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DingDingNow is an integrated global platform aimed at helping students learn through excellent mentorship as well as providing mentors with a platform to share their valuable expertise.


It allows the users to connect with the world and participate in live interactive sessions where they can learn or share valuable knowledge.

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DingDingNow's Project Overview

The DingDingNow platform is designed for both, learners and mentors where they can connect and mutually help each other grow in their respective fields. With the help of this platform, learners can choose their own mentors who they think will be a perfect match, and mentors can share their expertise and guide the new generation along with earning an extra income.


With its efficient approach powered by advanced technology and an aim to bring the whole world together, DingDingNow has come across as a platform that establishes connectivity worldwide and provides a one-stop solution for learning and sharing knowledge.

project overview

Challenges Faced By DingDingNow

dingdingnow - edtech explainer video case study

To put an end to these problems all at once, DingDingNow was launched that not only gave an able platform to students to gain knowledge and achieve greatness in their respective fields but also provided the experts of various areas an opportunity to spread their knowledge and enlighten the next generation.


In order to spread their message in an effective manner that not only explains the idea but also impresses the public, DingDongNow needed an explainer video. The company realized the importance of having an explainer video from the start and also had their website’s custom image aesthetics synchronized with the video to present their brand with an identity of its own.

Why DDN Chose An Explainer Video?

DingDingNow had a visionary perspective and was already aware of the ‘ins’ of the market. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, a live video shoot was not an option, they realized their only option to be animated explainer videos and were later surprised with the outcome they received.


The main motive of having a video for their brand was to create awareness about their innovative and thoughtful idea and to simplify the concept for their viewers. They realized that since explainer videos hold the ability to explain things with utmost ease in a short duration of time, then they will be their best bet, and needless to say, the bet turned out to be in their favor.

why ddn chose an explainer video
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outline the script

A good script is the soul of the video and it marks the beginning of the direction in which you want to take your video. So in order to create a compelling story, your script has to be remarkable and that was the first goal of our creative team.


Subsequent to knowing their vision for the explainer video, the target audience, and the message that they want to send to their audience was determined. The script was made in such a way that will have a lasting impact on the viewers and which can also get the word out clearly.


ding ding now storyboard

Keeping the vision of DingDingNow and the message they want to send about their brand, in mind, a storyboard was created. The artist with their utter creativity tried to conceptualize the essence of the script through creative frames, voice-overs, and descriptions and gained prominence with the help of it.


ding ding illustration

After getting the approval of the client on the storyboard, it was forwarded to our determined illustrators who bring the storyboard to life with their aesthetically-pleasing illustrations. We made sure that we use colors that match the vision of the brand and maintain its tone perfectly.

Color Scheme

ding ding color scheme

We opted for their brand guidelines to set up the initial designs and colors for the video.


ding dong now
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To bring the style frames to life, they are forwarded to the animators after being finalized. The animators then use their creativity and bring the whole act together that arouses the viewer’s attention and seems visually appealing.


They also make sure that the video is shown in the right context and impresses the viewers with its visionary approach.

Voice Over

dingdingnow - edtech explainer video case study

Voice-over helps in humanizing the brand for the viewers and gives the video a personality of its own. The voice-over script is handed to the artist which then gets recorded and added to the video.

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Results DingDingNow Achieved with us

With the help of our 2-D explainer video, DingDingNow was able to present its brand uniquely and spread the word effectively. Some snapshots from the video were also added to their website which helped the visitors in gaining clarity of their concept and simplify the process for them.


The video also helped them in getting brand engagement and accelerated their popularity among their target audience.

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