A Complete Video Ads Guide To Achieve Target Goals Faster

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know about video advertising and how to create effective ads that capture and convert.

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There is no doubt about how powerful videos are and how they can be super helpful by being a part of the marketing journey.


Videos have the unique ability to capture and engage audiences like no other form of content.


When videos are used in ads, it allows the user to connect deeper with your product which in turn becomes memorable for them.


Videos can be highly effective, the right thing to know is how and where to use the video ads.


Who is your target audience, your overall marketing strategy, and most important of all does your audience is connecting with your video?


Well, there is nothing to fear, let’s learn everything about video ads one by one.

What is Video Advertising?

what is video advertising

In the world of advertising, videos are considered as the Hero. Video advertising is basically when someone uses a video to promote their product.


Instead of relying simply on text or images, video commercials bring things to existence and make them more fascinating.


These video ads are designed to catch your attention and get you interested in whatever they’re selling.

The purpose of video ads is to engage the audience visually and to convey the desired message in a limited time. 

Video ads have been proven to be the most effective form of advertising. 

Let’s understand the importance of video advertising.

Importance of Videos in Advertising

Videos are becoming increasingly popular in advertising as they are super effective to get the brand message out and make an impact.


In this section you will get to know how important a video can be in an ad campaign:

Videos can convey lots of information in a moment

video can convey lots of information

We live in a time, where people carry lower attention spans and are always in a hurry. In this period videos can be super essential as they are quick and saves the time and efforts. 


Instead of reading long paragraphs, one can simply watch a video and get to know what and how of any business.

People love to watch videos

people love to watch video ads

Official stats from YouTube says that people spend billions of hours watching video content.


With that said, if a company is not using videos in their ad campaign, there are high chances that they are missing out on a billions of people’s attention.

Videos are great in SEO

videos are great in seo

When people come across a video ad specifically on YouTube, they tend to click on the link or search for the website later. 


This helps in improving SEO rankings, as video ads create curiosity about your services.


videos are more likely to attract backlinks and social shares, which can contribute to higher search rankings.

Mobile Accessibility

mobile accessibility

With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, video consumption has surged on mobile devices.


Brands who incorporate commercial videos into their marketing strategies can reach a broader audience and engage users who are increasingly consuming content on mobile platforms.

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Plan out your video ad

To hit the right spot with the audience, planning the ad beforehand is very important. Here are some of the essential points that should be considered while planning the ad.

The first thing to do is identify what you are expecting from this ad campaign.


Understanding the goal will let you get through the rest of the process easily and bring out successful results.


It will also help you understand the type of video you should create and how to align it with your marketing plan.

There are many video streaming platforms available to us. But it is important to choose which is the right platform for your audience.


If your target audience is Genz or millennials, you can’t take a risk to run your ad on Facebook. The right platform for them will be Instagram.


Just like that you should know your audience well this way you can determine the right platform to advertise your videos.

When you create a good video, you are engaging your audience from start to end.


The message you want to convey in your video should be clear, whether it’s promoting a product, or creating awareness.


The visuals you are using should align with your brand identity. At last, create a compelling ending that tells viewers what exactly you want them to do next. In short, add a CTA.

Advertising is all about tests and trials. Know how your ad is running, analyze what can be done better, and work on it accordingly.


This will also help you understand what type of video style your audience connects with the most.


Be it infographics, Q&A, or explainer videos, observe what your audience reacts to the most and take further action accordingly.

How to set up a video ad campaign

1. Choose a goal:

The first thing to determine in a video ad campaign is the goal of the video. Without a clear goal, your efforts might go in vain. Having a goal helps in determining the objective of the campaign and also helps in planning the ad accordingly.   


Let’s understand this with an example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, your focus should be reaching the maximum audience and increasing views.

2. Spend your budget effectively:

After having a clear goal, the next thing should be to determine the budget and to know what amount you can spend on the ad and exactly what return you are expecting from it.


Each platform may vary in pricing, but one can choose according to the target audience. Also, it is important to know the period of time you want to spend running an ad. Monitor the ad from time to time and refine your spending through the campaign to get the best possible results.

3. Reach people searching for your brand or business:

After selecting the budget, comes the point of how to reach the target audience. Well, through videos and ads together, it becomes easy. One can make use of search engine advertising platforms like Google Ads to reach the target audience. 


In Google Ads, simply create a video ad optimizing the right keywords that appear in the search results. If someone searches for the related query, your video can appear in the search results.

4. Organize your ads with ad groups:

Ad groups help in organizing the video ads within the campaign. Each ad group has its target audience which helps in making the ads more effective. If your brand is offering multiple products in different categories you can create an ad group for each category.


This way you can create ad groups for each category and reach out to the separate audience for each category. Ad groups make it easier for the brand to optimize the ad and also reach the intended audience.

5. Create relevant ads:

The last and most important thing in an ad campaign should be to create ads that bring you the result. The ad should align with your campaign goals and it should be customized to the specific ad group and target audience you are targeting.


Keep the demographics and interests of your audience in mind when creating the ad. Also, your ad should be visually appealing and have a CTA at the end.

What are native video ads?

Native video ads are a form of advertising that easily blends with the content on the platform. Unlike any other ad, these video ads do not highlight and interrupt in between.


They are designed in a way that matches the feel and UX of the platform making it more engaging and less annoying.

Native video ads flow naturally with the content and can be identified by the “sponsored” or “promoted” tags.


They are mostly used to create more engagement with the users and encourage them to take action. 


These ads are strategically placed in the content feed to make sure that the ad appears in between while they are consuming other content on the platform. 

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Important KPIs to Track for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Video Advertising

1. Video View Count

The view count shows that how many times the video has been viewed. It help us to understand the reach and exposure of the video ad.

By knowing the view count we can analyse that how effective our ad is running.

2. Click-through Rate

Click through rate of a video ad shows the percentage of viewers who clicked on a CTA or attached link in the video.

It shows that how achievable the ad has been to encourage the viewer to take action.

3. Engagement Metrics

Engagement metrics help us to measure the number of likes, comment and messages on the video ad.

By knowing all these one can determine how much your ad is likely to engage with your audience.

3. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate shows that the viewer has watched the complete ad and performed the desired action like signing up for a newsletter or even making a purchase.

It help us to understand the impact of ad had on the viewer and how much it encourgaes viewers to take action.

5. Return on Investment (ROI)

The most important of them all is to know the return on ad spend. It shows that how much revenue one has generated by running the ad.

It overall determines the profit and effectiveness of the ad campaign.

How much to invest?

cost of marketing video

When it comes to how much investment one should make in video ads, there is no fixed amount for that. Video ads can be effective in reaching and engaging potential customers, but let’s not forget that they can also be costly.


The amount you should invest depends on various factors, such as your budget, marketing goals, target audience, and the platforms you plan to advertise on. Strike a balance between what you can afford and what you hope to achieve. 


It is wise to allocate a portion of your marketing budget specifically for video ads, test them, and measure the results.  Start with a modest investment and monitor the performance closely. 


If you see positive results and a good return on investment, you can gradually increase your budget. 

Want to create compelling video ads for your business?


Making the right use of video ads is a surefire way to achieve the desired results from the video ad. By following the strategies above you will get the right understanding to run an ad effectively.


With consistent efforts and tests and trials, one can make use of video ads to increase brand awareness and achieve target goals faster.


Through this guide discover the immense potential of video advertising to accelerate your business toward success.

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