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DAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organised which is a Sub Domain introduced by Blockchain Lab. 
The organization is an independent entity, much like a private or public company, that operates independently of day-to-day human oversight. Performing its day to day operations via its pre-programmed algorithms, that replace human interaction



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Project Overview

Project Overview MotionGility

Coming from a very technical background Mr. Ismail Malik wanted to let people know about DAO, which is Decentralized Autonomous Organized network based on Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.
DAO is purely a new concept and a bit hard to be understood by layman. It was so obvious that they were facing trouble while making people understand what they are offering. The website visitors were also getting a vague idea about the services and not the exact one. As the content was quite based on future technology hence they were looking for a futuristic and technically sound video. 

Project Overview MotionGility
Challenges MotionGility


Challenges MotionGility

While making the Explainer Info-graphic Video for DAO we actually came across many challenges the most significant of which is to have a detailed understanding of the Client’s business domain as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are not a layman’s terms. We have to understand all the details and technical terms such as DAO, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Initial coin offerings and many more.

Since we have to understand the technicalities and then we have to represent it visually so that anyone visiting their website can get what exactly the DAO is.

Why DAO Chose An Explainer Video?

After a thorough discussion, DAO understood that the best way to convey their complex message is by having an Explainer Video. We have come up with the informative video explaining the elements of DAO. 


To understand the topic, we did a thorough research on Blockchain , ICO and how tokens can be utilised in future for the transactions with the  great support of the DAO team. After research we opted for the theme which was going to be blue as it is more related to technology. We made use of various futuristic elements like drone dropping packages, machine learning, chat-bots, etc.


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Ismail Malik - Founder and CEO of Block Chain Lab

I appreciate their understanding and flexibility for my business. They took time to understand what I mean and research thoroughly. They respected my needs to design the Explainer video for a very new evolving technology. MotionGility is really an amazing Explainer Video Production Company.


With the help of this video, DAO utilized it on their landing page. It helped their visitors to understand it in a much better way. This resulted in less bounce rate and more retention for their service.

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