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Instagram video marketing
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    Instagram: A Favorite

    With the rise of social media spaces on the internet in the past few years, the type of content on the internet has changed drastically. 


    This made it hard for users to engage the audience regularly without changing a marketing plan. 


    The algorithms are continuously changing with every update and you need to keep learning new things every day without a fail. But here are some things you need to take care of while devising a marketing plan.


    What Makes Instagram A User Favorite?

    Instagram has turned out to be one of the fastest-growing platforms on social media. In the year 2020, the platform turned 10 years old but it’s still the most popular platform to date.


    Also, it has turned out to be a user favorite not just for the influencers, but also for all the marketers out there.


    Yes, you read that right! 


    Not only influencers but also marketers have been using Instagram as a platform to create a brand reputation, audience engagement, and product reach.


    Instagram has proved itself to be one of the most prominent video marketing tools in the past years with updates like IGTV and Reels. 


    There has been a rumor that Instagram’s growth depends a lot on professional-quality cameras and high-end editing but the goal of the platform has always been the flow of information.


    A lot of its insights depend on the creativity and uniqueness of what a user is sharing with his network. 

    Instagram Videos

    Lately, Instagram Reels have gained attention and it wasn’t a surprise. There have been reports that a good blend of Reels, Videos, Animations, and Pictures helps users achieve better engagement than a chosen content type. 


    There are more reasons to choose a blend of content than just creating a reach. A blend of content will help provide value to your audience, create a profile pattern and reach a range of audience who prefers a specific content type.  


    There are things that cannot be portrayed with one specific content type, so it’s important for marketers to opt for a blend.


    With a 15-second video only, You can promote your brand, share details about your product or simply educate people about something to create awareness.


    Why so serious?


    You can make something fun and knowledgeable, and post it. The audience will be engaged for sure.


    Hence, it is very important for you to build a strategy for blending content types and focusing on your video marketing game using Instagram. 


    Now that it is clear why Instagram is so important, let’s see how things are done.

    Need Help To Plan An Instagram Video Marketing Strategy?

    The Process Of Creating, Sharing, And Optimizing Content On IG

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      Choosing The Ideal Length And Resolution

      The length of Instagram-targeted videos depends on the content type you’re choosing. Here’re the top content types and lengths of videos they support:

      Right Content Length Based On Instagram Video Type
      Video Content Type Length Of Video
      Reels 15 sec, 30 sec, 90 sec and 1 minute
      Feed Videos 1 Minute
      IGTV Videos (DIscontinued) 15 minutes (From Phone), 60 minutes(From Web)

      With this the only restriction we have to take care of is the resolution of content that we are posting.


      Instagram auto-crops all the content being uploaded on the platform so to have your audience experience a clear view of your content, it is important to take care of the content resolution.


      Here’re the ideal content resolutions on Instagram content-wise:

      Right Resolution Based On instagram Content Type
      Video Content Type Ideal Content Resolution
      Instagram Ads(Images or Carousel) 1:1
      Image Portrait 4:5
      Image Landscape 1.91:1
      Instagram Video Post 1:1
      Instagram Story 9:16
      IGTV Cover Photo (DIscontinued) 1:1.55
      IGTV Video (DIscontinued) 9:16
      Reels Video 9:16

      With perfect content choice as per your marketing plan. Let’s have a look at options for uploading and shooting videos on Instagram.

      Creating and Posting Content

      Pre-Shot Content

      You can upload a pre-shot video on your Instagram feed. It’s a very simple 4 steps process:


      Step 1: Click on the ‘+’ button, choose ‘Post’ and go to ‘Library.’


      Step 2: Scroll through your gallery to find your video. 


      Step 3: Pick the content you want to post aligned with your marketing plan.


      Step 4: Click on share and you are ready to go.

      Shooting content directly in Reels and Stories

      You can post your IGTV, Stories, and Reels as per what we have already discussed above. You can also shoot your content using your mobile camera directly via the Instagram app.

      Instagram Reels and Stories offer in-built content editors that can help you use transitions, overlay texts, and even add voice-overs to your content. 

