Headquartered in Yokohama, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer. 


Nissan is the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, with global sales clocking more than 320,000 [All-Electric Vehicles] as of April 2018. 

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Nissan's Project Overview

Nissan reached out to us with a requirement for a video campaign that highlights the Nissan Safety First Steps undertaken by the company.


Due to the Covid pandemic, the automobile industry was struggling with executing their marketing campaigns. Hence, they opted for an animated explainer video to align their marketing goals with the ‘New Normal’ changes the world was getting accustomed to.


Check out in detail how we helped them achieve their desired marketing objectives by creating an engaging explainer video.

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Challenges Faced By Nissan

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With Covid hitting the world, global economies and businesses suffered the most. The lives of billions of people were impacted due to the strict measures taken by the authorities to curb its spread. 


Amidst such tough conditions, the work culture and style of professionals was disturbed. And, Nissan wanted to find a breakthrough in the context of advertising its Safety First campaign.


Live shoots weren’t obviously possible. With social distancing norms at the strictest, the brand wanted to opt for a tool which could help them strengthen their branding.


The company was facing a couple of challenges in settling for an effective advertising strategy that could possibly bring them sales and boost revenues.

Why Nissan Chose An Explainer Video?

Nissan opted for an explainer video because they are an effective marketing tool to ‘explain’ anything. It can be your product or your vision, you name it and the video does it for you.

When creating explainer videos, you unlock extreme levels of creativity. Also, you can integrate humor, good stories, appealing characters, and Voila! You have an explainer video ready to attract new clients and boost sales.

Nissan realized that explainer videos could be utilized effectively. Such videos can be repurposed and distributed on platforms such as landing pages, emails, YouTube, or even for collaborations in different formats. After all, explainer videos are short & crisp enough to attract audiences.

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Process We Followed

Here’s our in-depth process of how we helped Nissan spread the word about their Nissan Safety First Campaign


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A good script is the core of an amazing video. Our creative team collaborated with Nissan to get the right message across. It was crafted keeping in mind the target audience and the end goal of the video.


It was simple, yet convincing for the customer base. We aimed at creating an engaging script and, we were easily able to deliver that.


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Our core focus was on delivering an effective explainer video. Descriptions, frames, and voice-overs are the key elements of our storyboard that help the video gain its pace.


We paid serious attention to creating an immersive experience so that the video can help Nissan garner the attention of their target audience.


nissan | case study | campaign explainer video

Once the storyboard was done, it was shared with the client. With their approval, we began our next step of creating illustrations.


Our team of illustrators created the characters and style frames that suited the brand’s vision. While the animated characters were being developed, we made sure that they represented the brand effectively. 

Color Scheme

nissan | case study | campaign explainer video

Keeping in mind the color palette cum brand colors of Nissan, the illustration team made sure to make the video stand out by integrating all the colors to add more charm to the video.


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Once the style frames were done, they were forwarded to the animators who bring it all together. The animation style used was visually appealing and it simply made the video all the way more functioning.


The transitions were able to keep the audience hooked to the video till the end and that is exactly what we focused on.

Voice Over

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Voice-over gives the video a personality of its own. It is umanizes the brand for the audience. Once the sound mixing is done after the animation, VO is also added after the artist has recorded it.

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Results Nissan Achieved With Us

In total, the campaign’s social ads were seen 602,384 times and received a total of 378,587 video views and almost 1,500 clicks to the website. The awareness success of the campaign can also be backed up by the number of total page views the Safety First page received, 7,448

-Stats Provided by Nissan’s Marketing Team

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