60-second Explainer Videos – an Ideal Length

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

60 second explainer video
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    Is it possible to explain your product and services in 60-seconds? Well, with explainer videos, Yes.


    We are living in a time where getting people’s attention is the most difficult thing to do. But with explainer videos, you only need 60 seconds.


    A 60-second explainer video is enough to introduce your brand, explain your product or service, or promote your business. 


    These videos offer a time-efficient way to present the information, which makes them a popular choice for businesses and organizations that are looking to communicate their messages.


    Before we move forward, it is important to know that the length of the video may vary depending on the complexity of the product.


    If your product needs a 90-120 seconds video to explain its features, It is totally fine; the important thing is that the viewer doesn’t get bored and leave the video in between.


    In this blog, we have highlighted how a 60-second explainer video is the ideal length to explain the product.

    Need help understanding how a 60-second explainer video can explain your product?
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      Why are 60-second explainer videos effective for businesses?

      60-second explainer videos effective for businesses

      At some point or another, it must have happened that we searched for something on YouTube, and when the results appeared, we opened the video that had the shortest duration.


      It happens with everyone; we look for the video that is the shortest and can give us the most information in a short time.


      There is nothing wrong with this. People want something that provides them with a solution to their problems in less time.


      A 60-second explainer video Just do that. They are highly effective for businesses, as they can deliver concise and compelling messages in no time.


      The short length of a 60-second explainer video increases the chances that viewers are more likely to watch it to the end, as they know it won’t consume a large amount of their time.


      Read on to learn how you can create a compelling 60-second explainer video for your business.

      How to produce a perfect 60‑second Explainer Video?

      To convey all the information in just 60 seconds becomes essential. You should keep the following key points in mind while creating a 60-second explainer video.

      Less is more

      Given the limited time frame, don’t make the mistake of trying to fit everything in one frame.


      Focus on delivering a clear and concise message about your product or business. Identify the main problem your product solves or the benefits it offers, and highlight them in a natural way.

      Have an engaging opening

      Before focusing overall on 60 seconds, it is important to capture the viewer’s attention for the first 10-15 seconds.


      Grab their attention right from the start and make them curious about what the whole video has to offer.


      Use a hook or an animated scene to draw them in and keep them engaged in the rest of the video.

      Keep it simple

      The goal of a 60-second video should be to spark the interest of the viewer and encourage them to take action, not to provide a lot of unnecessary information.


      Remember, simplicity is the key, so cut out all the fancy jargon and deliver your message in a plain and simple way that a layman can easily understand.

      Focus on Benefits

      While you have just a minute to showcase your product, your focus should be on the benefits and value the audience will get from your services rather than the features of your product. 


      Highlight how your product solves a problem and improves the lives of your customers. Just remember that in 60 seconds, your aim should be to convince your audience that by selecting your product, they are doing the right thing.

      What is the cost of a 60-second explainer video?

      cost to create a professional corporate video

      The cost of an explainer video depends on various factors, such as the animation styles, customization, quality of the graphics, and experience of the production team.


      Some production companies even start at $1,000, and some charge the maximum amount of $100,000. It all depends on their expertise and the quality of work they deliver.


      At MotionGility, our prices range from $3000 to $8,000. We believe in providing the best quality results at affordable prices. 


      While high-budget productions may offer top-notch services, it is wiser to opt for affordable options rather than spending a large amount and getting no benefit from them.


      An affordable production company can actually convert your audience because its primary focus is providing value to the customer and giving the best services.

      How to script a 60-second video?

      When you have to convey all the information in 60 seconds, writing the script requires careful planning and messaging.


      Here are some pointers that will help you write a great script.


      1. Start by knowing the main purpose of the explainer video, whether it is to introduce a product, explain a concept, or promote a service.
      2. Understand who will be watching the video and use the language and tone as per the target audience.
      3. Make the viewer feel like you understand their problems and highlight their pain points clearly.
      4. Then introduce your product by giving them a solution to their problem and focus on the most important features.
      5. Avoid using repetitive words or phrases, and read the script multiple times to make sure it fits within the 60-second time frame.

      Make sure the flow of the script is smooth and is able to convey the overall message of the video clearly.

      Want to write an engaging Explainer Video Script?

      Check out: Explainer Video Script

      60-second Explainer Videos we crafted for the brands

      Here are the best one-minute videos that we created for the brands, and they were successfully able to achieve the desired results by the following videos.


      Have a look below

      1. Portfolio+ | Animated FinTech Services Video

      Target Audience: Online Finance Developers
      Animation Style: MotionGraphics Animation
      Company: Portfolio Plus

      Beyond the complexity of the product, this video successfully explained and delivered the key message of the product in just 57 seconds.


      It keeps you hooked till the end without getting bored and generates a sense of curiosity to get to know the brand better.

      2. Sales Studio | Marketing Explainer Video

      Target Audience: Businesses
      Animation Style: MotionGraphics Animation
      Company: Sales Studio

      This video by Sales Studio is a perfect one-minute explainer video.


      It starts by highlighting a problem, then instantly giving a solution, and further explains how its product can be effective for businesses.

      3. Navigator | Animated Insurance Video

      Target Audience: Generic Audience
      Animation Style: MotionGraphics Animation
      Company: Navigator

      Can the insurance company convince you in one minute?


      In this video, considering the fact that convincing someone to buy insurance is the hardest, at the very beginning they introduced a character named Epi, who is guiding us through the entire video.


      With the help of the character, they successfully conveyed their services in just 60 seconds.


      With the increasing demand for quick and accessible content on the rise, explainer videos offer a perfect solution.


      A 60-second video cuts through the noise and delivers key messages with clarity.


      If you’re looking for a concise way to convey your message, consider using the 60-second explainer videos.

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