How To Do Content Gap Analysis And Capture Competitor’s Traffic

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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content gap analysis
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    Content is without a doubt the prime priority amongst all aspects of a digital campaign. And with the rollout of Google’s user-first content algorithm, make sure the content on your site is technically correct, covers a wide range of information, and contributes to a web created for your target audience.

    Interesting Fact


    Websites with proper clusters and hierarchy have seen 63% better hike in ranking keywords and web visibility.

    Most of the site traffic comes from quality content and information offered by the brand for users at each stage of their buying journey. Thus making sure there are no content gaps on your site at any stage of your sales funnel is now more important than ever.


    The content gap analysis will help you offer guidance to your potential audience regarding the use of your product or service. This helps them to visualize your brand as an integral part of their growth.

    It is not only important to stand out from the competition but can also help you to get more convertible leads.

    Curious how is it possible to do it?

    Table of Contents
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      There are 2 ways you can analyze the content gaps and make sure your site goes up in SERP and engage customers at all levels.


      1. Map your customer journey to Boost Sales by filling Content Gap

      Whenever a potential customer enters your site, he or she enters with one of the two intents in mind

      1. They are looking for information related to your brand offerings 
      2. They are looking for the right reasons to buy from your brand 

      Either way, establishing your site as a community for all intent users and delivering what’s best for them is a great way to make sure your leads convert to paying customers.

      Make sure you analyze the customer’s behavior and create a content flow that makes sure that there’s no stage in your sales funnel where the customer exits from your site. 

      To do so making sure you map your customer journey is important.
      Let’s learn how to do it

      How to map your Customer Journey?

      behavior flow ga

      Mapping your customer journey is a simple process with Google Analytics. The ‘Behavior Flow’ reports will tell you all about the interactions your users made with a page and you can use them to map your customer’s entire journey from the entrance to the exit location, including the actions they’ve taken on your website.

      But if you’re looking for deeper insights into your customer’s behavior and look for deeper insights on the behavior flow and navigations, you can opt for Clarity and check out he recordings showing the entire walkthrough of user’s journey on your website.


      Analyze the Content Gaps at each stage of Sales Funnel

      Now that you’re sure of your customers’ behavior, all that’s left to do is understand their wants and needs. And when it comes to content, the easiest way to analyze is by understanding the sales funnel 

      sales funnel

      Your site must have content related to each stage of the sales funnel in your service niche and making sure there’s a connectivity between all the content related to the niche audience is something that can help you improve your ROI by 300%

      But whenever you create a user journey from the entry point to the final goal page, make sure that all users irrespective of their entrance choice have a path to reach the end goal. 

      Drop-offs at the intermediate stage are a clear indication of gaps in your content. Make sure to add relevant content and introduce CTAs in your existing content to guide your customer to the target goal.

      How to Boost Sales by filling the Content Gap

      Now that you’re sure of how to analyze the gaps, all that’s left to do is boost sales by filling the gaps. All that’s left to do is actually do it.

      Here’re the best tips for content creators to fulfill content gaps by choosing the right content type and choosing the best topics

      1. Make sure your content doesn’t sound like you’re selling something on topics that are meant to be informational, Specially the Conclusion.
      2. Make sure to redirect the interest of users with informational intent to deeper information and generate a need to sell your offerings.
      3. Implement CTAs and Graphics to direct a sales journey to its final goal
      4. Implement a secondary goal at each stage of the funnel to gather data on resuming a user’s journey toward the final goal

      Experts are leveraging either one or all to achieve their target goals and bring in a great ROI leading them to achieve a Unicorn or Segment-Giant status. You can start with one and start your journey in content gap analysis that will help you improve sales.

      Interesting Fact

      Marketers that use a blend of sales, information, investigation, and entertainment content across the web have witnessed a whooping 130% better leads conversion.

      Now that you’ve established yourselves in terms of conversions, all left to do is stay ahead of the curve and beat the competition. 

      Let’s move on to the next method for analyzing gaps and improving content to stay on top of SERP.

      2. Analyze competitors and stand out by filling Content Gaps

      Analyzing your customers is the easiest way to plan a marketing campaign. But since they’ve already established themselves as a pioneer using that strategy, filling the gap is a bit struggling.

      To save you from struggle, let me slip you a little secret ratio that helped us not only fill the gap but also stand out from the competition. 

      Expert Tip

      Make sure your content strategy is a blend of 70% unique and 30% competitor analysis. This makes sure your risks are calculative and your audience gets something unique increasing the chances of you becoming their favorite. 

      Although there’re no hard and fast rules to deciding a content calendar, let’s start with an analysis of competitors’ plans to fill content gaps

      Easily analyze the competition using Aherfs Content Gap Report

      Before we move on to analyzing competitors’ content, understanding who our competition is is a painful job, to begin with. Here’s a guide to understanding all the parameters related to competitor analysis.

      Check Out: Analyse your competition based on these parameters to bring in the best ROI 

      how to do content gap analysis and capture competitor's traffic

      Content gap report shows you all the keywords for which competitors’ domains or subdomains are ranking but your own domain ain’t. This report can help you decide how to improve your existing content pieces with time and create new ones.  


      Since you now know which keywords to focus on, Let’s move on to understand how to stand out from the competition

      How to stand out from competition by filling the Content Gap

      Standing out from the competition is easy when it comes to creating content. All you have to do is make sure your content offers a wide range of target information necessary for your target customers.

      Cover all the keywords without making it sound like they’re forced into the content and offer all the verified information related to the topic.

      Conclusion: Making sure there're no Content Gaps on your site can help you Boost Sales and stand out from competition

      Having a well-planned content calendar is one of the best ways to boost sales and improve ROI on digital campaigns in the era of the Internet-based market. 

      Making sure your content is a perfect blend of all content types and offering value at all stages of the sales funnel can help you stay on top of SERP which can improve inbound sales by up to 400% 

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