TapOnn is a sleek and resourceful digital networking card that helps you network faster, convert leads better, and connect smarter in just a Click! The digital card allows you to store and customize all your business information in a smarter way thus allowing you to share it with people you come across.

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TapOnn's Project Overview

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To amplify the way through which its smart cards are enhancing the networking game, TapOnn reached out to us with a requirement of a Product Demo Video.


They wanted an animated video that can help them reach out to their target audience and position themselves as the best digital instrument to share and exchange business information.

Discover below how we helped them spread the word about their digital cards by boosting their brand’s awareness…

Challenges faced by TapOnn

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Being a smart digital product, TapOnn wanted to come across in the eyes of its target audience. 


However, they were struggling to find a marketing solution that could help them present their product in a crisp and appealing manner.

Since their product’s target audience is evenly broad comprising of corporate professionals, freelancers, etc., their search for an effective marketing instrument ended with a Product Demonstration video.


As a result, the key challenge they faced about increasing their product’s awareness was resolved through a crisp video which also fetched them great results. 

Why TapOnn chose a Live + Animated Product Demo?

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The reason why TapOnn went ahead with this type of animated video lies in the pattern of how its target audience operates while attending networking events.


Choosing a Live + Animated video style enabled them to establish a deeper relationship with their audience as it potrayed to them a realistic scenario of how TapOnn’s smart cards can help them win the networking game.

Considering the bundle of benefits product demo videos bring along, such videos are highly preferred by marketers as 96% of customers prefer watching product videos before making a buying decision.

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Process we Followed


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Before we began the process of writing the video’s script, we took our time in researching out the pain-points faced by TapOnn’s target audience.


This helped us in crafting a compelling script that helped the brand hook their audiences’ attention till the end and encourage action on the video.



On the storyboard stage, we firstly created a clean visual representation of the entire video containing all scenes which are to unfold.


Storyboard allowed us and TapOnn to grab a bird’s eyeview of the key frames, scene details, and camera angles through which the product was to be demonstrated.


taponn case study

After getting approval on the storyboard, we started off with adding colors to the scenes in terms of icons and infographics.


Since there were live footages involved in the video, we ensured a smooth synchronization of animated and live elements for an appealing presentation.

Color Scheme

taponn color palette

Since the color palette of any brand is a key asset to their identity, we ensured the optimum usage of their brand colors in the video.


The crisp inclusion of colors helped them showcase their brand personality and their product’s presentation in the market.


This is the stage where all those visually rich illustrations are smooth transitions and movements of scenes take place.


Here, our animators put on their creative hats and brought all the elements together thus providing an aesthetic appeal to the video.

Voice Over

taponn case study

Without a background voiceover, a video seems almost lifeless.


To cater to the energetic appeal of TapOnn’s target audience and encourage action, we made use of an excellent voice artist and helped viewers comprehend the product with ease.

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Results TapOnn achieved with us

By integrating this Live + Animated Product video on their social channels and marketing campaigns, TapOnn was and continues to reach its target audience with effectiveness.


To say the least, they were able to attain their  marketing goals and establish themselves as an appealing and impactful instrument for establishing relationships.

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