10 Types of Marketing Videos to Help You Boost Sales

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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    There is no doubt in the fact that the world has greatly moved toward digital platforms for almost every possible consumption of content. With that being said, the digital world is having a full-on video revolution and as a marketer, you must have a good hold on it. Use these types of marketing videos in your promotion that help to enhance your sales.  


    Video marketing is now considered one of the most powerful tools in the marketing toolbox. In case you still have your doubts, then you’re at the right place. You might wonder if videos are the right marketing tool for you.


    Well, here’s the apt answer: it’s worth it. Not only because everyone’s doing it but because the video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there.


    Videos turn out to be one of the most entertaining and flexible forms of marketing. They are profitable since the return on investment has always proven to be higher. The pros of video marketing are endless, but what you really have to know is what type of video marketing will suit your business.


    Since videos have been making some serious business in the market, you have to understand that their niche is now attention-worthy.

    Animated Explainer Videos to boost your marketing with 10X results.

    The market shift

    Marketers have greatly shifted to whiteboard animation videos, explainer videos, and motion graphics videos. And this has gained a lot of audience and attention for them.


    Going by the facts, 74 percent of the users who have watched a video have turned into a client. One main reason why videos have such impressive conversion rates and why they’ve been able to grab so many eyeballs is because they tell a story. A story in seconds or minutes. This means the audience gets three things from a video: A story, an emotion, and information.


    As a marketer, you can choose from different types of videos, which one will suit you the best. Here below are enlisted 10 different types of videos that can help you increase your sales. Have a look:

    10 Types of Marketing Videos to Increase your Sales

    1. 2D Animation Videos

    2D animation videos combine compelling characters and crisp storytelling. 2D animation videos can turn out to be highly relatable because they aren’t too fancy, but span the levels of complexity of any subject very beautifully. These kinds of videos have a distinctive approach and style to suit your brand and its message.

    2. 3D Animation Videos

    If you want your video to be in the full spectrum of the content, this is what you should opt for. The engaging format of 3D motion graphics explainer video captures the audience and makes sure that they don’t bounce away.


    It is basically showing off the human side of your business through the explainer videos. These videos also include 3D explainer videos, app explainer videos, etc.

    3. Motion Graphics Videos

    Companies, including huge brands, have been using motion graphics videos to communicate about their product for a long. And believe me, they have all been very impactful.


    Motion graphics videos create an illusion of motion similar to an animated video. These kinds of explainer videos are very user-friendly and highly shareable.


    Often, people find motion graphics videos so connecting that they share them not for the content of the video, but for the emotion that it depicts.

    4. Whiteboard Animation Videos

    Whiteboard animation explainer videos have gained a lot of attention in the market. One reason behind this popularity is the combination of entertainment and information.

    5. Screencast Videos

    Nothing fancy, screencast videos are simply the recording of your computer screen. They are majorly used inside other videos to explain the process or step of getting somewhere. They turn out to be very helpful when used with explainer videos in corporate training programs.

    6. Digital Cut out Animation Videos

    This is an entertaining style of animation that uses illustrations and photos. The traditional digital cut-out videos were made out of cardboard cutouts and moving them around. However, today they are done by moving digital images. They can be widely used as an entertainment video when creating a light video for a brand is considered.

    7. Typography Videos

    Typography explainer videos have gained a lot of attention lately. They are the kind of explainer videos that have been using texts in the video to give out information.


    They are blended with compelling graphics, audio, and effects to give a crisp output. They have the potential to break down complex information into plain text and bring out the best information in the most effective form.

    8. Animated Infographics Videos

    As the name suggests, these explainer videos depend heavily upon the information blended with graphics. These explainer videos are made out of charts, graphs, tables, numbers, and stats. As a marketer, these explainer videos will help you greatly present your annual or monthly reports in the market.

    9. Live Action Videos

    When you combine a live video with small animations, it becomes a live-action video. It refrains the video from getting boring and monotonous. Such videos work great for lectures, presentations, and seminars. They can surely help in representing your business in an attractive way.

    10. Stop Motion Animation Videos

    These are one of the most entertaining forms of videos that exist. No rocket-science technology, all these videos are compiled of pictures stacked together to portray movement or motion. Take pictures of a subject with different routines and compile them all in a video, and here you have a fun, crisp stop-motion video.


    Although they turn out to be time-consuming. Often a 100 pictures might lead to a few seconds’ videos.

    With everything being said and stated, this blog can turn out to be a great help if you weren’t convinced that video marketing can help you boost your sales. A lot of businesses have been using various types of explainer videos to enhance their reputation and trigger their sales. These animated explainer videos are a great way to leave an impression on the audience as well. 


    Now that you are convinced, you’d be looking out for animated video production companies that provide such service at the best prices possible. We at MotionGility would like to flaunt our quality and effective work in the industry with your brand. We guarantee to offer you a video that will be a blend of your vision and our creativity. A video that will tell and sell your brand story.   

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