7 Ways to Effectively Build Customer Trust Without Fail

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Effectively Build Customer Trust
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    Building customer trust and making sure your potential leads convert to paying customers is indeed a challenge for almost all businesses. 

    While some are struggling with complex customer retention others are still facing issues with retention.

    Either way, all businesses face issues in building trust and it would be safe to say it is one of the most common problems across industries.

    Before we move any further, let’s understand why building trust is important for your business?  

    Why building trust is important for businesses ?

    building trust is important for your business

    As the world is now available at the tips of our fingers, everyone’s now shopping from the comfort of their couch.


    This created a marketing challenge for businesses as the executives now have to convenience people online which created a communication gap leading to a lack of trust. 


    Thus making sure to build Trust in a brand’s offering became one of the key goals in a marketing funnel. But what makes me so confident about it?


    Well, Here’re some statistics that prove how important building trust is for your business


    1. More than 40% of customers agree that they buy things from a trusted brand only.
    2. Product comprehension and training resources are proven to increase a business’ ROI by up to 400%
    3. Gaining customer trust can help businesses to improve retention by around 170%

    The facts prove building trust can be a revolutionary approach to improving ROI and retention.

    Curious how can you do it?


    Let’s check out my secret recipe to build exceptional trust to work with clients for years.

    7 Brilliant ways to Build Customer Trust effectively without failing

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      1. Leverage the power of StoryTelling

      Sharing your story with your target audience is a crucial part of building a brand. This helps your audience relate to your success story and visualize growth with your brand and look beyond just products and relate to you.


      You can share your struggles, achievements, expertise, and awards. This was you’re creating a brand people can actually relate to. 

      This now only shows compassion but also engages the audience well enough to choose you over the competition.

      The Lego Story

      Target Audience:  End Customers
      Animation Style: Cartoon Animation
      Company: The Lego Story

      Why does Starbucks blend coffee?

      Target Audience: Coffee Lovers
      Animation Style: MotionGraphics
      Company: Starbucks

      2. Be transparent at all stages of the funnel

      Clients working with you don’t always stick around without exceptional results. But to reach that exceptional results requires a lot of patience throughout the process.


      Making sure to be transparent and responsive at all stages of the process can not only help you engage them but shows empathy and activeness towards the project.


      It is a great way to build trust and actively retain your audience.

      Our Explainer Video Production Process

      Target Audience: Clients
      Animation Style: 2D Animation
      Company: MotionGility

      3. Build a good Rapport

      Building rapport means creating mutual respect, affection, friendship, and trust with someone. This is done usually during a sales call.


      Building a good rapport make sure you get a sale and the client sticks with you not only throughout the process but also after it.


      It’s a great way to build strong relationships and trust which makes sure you’re a forever partner for the client’s projects 

      Grant Cardone

      Target Audience: Generic
      Animation Style: Live Action
      Company: Grant Cardone

      4. Have a positive attitude toward Feedback

      deal closer video

      Negative reviews are something no business is new to in 2023. But how you respond to this feedback is something that makes all the difference. 


      A positive response to feedback shows dedication and empathy. It portrays that you not only care about the work but also are passionate about adherence to quality.


      A positive attitude shows you love your work and care about client relationships. This helps to generate strong trust and retain customers longer.

      5. Share best practices and guides

      Sharing knowledgeable content has proven to be a great strategy to stand out from the competition. This is not only the case in real life but is also an important metric to reach the top of Google SERP.


      Sharing knowledge can help you build expertise over a topic and help your audience to trust your word. This trust helps you to build a community and become a pioneer in the industry.

      What is B2B Marketing?

      Target Audience: Startups, Businesses, and Professionals
      Animation Style: 2D InfoGraphics Animation
      Company: MotionGility | Animated Videos For Business

      How to add videos to a page or post?

      Target Audience: WordPress beginners
      Animation Style: Screencast Videos
      Company:  ‘Create WP Site’

      6. Create and share Video Testimonials

      With the world competing globally to expand businesses and grow exponentially, all industries now are suffering a nominalization in profit margins.


      Thus building the trust of customers in your brand is the only way to rise above the competition. Customer testimonials on your website can assist you in doing the same.

      Zoho SalesIQ testimonial by 'Mahindra & Mahindra'

      Target Audience: Potential Leads
      Animation Style: Live+Typography
      Company: ‘Mahindra & Mahindra’

      Customer Testimonial by Sales Studio

      Target Audience: Potential Customers
      Animation Style: Mixed Video
      Company: Sales Studio

      7. Improve Social Media Presence

      social media management services

      Social media is more than just a way to advertise your business’s goods, services, and content. It can engage your consumers and prospects because communication is a two-way street.

      With these interactions, you may create a community around your brand and increase brand trust. This helps to actively outreach new audiences and engage them long enough to make a buying or sticking-around decision

      Building customer trust effectively cuts lead conversion time in half

      When people trust your brand, they’re more likely to choose you over the competition. This makes it easier to convert potential leads and make sure you retain your existing customers.


      Having a good rapport and establishing yourself as an expert in the domain to gain customer trust can actually cut short lead conversion time by 50%.

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