7 Expert Tips For Creating a Good Crowdfunding Video

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    While establishing an enterprise, enterpreneurs are on a constant run with their individual involvement in multiple aspects such as branding, fund raising, marketing, etc.


    During their pursuit in building a profitable brand, they’re also equally concerned about the investments made, expected ROI and profitability they can expect.


    Here, raising funds for the enterprise is a challenge almost every entrepreneur comes across. 


    Apart from arranging a hefty loan or bootsrapping, crowdfunding is an excellent option which entrepreneurs can opt for to fund their business.


    As per Statista’s latest data, the transaction value in the crowdfunding market is expect to reach US$1.14b in 2023.


    Considering the massive surge in crowdfunding, videos can effectively prove as a one-stop solution for new enterpreneurs in helping them raise funds for their business ventures.


    But what exactly is crowdfunding and what are the important tips you should know while creating a crowdfunding video?


    Let’s understand it in detail:

    Need more help understanding how a Crowdfunding Video can accelerate your Fundraising efforts?

    What is a Business Crowdfunding Video?

    what is business crowdfunding video?

    In normal words, business crowdfunding is raising funds for your business on a digital platform where you voluntarily invite people to make donations.


    This involves generating funds from beyond family, friends, relatives where you can share your project details on popular crowdfunding platforms.


    Here, a crowdfunding video can help solidify the brand communication and improve chances of raising the desired amount of funds.


    More than that, a good video can prove to a gateaway of success in terms of initial financial stability for your business.


    So how do you create a great video? Check out below an actionable collection of the best video production tips:

    7 Tips for Creating an actionable Crowdfunding Video

    1. Less is More

    You already know that the human attention span is on a declining note.


    Considering an individual’s limited capability to focus attention, you must keep in mind to not stretch your video beyond a certain length.


    In this social media driven world, you barely have 8-10 seconds to make a mark on your viewers. Imagine this to be a digital elevator pitch where the video must convey your crowdfunding agenda as crisply as possible.

    2. Good quality of Audio

    This has to be one of the crucial aspects when it comes to creating a video for crowdfunding purposes.


    Barely making out the creator’s words or music that is playing too loudly when the creator is speaking in a voice-over can ruin the video’s vibe.


    Some ways that you can fix these audio issues include buying an affordable USB microphone.


    You can also use Audacity software which is used by a lot of podcasters as it allows you to record and edit audio for free.

    3. Choose a Decent Spot for the shoot

    tips for shooting a professional video

    Before you begin shooting your video, remember to choose a decent spot at whatever place you’re present at.


    It’s important to make optimum use of the complete space you choose to produce a subtle yet appealing crowdfunding video. 


    Since it’s about your business, it’s necessary that you face appears bright and confident. Ensure proper lighting but not so much that makes you look dark.

    4. Quality shoot equipment

    Nowadays, mobile phones come with high-end camera configurations which makes it easy for individuals to shoot videos easily.


    However, you must not forget that the availability of a high-end professional camera setup can elevate the visual experience for your audience.


    Therefore, investing in good quality shooting equipments is preferable as this will boost the chances of generating better results.

    5. Focus on proper Editing of video

    After you’re done with shooting your video, it’s vital to edit it for better presentation of your agenda.


    For editing your video, you can either use multiple video editing apps or software available online or get it edited by professional video editors.


    A crisply edited video will help you hook the attention of your audience on your video and boost chances of goal conversions.

    6. Leverage the power of Storytelling

    brand storytelling

    The only thing you would want to avoid is to create a boring video for your viewers.


    It’s your business idea and since you know it better than anyone else, you have an opportunity to present it in the most highly effective manner which is, through brand storytelling.


    As a result, this will help you establish an emotional connection with your audience.

    7. Distribute it on owned media channels

    The reach generated from sharing your video on social media platforms can be insane in terms of results it has the potential to generate.


    This is because the more people your video reaches to, the more increased are the chances of raising funds for your business.


    You can always repurpose your video content for enhanced visibility across the internet.

    Looking forward to create a compelling Crowdfunding Video that helps you raise funds better?


    Raising funds amidst cut-throat competition can be challenging for entrepreneurs.


    But with the power of Live + Animated videos which a majority of business owners are using today for their crowdfunding purposes, things can be pretty easy.


    By following the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that your video generates maximum output and impact.

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