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Acquire Users for SaaS
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    Videos are evolving as key marketing content and the impact of video marketing at all stages of production is generating a brilliant ROI for businesses. 


    And since more and more users are now shifted toward decentralized server approaches, cloud infrastructures, and pay-for-service are hype in the current IT market. 


    But now that businesses are working on creating cloud-based products, acquiring users is indeed becoming a huge challenge with rising competition and interactive restrictions.


    All SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS service providers are actively creating services and infrastructures for their customers to grow effectively in daily life, but the major challenge for customers at present is the lack of trust.


    Thus, having a medium that can actively engage audiences and help them easily comprehend your product is now more important than ever.


    But before we understand how to market these cloud products, Let’s understand what these products actually are

    Table of Contents

    Understanding Cloud Products

    Cloud product refers to all the services and infrastructures on decentralized server architecture which can be implemented to enable data and application portability, and create platforms to run applications and data streams effectively.


    Organizations may employ cloud products as a component of a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud architecture. Cloud products are services and platforms provided by outside suppliers. Computing, storage, databases, analytics, networking, security, apps, and other cloud services are examples of cloud products.


    These cloud infrastructures offer a set of tools and a common management experience for all audiences on a scale or in a company. Thus, based on the usage these cloud products are divided into 3 major categories 


    1. SaaS(Software as a Service)
    2. PaaS(Platform as a Service)
    3. IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)

    Although acquiring users is a common challenge for all products but there’s a broad difference in the target audience to be acquired. This led to a lot of different challenges in acquisition and engagement across all services. 


    Videos have solved the problem greatly but using them effectively to convert viewers into paying customers can be challenging if you rely too much on creators who don’t understand your products.


    All Cloud Service Models are complex products that need a crazy understanding of the product and target audiences. This requires a ton of research which is complex for everyone outside the domain.


    Thus, we’ve simplified the concepts for all owners and content creators to create brilliant animated video content. Let’s understand all service models one by one and how to leverage videos effectively to acquire users creatively 

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    Cloud Service Models: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

    SaaS(Software as a Service)

    Software as a service or SaaS is a cloud service model where Applications can be rented to companies using a cloud service provider.


    SaaS allows users to connect to and work on software collectively using a decentralized computing infrastructure.


    SaaS provides a full software solution that you don’t purchase but pay-as-you-use from a cloud service host. The service hosts maintain the entire hardware and software to offer a flawless experience as per the service agreement.

    SaaS Marketing

    The major target audience here is end-users, thus making sure to have a brilliant outreach content strategy can help you improve ROI.


    There are a ton of options available but here’s my secret recipe.


    Always make sure your users comprehend your products easily. Offer them content and videos they can use to visualize their daily life with your SaaS.


    Here’re some brilliant references you can use to get inspired for your SaaS Marketing Campaign

    Vybe Network

    Video Name: Vybe Network | SaaS Product Video | Animated Motion Graphics

    Animation Style: InfoGraphics+MotionGraphics
    Company: Vybe Network


    Zoho - Referral Marketing Campaign
    zoho assist

    Video Name:  AssetMark | SaaS Explainer Video | Explainer Video Walkthrough

    Animation Style: SaaS MotionGraphics
    Company: AssetMark

    PaaS(Platform as a Service)

    Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Platform-Based Service (PBS) is a class of cloud computing services that enables users to provision, instantiate, run, and manage a modular bundle consisting of a computing platform and one or more applications.


    This is done without the complexity of creating and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching the application(s), as well as enabling developers to create, develop, and maintain their own applications.

    PaaS Marketing

    The very first target customers here are businesses mostly. These businesses mostly search for you across the web and rely mostly on extensive research to make a decision. 


    Thus the goal here is to be visible across the web at the right time and make sure you can engage your potential customers long enough to convince a decision.


    Here’re some of the best PaaS marketing campaigns to inspire your next crusade


    Video Name: OBMS by Opase – The Vendor management system you need

    Animation Style: Minimal 2D Animation
    Company: Opase

    Unreal Engine 5

    Video Name:  Unreal for All Creators | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

    Animation Style: Live Action+Life-like Animation
    Company: Unreal

    IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)

    Infrastructure as a Service is a cloud computing resource allocation service where a cloud service model is used to offer essential computing, storage, and networking resources on demand. 


    With this pay-on-the-go model, you can save on on-premise data centers, secure hardware, and high-spec computing resources. This gives businesses opportunities to upscale or downscale without worrying about fixed infrastructure costs

    IaaS Marketing

    The audience for IaaS hosts is usually business owners and cloud service providers across the web. These business owners usually are a part of a SaaS Start-up ecosystem as most of them rely on 3rd party infrastructures for hosting and distribution.


    Thus, the prime goal of the campaigns is to improve engagement and make sure the users accept you as an expert in the niche.


    Here’re some brilliant IaaS marketing references you can use 

    AWS-Product Training Workshops
    aws paas marketing campaign

    Video Name: Portfolio+ | Animated Financial Videos | Explainer Video For IaaS

    Animation Style: MotionGraphics
    Company: Portfolio Plus

    Marketing complex cloud service models is a simple process with a proper understanding of goals and target audience

    Irrespective of the service model, each challenge is closely related to comprehending a cloud product or standing out from the competition.


    But with the right content and a perfect understanding of the target audience marketing cloud products is a simple process.


    All you need to make sure of is choosing the right target audience and following a perfect marketing plan to boost outreach and engagement for potential client conversion.

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