      IG Content Scheduler for Auto-Posting

      Yes, that’s possible. You can schedule your content on Instagram to post it later with 3rd party content scheduler apps. All you need to do is create a marketing plan based on the location that your target audience mostly lives in and schedule them as per the instructions given in the respective apps’ walkthrough. 

      Need Help To Create An Explainer Video For Instagram?

      Now that you are sure of what to post and how to do it, Let’s move on to understand how to make your content work for you to create a good ROI.

      Make Sure Your Content Helps You Clock A Good ROI:

      1: By Offering Something Engaging

      Give the endowment of a grin.


      Numerous Instagram clients are just looking down at their feeds hoping to be engaged. Along these lines, engage them! A great tactic for video marketing.


      Best of all, engaging Instagram videos are the ideal chance to exhibit your image character. Thusly, this causes you to extend associations with your supporters.


      Furthermore, if you make your supporters giggle, they’re unmistakably bound to connect with the Instagram video.


      They may like it, share it with a companion, or leave a remark – all of which help to support your remaining with Instagram’s calculation.


      It doesn’t have to have blockbuster impacts or creation quality either. For instance, there are many videos on IG that impeccably passes on their fun, energetic brand character.

      2: By Evoking Excitement

      Correspondingly, individuals love to be propelled.


      In this way, make rousing videos that will move and inspire your supporters to feel much improved, pursue their fantasies, and get increasingly out of life – without being excessively mushy.


      These kinds of Instagram videos are an ideal method to grandstand your image esteem and let supporters comprehend what you care about, and they ought to resound profoundly with your intended interest group.

      3. By Recalling A Story

      Stories are an incredible method to associate with individuals.


      From early on, we learn tales, fantasies, and stories – it’s what makes us human.


      The well-known specialist around the world have stated if you realize what is the frequently missing fixing in a business message?


      It’s the business message that doesn’t recount a fascinating story.

      4. By Instructing Something

      You can likewise make an Instagram video to share and encourage your devotees to something new identified with your image.


      If you sell wellness gear, you could share exercise schedules. On the off chance that you sell cosmetics items, you could offer cosmetics tips. Whatever your business does, there’ll be something you can show your devotees.


      It doesn’t need to be an aptitude either. You could likewise share intelligence, exhortation, or an interesting thought.

      5. By Advancing Your Current Items

      You can likewise make Instagram videos to advance your current items, which can be unbelievably compelling. 


      There are huge amounts of various approaches to do this. You could get specialized and show the intricate details of your item’s best highlights. You could show your items being utilized out on the planet.


      You could likewise share a client audit or tribute of a particular item.


      Use an animated explainer video to do it more effectively.

      6. By Sharing Teasers

      Instagram is a great platform that can help you promote your line of products and services.


      You could share a glimpse of your product as teasers and build curiosity amongst the audience.

      7. By Showcasing Behind-The-Scenes

      Instagram is a great place for your audience to connect to the human side of your brand. You can take your followers on a journey of your brand story and vision and they will love it for sure.

      8. By Creating Type-Specific Videos

      Instagram offers different content length and resolutions for specific video content types, thus videos need to be optimized for target goals, length and resolution of the specific content type.


      Random sharing might cause more harm than good.

      9. By Adding Visual Aesthetics

      It is important that you make sure that your video is visually appealing. Highlight the high points of your story. Have a video that your audience won’t scroll past.


      Also, make sure that your video is consistent. This really plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the audience.

      10. By Writing Engaging Captions

      Yes, that’s the most important aspect of posting content on Instagram.


      If you don’t have a caption that involves creativity and uses keywords, it might slip away from the eyes of your audience.


      Still Not Sure How Productive Instagram Can Be?

      Well, the productivity of a campaign depends on the value you are providing your users with the content and the choice of the right content type to make it entertaining yet informative.


      No matter whether you’re an influencer or marketing professional, choosing Instagram as your video marketing platform is always the right choice.


      Start your Instagram journey today if you haven’t yet!

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