Why is it Beneficial to use Animated Videos for eCommerce Platforms?

Everything you need to know about using Animated Product Videos for eCommerce Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, etc.

benefits of animated videos for ecommerce platforms
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The Internet has turned out to be a global community for everyone. The world is now available in the palm of the hand and both businesses and customers can interact with each other.


The world can now shop globally from across the web in the comfort of their couch. This gives businesses an opportunity to expand globally without feeling a burden on their pocket from investing in multiple infrastructures.


With the collaborative efforts of the Logistics and Tech industry, eCommerce has brought a revolution in the field of Internet marketing. A billion challenges have shown up, yet marketers kept evolving and finding out brilliant ways to reach potential customers online.


Let’s begin our journey with one such marketing strategy, that can help you boost your sales and visibility on eCommerce platforms.

Animated Product Videos: Explainers and Walkthroughs for eCommerce Platforms

Animated Product Videos are short animated videos created to help the audience understand your product specifications and generate the need for it in the user’s daily life.


These videos are created to improve eCommerce sales and reduce marketing efforts by boosting product outreach and building trust to make sure the potential leads convert to paying customers.


Product videos are one of the most distinctive forms of business animation content as they can be used at all stages from product launch to sales.


Although the intent behind research and creation is to make sure the user comprehends the product and is engaged long enough to make a buying decision.

animated product videos for ecommerce

A Product Video is the best choice for everyone trying to sell a product online. They can easily be repurposed for all channels from product landing pages to social outreach mediums, as the videos hold the power to not only hook users but also engage them long enough to make a buying decision.

Now that you’re aware of Product Explainer Videos, Let’s move forward to understand how they’re created 

How are Product Videos created?

Creating Product Videos is a simple process like any other video animation. Although, an in-depth understanding of how the product works are mandatory if you’re creating product videos.

Creating Animated Product Videos can be fun, with proper understanding and knowledge but a slight mistake in comprehension at any stage can cost you a lot of time and effort.

Although you can hire an expert Animated video agency, you must know this to start working with them. 

Creating An Explainer Video For eCommerce Platforms With An Expert Animation Agency

Creating a product video with an expert animator is simple. You need not worry about complex processes, hiring and managing a team of experts, and bearing the cost of production resources.


All you need to do is, share your requirements and a good animated eCommerce video production company will help you by taking care of the rest while involving you at all stages of production. 


At MotionGility, we make sure your efforts are minimized while we do all the heavy lifting. We take care of everything from Research to Rendering. This not only helps to create brilliant, error-free campaigns but also helps you focus the majority of your time on branding and production.

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Curious about how we create videos at MotionGility?
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Now that you know how simple creating an animated video with a video producer can be, all that’s left to do is hop on to start your marketing campaign.


But you’re someone with experience in graphic design and animation and want to create your own video content. Well, experimenting with animated videos is fun but messing up at any stage of production can mess up all the efforts.


In that case, here’s a simple recipe to create your own animated videos

Creating Your Own Product Demo Videos

video content creation

Product Demo videos are short product explainers created with the sole intent of making sure your product reaches the right target prospects who can be potential customers.


Thus making sure your video is engaging yet has a hook in the beginning, is not at all an option when creating product videos.


Although the recipe to create the video is the same, making sure the amount of research done about the target audience is intense is super important.


Once you’re done with your market research here’s a video production process to help you create stellar videos


Step 1: Research and choose the product animation video style best fit for your video needs.


Step 2: Start with a script to tell a stellar story.


Step 3: Create a storyboard while you brainstorm the visual treatment for your script.


Step 4: Take your storyboards into the design and prepare characters and background elements.


Step 5: Get Voiceover and sound library ready for action.


Step 6: Animate the final design prepared and wait for the final video to render.


Your Video Is Ready For The Web…

how to make explainer videos

Now that you’re sure of how to create your own product videos all that’s left is to choose the right distribution channel for your videos.


Wonder how you can do it? Let’s move forward to understand it!

Choosing the right distribution platform for your Product Demo Videos

Choosing the right video distribution platform is still one of the most controversial questions ever to come to mind. But the only relevant answer would be, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right video distribution platform.


The only way the most relevant option can be chosen is if you have answers to all the below-mentioned questions

The first thing to look for in a video distribution platform is the availability of video content format you’ve invested in, time or efforts, to create.


Although with an expert animation producer if you share your e-comm distribution requirements, they must be able to help you with video resolutions based on your platform preferences. 

Researching your target audience is something every marketers will agree is the perfect beginning to a sales funnel. Knowing the right audience can not only help you plan perfect campaigns but also boost ROI by saving unnecessary spendings.


Thus, while chosing the right distribution platform, one must always check whether the content consumer on the platform is amongst their target audience or not.

Every platform has a specific set of audience targeting algorithms. Some take help from AI advertising algorithms, while others exclusively use content and technicals to reach specific interests.


While some businesses prefer organic outreach, other like to minimize efforts by using paid AI-based targeting tools. Thus, knowing the target options available can be a great way to achieve target goals faster.

When it comes to sharing the right video with the right audience, the niche of the content distribution platform also plays an important role in important role to improve ROI.

The niche of the platform plays an important role in deciding the content type to be created which will be directing user’s behavior to achieve better ROI.

The right platform based on the above-mentioned questions is the one that caters to all your outreach needs and has relevant optional tools to help you save time by not being a burden in your pocket.


Once you’re done choosing the right platform, you  can now set up your campaigns and achieve a lot of benefits to help you boost sales.

Looking Forward To Setting Up Your E-Commerce Campaigns?

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Benefits Of Owning A Product Demo for E-Commerce Campaigns

Owning a Product Demo is always a good idea. But with E-commerce campaigns, product videos perform exponentially like a miracle. 


The Video campaigns not only help you boost reach but also make sure your audience is engaged long enough to make a buying decision. There are a ton of benefits when it comes to product videos, but here’re the top benefits of animated product demo videos 

effective connectivity

Connect Effectively

E-commerce platforms now target audiences from all domains of society, which means having an asset to connect with them effectively is the only way to Improve ROI.

Product Demo Videos help the audience to visualize and comprehend products, which leads to an effective connection between the brand and the customer

conversion driven

Drive Conversions

The final goal of any marketing campaign is to drive sales irrespective of an intermediate goal being engagement, awareness, or leads.

Product demo videos encourage your audience to make a buying decision as they creatively place the product as an inseparable part of customers' life.

creative outreach

Outreach Creatively

The competition on the internet is increasing and reaching the audience creatively and engaging them to be loyal customers is now a necessity more than a luxury.

With a perfect script and a humourous engaging story, Product Videos are the best tool to outreach the audience creatively.

Product demos are without a doubt a great way to boost sales on e-commerce platforms and have benefits like no other content types. Thus, It won’t be wrong to say, Animated Product Demos on E-commerce can boost ROI exponentially

Animated Product Demos on E-commerce can boost ROI exponentially

Animated videos are an exceptional tool to achieve target marketing goals. Whether it’s grabbing the audience’s attention or helping them to comprehend a product, animated product demos have proven themselves useful on all owned and paid platforms.


When it comes to businesses, creating recurring customers is something that helps to improve ROI. This helps them to build their brand and create connections that boost sales by building trust. 


The audio and visuals impact the overall psychological senses and product videos on e-commerce platforms can help you get a better engagement rate leading to an exponential growth of ROI.