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What is a Corporate Training Video?

corporate training video production

Training is a forever-going procedure that never going to stop but changed over the years. Every organization used to train its employees for improving productivity and continuously adapt various techniques for the betterment of training programs.


Here’s everything you need to know about corporate training videos and as a corporate training video production company MotionGility makes it simple to understand the same.

Corporate training videos are digital presentations that are purposefully created for employees’ guidance, direction, and knowledge development. These help employees performance enhancement to perform the best practice in the industry for completing a specific task. 


The video included a visual presentation of work with suitable audio that help employees to learn several work-related things. 


The greater learner engagement feature of video content replaced the need for human beings in employee training. 


Our Animated Corporate Training Videos for Clients

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Why do businesses need corporate training video production services?

The people’s drastic shift towards watching video content presents an opportunity in front of businesses to implement videos in a training program for better efficiency.


The video content not only grabs the users’ attention to learn effectively but also encourages them to perform better to increase their productivity.


The video content is more attractive and creative visual presentation develops the employees’ interest in the work.

why are training videos important

Organizations require fewer funds to invest in employee training as compared to other training programs and enable them to invest the saved funds in a productive way to ensure business growth.


The videos are easily accessible over different devices, which provides flexibility to employees to operate the training videos from anywhere or everywhere.


Adapting training videos in practice helps businesses to leg up within the industry. This is an opportunity that businesses should capitalise them and ensure the creation of a competitive advantage.

Types of Corporate Training Videos

customer support training

Customer Support

educational videos


employee training videos

Employee Training

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Creating an Animated Explainer Video with MotionGility is Easy

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Benefits of Training Video Production

Effective training videos are one of the most common organizational practices that help businesses to ensure the growth of their employees and company.


Here are some benefits that help the business:


Employees’ Growth: Various categories of training videos cover different organizational aspects that work on the skills enhancement of employees. Work on the enhancement of skill development reflects the increase in employees’ productivity.


A skilled employee within an organization can contribute more than unskilled employees.

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Cost Effective: Instead of investing a huge amount in appointing experts for employee training, using


employee training videos is less expensive and these videos are reusable.


Organizations can also repurpose these videos according to their needs and requirements.


Time-Saving: Implementing training video content within the organization requires less time because videos specifically discuss learning-related topics. 


The use of video doesn’t need an introduction or any informal relationship between the mentors and mentees.


Personalized Training: Videos are prepared to provide a personalized touch to the employees and effectively engage everyone to learn better, and effectively. 


The personalized videos improve the employees learning ability and ensure the delivery of efficient results for better growth of employees and the organization.


Well-Researched content: The training videos are created after a lot of research, which helps the different employees to learn effectively and explain everything about the work in the most understandable way.


Proper research before doing any work provides several organizational benefits and helps to discuss the specific things that increase the employee’s complexities in doing specific tasks.

Where can you use Training Videos?

Animated Training videos can be repurposed for distribution on almost all owned and paid channels which makes them a great investment that can be used at every stage from concept comprehension to advertising.


Here Are Major Channels a  Organisation Can Use to Connect With Right Audience:

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Digital Ads

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employee training vector

Training and Presentation

television advertisements infographics vector

Television Advertisement

How much does corporate training Video Production Cost with an Expert Animation Studio?

Various factors impact the cost of animated Training videos, such as video length, voiceover, level of graphics, etc. The video’s cost is determined using all the factors mentioned above.

A professional Animated Corporate Training Video with video production companies can cost anywhere between 3000 to 8500 USD per minute based on the requirements.

The use of animated training videos for ensuring better marketing practices helps to improve sales and profitability by up to 200%.

cost of training videos

Why MotionGility is the best choice when you are looking for Animated Explainer Video Makers to partner with?

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At MotionGility, we provide animated explainer videos for every stage of the funnel. As best amongst the top explainer video companies, we are here to elevate your marketing strategy and take it to new heights. Our explainer video services can help define your services better and deliver visible business benefits. 

Here is why you should partner with our animated Commercial training video production company:

in depth brand research

In-depth brand

We take our time to understand your brand’s messaging and services to make sure the explainer videos we create completely align with your requirements.

client focused


While we always make sure to bring our own ideas to the table, our video planning process starts by understanding your requirements and expectations.

quick turnaround time

Quick turnaround

We have a defined workflow for our animated explainer video production process to ensure swift planning and execution

conversion driven


We are always focused on creating animated explainer videos that can give you visible conversions and measurable results


Animated corporate training videos are created with the intent of training customers, employees and stakeholders about the product or operations.


At times during training process they might feel like they are not crucial but having training videos can help brands to not only build trust but they can also be repurposed to help in product marketing. 

All Animated Videos are Personalized and can be rendered to repurpose on all paid and owned channels. Based on your preferences please mention all distribution Platforms during requirement discussion.


Schedule a Call,  Share the Requirements, and we’ll Take Care Of The Rest 

When it comes to animated videos, there’s no one size that fits all. The ideal size of an Animated Training Video depends on:

1. Complexity Of Concept

2. The Proper Product Usage Procedure

3. Target Audience

4. Target Goal of The Video

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to deliver an Animated Training Video but the delivery of a project is governed by a lot of requirement factors. Connect with our experts to learn more.

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