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For charitable purposes or voluntary organizations, we as a non-profit video production company provide animated videos that effectively build and lead the community in the right direction.

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animated nonprofit video production company
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animated nonprofit video production company
animated nonprofit video production company
animated nonprofit video production company
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What is NonProfit Video Production?

Nonprofit video production is the process of creating a video to convey a message that focuses on spreading awareness. Video content is an effective way to connect people for realizing their social responsibility toward the betterment of society and the community.


These videos create to fulfill the aim of non-profit marketing campaigns for developing a sense of responsibility among people across the world. The primary objective of creating these videos is to connect people emotionally. 

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We believe to deliver top-notch videos that effectively deliver the message that impacts people’s mentality to realize the benefits and need of doing right for today and tomorrow.

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Animated Video Examples

kara foundation
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Are You Looking For An Animated Video To Achieve Target Goals For Your NGO?

Types of NonProfit Videos

Many organizations are working with the intent to ensure the betterment of the community. Here is a collection of some non-profit videos that effectively work to develop a sense of responsibility within the people.


Let’s have a look at the types of non-profit videos:

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Non-profit animation videos for fundraising

The fundraising videos are created to explain the problems affecting the people or planet, and videos connect the people to explain the need for funds. These videos are mainly used for charity purposes to perform a specific task.

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Non-profit cartoon videos for training purposes

Multiple associations provide non-profit training opportunities for people to learn several things that ensure a better future. Training videos help people to learn things for personal growth.

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Non-profit animation explainer videos for social awareness message

The explainer videos are used for spreading social awareness among the people for the betterment of the planet and all living things. These videos are focused on encouraging people in the right direction by realizing their social responsibilities.

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Non-profit organization campaign videos

The campaign is basically about performing a specific task via building connections with people and the community. These campaigns are focused on specific issues that can affect human life either now or in the future.

animated nonprofit video production company

Non-profit animation updates videos

Videos presenting the results of activities done in past events are considered update videos because these videos motivate people who participated in the events and influence others to participate in these kinds of activities.

How to create Animated NonProfit Videos?

how to make videos animated explainer video ?

Make a Script: Make a script to tell a story that covers all important elements. A script must include things in creating animated video content. 


Create a Plan: The plan includes a systematic presentation of activities till the end of the video for providing better direction. 


Research Analysis: Before beginning the work on the video, it is mandatory to perform market research to know the important factor that focuses on the pain points of the people and ensure to attract more people.


Selecting the proper video style: Selecting the proper video style is important because the proper medium of delivering the message plays a vital role in attracting and engaging people.


Choosing the proper theme and color: Proper theme and relevant color increase the effectiveness of the video and also increases user engagement.

Adding suitable voiceover or background music: Suitable voiceover or background music increase the users’ attention span and lead them to watch the videos till the last.

Creating an explainer video with MotionGility is easy

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Where Can You Use Animated NonProfit Videos?

Animated NonProfit videos can be repurposed for distribution on almost all owned and paid channels which makes them a great investment. They can be used at every stage from Ideation to advertising.


Here are the major channels an organization can use for creating a successful video marketing campaign:

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Training and

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Digital Ads

fundraising events


video distribution channels

Video Distribution

How much does NonProfit Video Production Cost with an Animated Video Production Company?

The cost of animated videos depends on the style of animated video chosen by the organization. Various factors impact the cost of animated explainer videos, such as video length, voiceover, level of graphics, etc. The video’s cost is the collection of all these factors mentioned above.


In the tech-savvy world where video content is consumed by people of all ages, businesses must use animated videos to ensure growth.


The use of goals-oriented animated videos for ensuring best video marketing practices can not only help to improve sales but also increase profitability by up to 200%.

Why Should You Choose MotionGility As Your
Video Production Partner?

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With a hardworking and dedicated team of Animators, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Video Marketing Experts, and Story Board Artists, MotionGility one of the best-animated explainer video production companies in the world since 2019.


As experts in animated video production, we are expanding our outreach to almost all parts of the globe, starting with India. Motiongility is now offering services in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, United States, Australia, UAE, and Europe with Headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA and Indore, India.


We can give you a thousand reasons why should choose us to be your video marketing partner but here are a few reasons why our clients are working with us for years.

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On-Time Delivery

With our streamlined process we guarantee a smooth and on-time delivery of your video

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Effective Communication

We communicate fast and we always bring value with our communication for your video strategy

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At each stage we provide 2 free revisions helping you to get the expected outcome.

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High Quality Videos

Guaranteed Quality with high-end animation. Our focus is to deliver the best explainer videos

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We work with great flexibility and available 24X7 to respond to your queries during entire project cycle

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Customised Videos

With highly skilled team our focus is to develop custom videos to provide unique experience


Animated videos are a great way to reach new donors and volunteers. These videos help audience to understand the vision and cause of the campaign.

Having an animated explainer video can help you boost reach to more target prospects and can help to reach new prospects and stakeholders. It’s not crucial but having an explainer video can help NGOs achieve a lot of target goals faster.

All Animated Videos are Personalized and can be rendered to repurpose on all paid and owned channels. Based on your preferences please mention all distribution Platforms during requirement discussion.


Schedule a Call,  Share the Requirements, and we’ll Take Care Of The Rest 

An Animated Non-Profit Video goes through a long process of scripting, storyboarding, illustration and animation with feedbacks and iterations at all stages of production.


Thus it usually takes around 4-6 weeks to deliver the final video.

However you can get faster delivery based on requirements and your discussion with our experts.

The effectiveness of an animated explainer video depends on the following factors:
1. The choice of distribution channel.

2. Quality of your video.

3. Script’s resonation with target goals.

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