produced to amplify their brand story.


      More importantly, animated videos help top brands associate and stick their vision and story in the target audiences’ minds forever.


      Here’s how HDFC & RBL Bank made use of a corporate video to reinforce brand awareness:

      2. Strengthens Customer Trust

      Producing corporate videos is not only about getting videos created about a brand story or a product’s journey.


      Sometimes, they’re also used as an instrument to strengthen customer’s trust through testimonial videos


      Since these videos feature real customers/clients speaking about their experiences about their user journey with the brand or product, it instills a sense of belief and humanizes the brand.


      Here’s how Zoom used a testimonial video in a corporate tone with the review they received from Hubspot:

      3. Demonstrates Brand Expertise

      In this competitive market, brand managers can leverage corporate videos and establish credibility by promoting themselves as market leaders.


      This is because – Through videos, a brand can showcase its industry expertise and how they’re offering efficient and results-driven services or products to the target market.


      Now doing so would establish them as a thought leader in their domain and by being vocal, brands can position themselves as an experienced and industry-approved service provider.


      Through brand storytelling, brands can grab and retain their customers’ attention and craft an image of a leader in the competitive market.


      Check out how Starbucks did the same:

      Over To You

      Corporate Videos are the best way to build a brand and enhance your marketing strategy. These videos help you generate revenue and act as a direct part of the sales funnel. 

      These videos not only help you build a brand but also help people visualize your brand as a part of their daily lives.
      Through corporate videos, companies can share their corporate and growth visions in a creative way for both customers and employees to stay a regular part of the brand.
      If you’re not sure of how to do it, you can always take help from a corporate video production company to create memorable corporate videos.
      Even though the brand vision is complex and it’s a struggle to balance between building a brand and managing sales, the to own corporate video can help you achieve both, and is always a good idea. 

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