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Market your apparel line and make sure to get the word out about your business to build a brand and improve leads conversion rate using animated videos from an Expert Video Animation Company

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What is a Fashion Animation Video?

what is a fashion animation video?

A Fashion Animation Video is a short marketing or branding video created for businesses in the fashion industry to showcase new products, build brand value propositions, and advertise products amongst the masses.


These videos are created to make sure your brand not only reach potential customers but also help them relate to the characters and feel confident with your brand line.

And not just that, with animation the possibilities are endless. Thus, name the goal and viola! your imagination comes to life.

Fashion Animation has the power to accomplish tons of marketing goals, with the right story and relatable graphics.

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Our Animated Videos are the Best across Industries

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Why are Animated Videos for Fashion a great choice?

The Online Fashion Industry is at its peak expansion. The e-commerce fashion stores like Shein, ASOS, H&M, etc. have paved the way for thousands of fashion brands to reach potential audiences and engage them with relatable experiences across the web and social media.

It would be safe to say everyone now is or has been shopping from the comfort of their home. And with brands competing globally across the web to share unique experiences and engaging campaigns, standing out from the competition is now more troublesome than ever.


Using Animation is not just a unique way to stand out but also to make sure your customers’ visions come to reality. And they have tons of marketing benefits but here’re the top 3 benefits of Fashion Animation Videos that makes them a great choice for all businesses

Bring In Your Imagination to Reality


With Animation videos, you don’t have any restrictions on how creative you want to be. You can be as creative as you want and the illustrators and animators bring that to reality.

Super Cost-Effective


Animation Videos are a great way to share brand stories and with the power to bring all imagination to reality without spending any money on complex production makes them an exceptional choice

Hook And Engage

Animation Videos have the power to not only hook the audience but also engage them long enough to make a decision. This increases the chance of conversion effectively

We are Committed to Offering the Best Animated Fashion Videos

We are proud to be a part of 141 startups and 537 world-leading enterprises in their video production journey. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes. 


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Types of Fashion Animation Videos

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Model Storytelling videos

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Product Storytelling Videos

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Product Videos

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Product Variations

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Explainer Videos

How to Create a Fashion Animation Video With MotionGility

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Where Can You Use Fashion Animation Videos?

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Digital Magazines
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Social Media

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Marketing & Ad

How much do Fashion Videos Cost With an Animation Company?

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The cost of a Professional Animated Fashion video differs with factors such as Style, complexity, delivery time, voice-over, and length.

With the difference in target goals, the story and plans differ, which contributes to the cost of an explainer video.

Therefore, our animated videos for fashion cost around 2500-8000 USD/Minute.

Want to leverage the power of animated videos in the fashion industry to achieve target goals?

How long does it take for a Video Animation Company to make an Animated Fashion Video?

how long does it take for making product explainer video motiongility

Making a Fashion Animation video needs several professionals at different stages of production.

Therefore it takes us approx Four to Six weeks to deliver a highly tailored video.

However, This duration can vary depending on the complexity and feedback during the entire project cycle.

Why MotionGility is the best choice when you are looking for Video Animation Companies to partner with for your Fashion Brand?

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At MotionGility, we provide animated explainer videos for every stage of the funnel. As best amongst the top explainer video companies, we are here to elevate your marketing strategy and take it to new heights. Our explainer video services can help define your services better and deliver visible business benefits. 

Here is why you should partner with our animated explainer video production company:

in depth brand research

In-depth brand

We take our time to understand your brand’s messaging and services to make sure the explainer videos we create completely align with your requirements.

client focused


While we always make sure to bring our own ideas to the table, our video planning process starts by understanding your requirements and expectations.

quick turnaround time

Quick turnaround

We have a defined workflow for our animated explainer video production process to ensure swift planning and execution

conversion driven


We are always focused on creating animated explainer videos that can give you visible conversions and measurable results

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